Honda Amaze EX MT Diesel

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The new Honda Amaze marks Honda's entry into the compact sedan segment and gets a 1.5 diesel and 1.2 petrol engine.... read more

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Santosh | Posted on Jun,21,2013 at 00:44 AM
Interior is bad as compare to other sedan, because other sedan are giving more features in almost same price Reply to this post  
sanjay | Posted on Apr,22,2013 at 08:15 AM
colours of the car are not mentioned Reply to this post  


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Kishore | Posted on Apr,12,2013 at 17:38 PM
Shattering value buy
Took a test drive today morning and surprisingly, the cheapest Honda sedan turned out to be a gem! I drive a Ritz diesel and the power of the Amaze blew me away. Why will I buy the Dzire diesel if I get 25bhp more at the same price Only issue is the slightly noisy diesel motor but then the economy is the best in India! read more
ANURAG | Posted on Jan,02,2013 at 17:13 PM
If the expected price is true then its really a great car giving us themodel of diesel in low price!!! read more
sukumar | Posted on May,03,2013 at 00:58 AM
honda josh
I never expert this much result from honda cars, indian will encarage this model read more
Shre | Posted on Apr,05,2013 at 20:24 PM
Eager to buy it and want to known its rate as soon as possible read more
amit | Posted on Apr,10,2013 at 10:25 AM
bad experience
very bad interior ,just look like taxi cab etc,just a wastage of money ........ read more
jitendra | Posted on Sep,24,2013 at 19:00 PM
I am the best..I means(Honda Amaze)
This is the sedan car for all car lover. they can show their loooonnng car., in budget.Best mileage in diesel...nearly 30 plus on. NH. we love honda reliability. faith on honda. read more
Morris | Posted on Sep,24,2013 at 13:06 PM
a fantasctic offering from Honda
I bought a Honda Amaze Diesel EX MT two months back, it has been a great experience. The performance has been great with the new Earth Dreams engine delivering more power and driving comfort. Even at low speeds the vehicle handles well. Upgrading from a hatchback to a compact sedan, there is lot of space for my family. The interiors though could have been better with more style an designing. Overall the new sedan has lived up to my expectations and the wait has been worth it. read more
dinesh | Posted on Sep,24,2013 at 10:11 AM
Amazed ! Thats what Honda has done to me.
After a long wait and a long steed with Maruti since 1986,I decided to switch over to another car manufacturer which would be as reliable and su left planned to go for thited for my needs.Being a 6+ footer all my cars to date have been three seaters or 312 seaters.With no choice left planned to go for the Sunny but the more than driveable length for the city. Then came the news Honda coming up with a diesel car based on brio platform and bookings were open.I rushed to the dealership to prebook the car and recieved it within 20 days of launch. The car is a well balanced product from Honda catering to family needs of a city commuter.Clean and basic interiors, well equipped for a entry level sedan with ABS,most importantly adequate rear seat foot space when compared to most of the cars in and above the segment and yet cheaper than the nearest competitor, the Dzire.The super smooth clutch,gears and steering with a peckless suspension and a good fuel efficiency from the earth dreams unit satisfied my desire to own a balanced sedan. Few things yet troubled my mind like the doubt of maintainence costs and service and spares. The initial ownership days gave me a view of various cons in the vehicle too.Few of them like excessive noise in the cabin, low seating position,front bumper scrapping speed breakers when fully loaded and most importantly the missing 12v charger socket creeped up but are surely not dealbreakers for this beautiful car. The post sales service has atleast been better than most of the previous cars I have owned and the cost of services rockbottom have cleared my doubts and fears in these aspects. In all a balanced entry level sedan that ticks right in most of the boxes desired by a sedan owner from a world class car manufacturer,the right choice for a budget conscious city commuter. read more
Arunkumar | Posted on Sep,24,2013 at 09:31 AM
Amazing Amaze!
Honda reputation of building very fine cars has been proved yet again, this time with the Amaze. Ingress & egress is much comfortable, and we do not feel like sitting way low below like in most of the sedans. Sitting in the cabin feels almost like being inside one of those tall hatch backs. This feature would be comforting news for the elderly passengers.There is a lot of leg room and head room for the rear seat passengers. The fuel economy within city limits has been 20kmpl so far, with 100% city drive and A.C. The interiors could have been even more attractive. Dual tone interiors would have given a more luxurious look than the existing all beige finish. Overall the Honda Amaze has been an Amazing experience so far.. read more
Indra | Posted on Sep,24,2013 at 16:38 PM
Excellent Way to review own choice car.
I want to planning to buy a Honda Amaze Car. Through we can see all details. and we are planning to buy. but only things to pricing on rode not clear. read more

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