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It was way back in 2005 when Maruti launched the Swift hatchback in the Indian market. Little did they and the industry know that this very vehicle would go on to create history and re-write the rules of the Indian hatchback industry. Six years later, that is in August 2011, Maruti have once again done what they are known for! The all-new Suzuki Swift that is already on sale in various international markets is now right here in India. 
At first glance, you can easily mistake this one for the old version.

However within seconds, the differences start showing up. The new Swift is longer, wider and higher than the previous version with an extended wheelbase too. It is built on an entirely new platform and changes have been made to the way it looks. For example the headlamps are bigger and more swept back into the bonnet. The bumpers are sporty and the alloy wheel pattern in the ZXI/ZDI models is terrific. Changes dont stop here. The interiors are all-new, roomy and loaded with features. The overly black theme though remains! 

The all-new Maruti Swift will go on sale in the Indian market on the 17th of August 2011 at a slightly higher price - but it is still well worth every single penny! 

Comfort:   Drive:
Looks: Interiors:
Mileage: 22.9 kmpl Engine:
Suspension: Other Features:
What We Like: Looks, more space, overall package of VXI and VDI
What We Don't Like: Huge waiting on diesel, expensive top end ZXI and ZDI

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Deb | Posted on Nov,22,2013 at 11:33 AM
test post Reply to this post  
arthi | Posted on Jul,21,2013 at 18:41 PM
superb Reply to this post  
mohamed iqpal | Posted on Jun,19,2013 at 02:51 AM
i want to buy plss conact me Reply to this post  
DILEEP BHAT | Posted on Dec,06,2011 at 13:43 PM


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Praveen | Posted on Aug,11,2011 at 18:08 PM
New maruti swift
New Swift has all the features that you can expect in a hatchback. Style, comfort, look, interior, exterior, every thing holds a modern, young end energetic feeling. If the prices are good then there is nothing that can compete this car in its class. I think this will create another landmark for maruti. Thanks Praveen read more
hemanth | Posted on Sep,14,2011 at 23:26 PM
Maruti swift worst car, More demand hence poor quality and negligence
worst car..with delivery itself ac was totally insufficient confimred at workshp, repaired LATER mileage had fallen steeply then poured excess oil in engine which seeped to turbo /pickup lagged now tyres damaged they changed free of cost and now engine and car shaking at minimal speed this shows..more demand worst quality of car only 6000kms done donít buy swift and avoid problems I am a personal user/experience of this bloody car and bloody brand read more
tanvi | Posted on May,16,2012 at 17:55 PM
best selling car
I own a swift VDI, it a nice car in terms of mileage and computability. but the only problem with this car is that is not spacious, it lacks headroom as well as legroom. if a healthy person with height approx 6 inches sits on a driving seat, there will be no space left for the rear passenger at the legroom. apart from that, i drove the car on highway it give excellent mileage and has a good pick-up. the quality of the plastic, the dash, and the material used are all good. read more
sridevi | Posted on Sep,10,2012 at 10:41 AM
nice car...... good looking... less price.... ruyretgsdd sdfsdauifsy dfsduiftsdfdyusf dfgdsufd dfgrdftdbgfhf asdassssssssssssss sssssssssssrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiii read more
Utsav | Posted on Aug,10,2013 at 14:07 PM
Ritz is better than Swift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Got exhausted in 2 days after buying. I recommend not to buy this car .......... Rather buy RITZ in the same price. read more
paramesh | Posted on Oct,15,2013 at 14:20 PM
excellent car
totally excellent car i wanted to by may be after two year i love white colour swift car so much.......... read more
VINODNPATEL | Posted on Sep,24,2013 at 12:06 PM
low maintanace good service
Very good cars in every segments I recommend those who want to buy new car read more
dharamveer | Posted on Sep,28,2013 at 19:21 PM
the car is overall a winner,path breaking technology good engine and an average on comfort,but the mileage is exceptional(21kmpl-diesel).
If u go by looks,undoubtedly its the best in the segment.the only thing i dislike is after a long drive i feel a lot tired and knee hurts.The mileage is exceptional,ie 21kmpl(diesel),the interiors are impressive in my 2007 LDI swift.Handling in the city and at the angles are very good.The ground clearance is just fine.Overall the car is worth the money. read more
dfsaasd | Posted on Nov,21,2013 at 13:48 PM
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Paras | Posted on Sep,25,2013 at 14:05 PM
I like swift very much. I am buying it next year. Interior and exterior both are very good.
I like maruti swift very much. Interior and exterior are very cool. i am buyinh it next year read more

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