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The Thar was first shown aggressively by Mahindra at the 2010 Auto Expo in New Delhi and finally launched it in December 2010. It surely has the MM540’s classic lines like the tapering bonnet, rounded fenders, the drop-down type windshield etc. Deep down inside though, the chassis comes from the Bolero that has seen modifications to take on the MM540’s body. Changes ofcourse have been made to the chassis to hold the new power-train too. Coming back to the design, the Thar carries typical retro Jeep styling. Then there is the generous helping of chrome too! The chunky alloy wheels with 235/70 tyres look great.

On the inside, things are pretty basic. As the Thar is meant for adventure experiences, the interiors are spot on for they have to take on elements like rain, hail, snow (in some cases), sand, dust and everything else that a typical owner would subject it to. Now, you don’t want your twenty grand music system to go ‘kaput’ in the rains, right? Instrumentation console is basic though a tachometer finds itself right there. There is provision for after-market air-con as well as a music system – thumbs up for that. The Thar can probably seat five in comfort with enough space left for luggage.

The real deal however lies under the hood of the Thar. The Thar comes with two engine options – a direction injection diesel with only 4x2 option and a 104Bhp CRDe  diesel unit with 4x4 and needless to say, the latter is the better choice too. The gush of torque from low engine speeds is the secret behind making the Thar a joy to drive on all kinds of terrains. No 4x4 is complete without a suspension set-up and capable chassis that can take abuse and hard-core off-roading without letting down its owners. To start with, the ladder frame chassis suspends its front wheels independently (this helps on day to day driving) and makes use of both a torsion and a stabilizer bar. The rear suspension on the other hand is of the semi elliptical leaf spring variety. This combination is standard and necessary for off-road machines. An auto hub lock does away with the old retro manual hub locks and the Thar makes use of Borg-Warner’s four-wheel drive transfer case. You get both 4H and 4L modes (on CRDe model) and the 200mm ground clearance combined with approach and departure angles of 46 and 30 degrees further gives the Thar an edge on really tough terrains. 

It is crude and basic but you will be in love with it for a few different reasons. At Rs 5.99 lakh, it isn’t really over-priced too. The Thar is roughly Rs 70,000 dearer than a Maruti Gypsy but with its diesel running costs, you will recover the extra premium in less than 30,000km. It’s more comfortable and easier to drive with the power steering. The ride quality is miles ahead too and the company is providing a million options to customize it as per your needs. What the Thar offers simply doesn’t exist in the market as of today. 

Expert Speak:  A must have for hard core off-road fans! Mahindra also offers a lot of customization options for those who want to further modify the Thar as per their own tastes.

Pros: Looks, engine, pacakge
Cons: Not exactly an everyday vehicle

Mahindra Thar DI 4x2 Colors Available

    Toreador Red
    Mist Silver
    Arctic White

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Jeep it is
Posted on Sep,09,24 6:59 PM

Pros Great Looks,Good Performance,Good driving posture

Cons Average Interiors,CongestedUncomfortable,

Jeep was my dream vehicle for years since I started driving. If there is one vehicle which can tame Indian roads, it has to be one and only Mahindra Jeep. Except for its lousy interiors and rear suspension problems it meets all the demands one may have from an offroading or daily use vehicle.

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secend car lena hai

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