Hyundai i10 Asta 1.2 Kappa2

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Editorial Review of the New Hyundai i10 Asta 1.2 Kappa2

Gaadi Road Test Verdict

Hyundai’s largest selling car in India is the i10 and for good reasons. For starters, the i10, with the 1.2-litre Kappa engine is India’s most fuel efficient petrol car. It might have odd ball and subjective looks but the i10 is one of the best places to be in in the Rs 4 to Rs 5 lakh bracket. The car got a slight revamp sometime back with changes done both to the outside as well as insides and the standard list of features. Step inside the i10 and you are greeted with quality of plastics and design that can shame cars from a higher price bracket. You do feel that your money was spent well and the i10 further impresses you with its feature list. For example, unlike some of the other cars in this price bracket, the i10 gets steering wheel controls even on its mid trim levels.

It also boasts of features like heated outside rear view mirrors, optional electric sun roof, height adjustable driver’s seat and reverse parking sensors. The i10 comes with two engine options, a 1.1-litre and a bigger, more powerful and efficient 1.2-litre engine. Both the engines are very good on power with the latter making the i10 the quickest car in the class easily. The gearbox is also a delight to use and this combined with a light steering makes driving the i10 a breeze in traffic.

Hyundai seems to have ticket the right boxes in the case of the i10. The company also offers an automatic gearbox variant with the 1.2-litre engine. In all, the i10 comes in nine different trim levels including two automatic ones and caters to a wide segment of users including the fair sex.

Expert Speak: High levels of quality, fuel efficient engines and an option for an automatic - the i10 is a clear winner in its class!

Comfort:   Drive:
Looks: Interiors:
Mileage: 20.36 kmpl Engine:
Suspension: Other Features:
What We Like: Value for money, featues, engine
What We Don't Like: Rear suspension, no diesel

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WINN. | Posted on Mar,26,2009 at 09:38 AM
Buy the best (no.1)not wat is the third ,fourth best.
Well wat is hyundai babling abt I10 kappaa motor.its just that they have a 16 valve motor naw isnted of a 8 valve one on the santro..thats nothing. An wat abt ut microprossers ,its 10 bit ,even a 800 has a 16-32 bit in thier motor.Maruti had developed this motor when it launched 800,an hyundai is doing it after 25 years later then maruti,,so nothins new ..people plz clear out fact when ever u go an buy a car i have given one example ,buy wat is the best in the car with the latest tech spechs.Its ur hard ernd mony dont wast it in hyundai cars..regards to all. read more
trust | Posted on Oct,04,2009 at 19:11 PM
i10 problems- group to take up the issue at right forum
My friend had a pathetic experience with i10, initial looks very good bt later on interior gets dirty, gear has sever problem could not be repaire till date, mileage pathetic, pick up in second gear really poor,,,,,,,,, all these are the problems / complains i have already registered many times and to top it up there service pathetic...i have read some articles where many of us are very annoyed with the Hyundai service center ...i am asking every one to join this forum and then we will collectively raise the voice...Pl no sales gyan required..enough is enough...and to top it up ...the over all product is pathetic...i have written it earlier also and writing it in this review also so that all buyers and non buyers can read it and comment on it... read more
SiriusOracle | Posted on Jan,01,2009 at 22:03 PM
i10 1.2 Sportz out there
We got the i10 1.2L Sportz variant in blushing red color. Its excellent to say the least. Super quiet, excellent interiors, super AC and very good company fitted music system. Music system has aux input to connect the ipods which is really convinient. For the drive, the car is very smooth and the electric power steering is excellent. We took the car to the Baroda-A'bad expressway and the car was very stable at 140 Kmph. Brakes are pretty good too. Mileage wise we are getting about 13-13.5 city mileage with AC on. I am sure it might be higher without AC on but who knows! Overall a very good car for the 4-5 lac price range. read more
hemachandu | Posted on Aug,31,2008 at 17:57 PM
poor boy
every thing is poor voopar phataka kappa andher kuch bi naheee. read more
Ashu | Posted on Mar,18,2009 at 23:53 PM
i 10 is the Best car
Best car in the segment. Best in milage, best in looks, best in driving comfort, Inside sitting space is good while looking from out side it may seem small. Overall great experience read more
Gibin | Posted on Oct,14,2010 at 00:12 AM
i 10
im fed up wit mileage.. only 10 km/l..and no proper service provided to solve milage problem... read more
shroff | Posted on Jul,31,2009 at 12:09 PM
overall goodcar to use for uper middle class
i am useing i10 delite model since one year& fill good to use before that i am having sento for around 6 years i fill sento batter than i10 read more
pema | Posted on Feb,01,2011 at 21:10 PM
great car but weak steering
i10 is a great car with superb performance...u feel as if u r driving sedan or suv... my only complaint about this car is that it gives unusual creeking noice from the steering when ever driving in a bad road..or else every thing is great about i10! read more
george | Posted on Dec,04,2011 at 23:13 PM
my i10
i10 is a good car apt for all,especially for youth. it is good for city drive and it gives a lot of driving comfort. it is very stylish and powerful. it is a good economy car for middle class families. my i10 gives a mileage of 16km pl with ac. i like my i10 very much. read more
varun | Posted on Dec,04,2009 at 15:39 PM
beast car in his category
I bought my hyundai i10 on 10th april 2008 n i m really inpress with car performance. It drive well , lots of space , decent milage its gives 18 kmpl on highway. its so silent even u cant hear any sound on a aspeed of more than 60 kmph. If u want a smart looking car with godd mileage go for it for hyundai I10. read more

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