Hyundai i20 2008 - 2012 1.4 CRDi Asta

This car has been discontinued by the manufacturer.
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Editorial Review of the New Hyundai i20 2008 - 2012 1.4 CRDi Asta

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Hyundai’s philosophy of providing quality and style in their hatchback offerings took a bold new step with the launch of the i20. Initially criticized for its high sticker price, Indians soon realized the overall package that this car offers. Its styling is modern, very European and certainly makes the car look classier than its rivals. Dimension wise too, the i20 is pretty big and commands road presence. Size does matter and on the inside, the i20 really excels. It is more spacious than some of the similar priced sedans and this surely is a selling point for the car. Even with tall adults up front, there is enough space for three at the back. Next, the quality of plastics used is terrific and the i20 certainly feels like a more expensive vehicle.

Ride quality is great and the light steering along with the smooth gearbox makes life easy in congested city traffic.

Hyundai currently offers the i20 in two engine options. The 1.2-litre petrol engine is same one that powers the i10 and is known for its smooth operation and good performance at low engine speeds. There is also a 1.4-litre petrol engine that comes only with an automatic transmission. The third engine option is the 1.4-litre diesel motor that is in a world of its own! It loves being revved and can be a hoot to push hard when required and comes with a 6-speed manual transmission. The Hyundai i20 diesel has the best performance among all the diesel hatchbacks on sale in India. It is supremely fuel efficient as well. The only flaw with the diesel version is its high sticker price. The i20 is sold in fourteen different versions including two with automatic transmission system. 


Comfort:   Drive:
Looks: Interiors:
Mileage: 21.93 kmpl Engine:
Suspension: Other Features:
What We Like: Looks, space, value
What We Don't Like: Soft suspension for full load, low end punch (diesel)





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Raghav | Posted on Jan,07,2009 at 00:51 AM
Good looks but not liked by many.
Guys about the i20 the base varient Magna is pure value for money. 4.79lacs exshowroom price with music system, adjustable seat n steering, electronically controlled rear view mirror and much space in the dash borad, power windows. Where do u get all these stuff in other cars. Its a bit more priced than Swift VXI. But only point I doubt is i20 is 70 kilos heavier than swift and with 1.2 litre which is used in i10 too. So finally its lot more heavier than i10 and the engine is the same. So what happens to the mileage and pickup of i20. I really doubt the mileage will be a drawback in i20. Rest all is good. Magna is priced very attractively. And resale of hyundai is always less than marutis. This is also to be considered. read more
Jai | Posted on Dec,16,2009 at 13:19 PM
i20 mileage
Hundai i20 is not a economical car if some one is looking at. My i20 gives only 7.5 kms per liter petrol in bangalore. read more
Nikhil | Posted on Oct,28,2009 at 12:39 PM
i20 Vs Rest Segment C Hatches
Guys, Have been researching for about a month now on various hatchbacks..i pen down on Two 1) I 20 2) Ritz well if u want a value for money car, go for RITZ but if u dnt wanna compromise on style..class..with beige n brown classy interiors..go in fr i20...she be a babe..i decided on RITZ first..but after i sat in this hatchback couldnt get my eyes of her. Although u campromise on power(for milage,in Magna)but its might be worth for its class n Panache. Not to mention its one of the safest car in this category. the car competes with Jazz n Fabia in interiors. Jazz definately better in terms of styling performance n class, only if u ready to burn a big hole in your pocket. Fabia however comes with better quality of plastics n interiors..but the basic version doesnt even have power windows( major set back). i was quiet surprised tht its not at all close to value for money as skoda begs for maintainence even after spending so much. another setback for i20 would be the delivery time. as it takes about a month to deliver the baby. More time of a month and a half in colors other than white and silver. but dude, if u buying a car for the next 5 years, its worth the faar so good...lets c how this babe performs on the its been only 6 months on road..shall keep u posted on any new updates on this babe as n when i play with it.. Keep Burning the roads, till then. Nikhil Wadhwa read more
sat | Posted on Feb,01,2010 at 08:32 AM
i20 magna
good car,better then swift............i like it........out of 5 i choose 5.....interior like honda accord,toyota qualis....... read more
V | Posted on Nov,11,2009 at 14:39 PM
i20 CRDi ASTA: Test Driven and Booked
I am looking to upgrade from my current Santro to something bigger. Since i drive 60kms every day I decided it would be better to go for a diesel vehicle. I took a test-drive of the i20 CRDi ASTA last weekend. The i20 has a reasonably attractive and sporty exterior. I liked it straight away but my wife found it just about ok. Once we stepped inside, it was a whole new story. The interiors are very classy. My favourite parts are the steering wheel and the gear lever. The steering is a replica of the Honda Civic and has the audio controls mounted on it. The gear lever looks very stylish. The leg space up front was very comfortable. The rear leg space is a little tight since this is a hatchback but my wife finds it comfy enough. Rear seat is very wide and can seat 3 regular size adults in comfort. Coming to the driving experience, I was surprised at the pick-up the diesel engine has. All I had to do was put it in 1st and gently ease my leg off the clutch and the car lurched forward without needing any push on the accelerator. The gearbox shifts very smoothly and I was driving comfortably in 5 minutes. I couldn’t take it beyond 3rd gear in the short distance that I drove. But that was enough to convince me that this is the car I should go for. Highway trips are going to be pure bliss in the i20 since it can apparently go upto 175 kmph comfortably. Plus it has ABS & Airbags along with a 5 star safety rating from the UK. The pricing is a little steep at 8 lakhs on the road but since it comes with every possible accessory, I felt it was worth it. read more
sunil | Posted on May,03,2011 at 19:21 PM
pls no i20 (petrol)
i purchased a i20 Asta ABS 7.5lks (petrol) recently.............everything is fine with the vehicle except two things..........mileage is horrible and the second gear pick up is hopeless........... read more
jansher | Posted on Jan,22,2010 at 23:57 PM
hyundai sucks
hyundai sucks!!i have bought an i20 asta(o) and it has been 6 months now.just 2 weeks after i bought the car a noise started from the steering while riding through rough roads.i have called hyundai customer care and i have went to almost all dealers for 10 times.but they are not able to rectify the sound .hyundai is actually cheating customers by selling a car whose steering assembly does not suit the indian plz give me a tip if anyone nows how the sound to be corrected and don't get cheated by buying a hyundai car.prefer honda or toyota.let me know if anyone has the same complaint read more
Rajendra | Posted on Aug,21,2009 at 15:31 PM
Finest midsize toy by hundai
The best mid sigment car arrived to date in india hundai has made fantastic mechine great style,good pickup,Finest interiours like audi,fine road grip, every thing is fine eccept ................. milage 10 in city 15 at highway with A/C (i.e if u drive a car with open glass u should by a Mahindra Jeep) read more
sanjay | Posted on Jul,28,2009 at 16:19 PM
Style and Substance - a rare thing ...
This is one pretty car that has the GO and the Show unlike the Fiat Punto. test drove the i-20 diesel - Asta without sunroof. First impressions - great styling unlike earlier Hyundais which neccessarily dont tickle you in the right places if you know what i mean. This is one gorgeous looking atuo, the European styling shows. Pretty headlamps and overall external treatment. Once inside the story continues, nicely sculpted dashboard with excellent materials used adds to the feel good factor. The one thing that strikes you as you start the engine (diesel) is the noise or lack of it, having owned a few diesels in the past i realised that noise levels are very low inside. Pick up is pretty good, loads of torque, a little bit of turbo lag in 2nd and 1000 rpm but otherwise very good. blew past quite a few cars on the highway, excellent brakes , 1st and reverse gear will need some getting used to, all others good, auto aircon excellent, music system - acceptable ..all in all a nice complete package . Its priced a tad high - but overall a winner, will India bite ? time will tell.. read more
Saurabh | Posted on Aug,03,2011 at 18:39 PM
I20 CRDI smoky
I just bought an I 20 CRDI. The day I bought the car It has a problem of emitting black smoke. I have visited the dealer twice and every time they changed the fuel, saying that diesel may be of bad quality. But the problem still persists. When the problem could not be rectified, the service manager of that work shop ultimately said that this much of smoke is normal with all Hyundai diesel cars. To prove his point, he showed me two /three brand new i20 and Verna ( diesel) how they emit smoke like coal chimney. (My god, you won�t believe) To quantify the amount of smoke emitting, I got emission testing of my car done in state pollution control board. They found 30 HSU of smoke emission. They commented that though it is well below the permissible level i.e.65 HSU, but it is definitely abnormal with a brand new car. According to them smoke emission is like a 10 years old Tata Indica car. If a brand new emits that much smoke, just imagine the condition after 5 to 6 years. Post sell service of Hyundai Company is pathetic. They do not bother to reply your mails. Being frustrated, I have kept a new name of my car �I20 CRDI smoky�. read more

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