Tata Nano 2008-2013 LX

This car has been discontinued by the manufacturer.
Rs. 2,20,000
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Editorial Review of the Car
The Tata Nano is probably the most talked about car in the history of Indian automobiles. Initially perceived as the Rs 1 lakh car, the Nano finally made it to the showrooms at a starting price of around Rs 1.4 lakh for the base model - this made it far cheaper than its immediate rivals like the Mar... read more





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Sumit | Posted on Sep,03,2009 at 10:21 AM
Hats off to Mr. Ratan Tata
I am driving my TATA NANO LX in Delhi. This car is amazing at this price point. its smiley face and soft eyes in the front are very cool. Hats off to Mr. Ratan Tata for his efforts to make such a wonderful car for a Aam Aadmi. It is very spacious from inside. Even five people can sit comfortably.I like the turning radius the most. In cities like Delhi this car is very comfortable to ride in traffic.Its HVAC is very effective, As the car is new,No problem with AC wid or widout load and on flyovers. the pickup is also good. On a new car I go to 70km/h only and the stability was more than expected.The major drawback for this car is its storage space. The engine is little bit noisy but in cabin there is no sound. read more
vishant | Posted on Apr,02,2009 at 07:36 AM
new version of AUTORICKSHAW
those who makes jokes of tata nano as AUTORICKSHAW should remember that how difficult it is to buy a four wheeler this car is made for common man who can hardly afford second hand maruti 800 high expectation of car was there because of its price but 150000 is not a small price for common man plus the maintainance cost people who drive other cars will find this car very funky unsafe slow but would like to see this car to take place of AUTORICKSHAW because of its great looks ,indian roads are such pathetic condition that the size of tyres looks very small for speed which they claim it can travel at100km/hr, within next 2-3 years this car will take place of AUTORICKSHAW market plus other old junky fiat taxis which are running throught the country and making mess of traffic read more
ghalu | Posted on Sep,01,2008 at 03:07 AM
The Next Generation autorickshaw
this is going tobe thenext generation auto rickshaw with 4 wheels on it... well auto rickshaws have engine at the rear ends. race it beyond 60 km/pl the doors will come outof the slot... read more
Armaan | Posted on Mar,30,2009 at 00:55 AM
This car is like a auto-rickshaw.The price of top model is near to 2,00,000. read more
rishit | Posted on May,19,2010 at 17:17 PM
bad bad car nano
the tata nano is so light thata plastic ball can make a dent on the car read more
William | Posted on Jun,23,2010 at 21:48 PM
A good Car But worst Servicing
ABSOLUTELY Bey-Car Hi, this is William Vaz got my Tata Nano Lx Sunshine through Fortune Cars on 10-05-2010. I was very happy with it. Good Average, Good Height, Good Pick up, Power A/C. But after 15 days my Ac became noisy. After a month I took it for servicing i.e yesterday and wow what a servicing through Fortune cars Mumbai. Waited for 1Hr 45 min for the service advisor to attend me. The advisor was quite irritating. Secondly after my servicing the condition of my car improved. The A/C which was working with noise is now not working at all. Secondly My dashboard has become noisy. The cars condition is not less than secondhand car. Is this Service what TaTa Gives its customer. Very disappointed. Never in my life would I buy a TaTa Car. read more
adarsh | Posted on May,31,2008 at 04:56 AM
i think that tata has launched a excellent which is good for country like india
it is good for people who ride bike. it is small and compact and dosent need much space to keep. it mileage is good and it is good for middle class family. read more
Sharad | Posted on Aug,26,2008 at 06:42 AM
Tata - Minimalist and Maximalist
Tata has now two cars one is minimalist and functional for middle class and the other is Tata Quadrajet Indica Vista maximalist and functional for upper middle class.Both the cars are pride of the nation and would do well in global market. read more
Benny | Posted on Jul,28,2010 at 12:37 PM
An innovative car
I bought Nano four months back and ve used it for 3000kms. It is an excellent innovative vehicle. Fuel efficiency is 18km/L with AC in city, Comfortable space, good stability while in high speed and turnings, better than Maruti800. read more
Kumar | Posted on Jan,10,2011 at 16:33 PM
Not 1 lakh
I have visited Tata showroom to have a test ride of the car. Car is overall ok; but as boasted it is not a 1 lakh car. It demands 2.5laksh on road. So, I think it is not worth for that cost. If it is available for 1.75lakhs on road, then it can be considered. Otherwise better options available with second hand cars (within 3 years old) read more

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