Royal Enfield Bullet Electra

This model has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Royal Enfield Bullet Electra Specifications

Dimension & Weights

Overall Length --
Overall Width --
Overall Height --
Ground Clearance --


Max Torque --
Displacement --
Max Power --
No of cylinders --

Weight & Fuel Capacities

Fuel Tank Capacity N/A
Reserve N/A
Dry Weight N/A


Wheel type N/A
Tyre Front N/A
Tyre Rear N/A

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Royal Enfield Bullet Electra Colors

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Royal Enfield Bullet Electra Price

Royal Enfield Bullet Electra in New Delhi

Rs 1.01 L
ex-showroom price ex-showroom price in New Delhi

The ex showroom price of Royal Enfield Bullet Electra is Rs 1.01 L. Royal Enfield Bullet Electra is available in 1 variant. To find the on road price of Royal Enfield Bullet Electra you need to click on the check on road price.

Royal Enfield Bullet Electra has which has a engine, and starts at Rs 1.01 L.

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Royal Enfield Bullet electra 5s review / road test
by enfielder Posted on Aug,22,2010 at 12:40 PM

Pros original looks, reliable, excellent handling, very comfortable for long drives, Excellent looks

Cons High cost of maintainance, Engine oil leakage problems, Noise problem

for complete review visit Hi, I have a
bullet electra 5S(ES+DB), Magic Black, 6 months old and have done 7000Kms. Let me explain
about myself first, i have owned and driven Rx100, RX135, splendour, Caliber, wind and
pulsar. Now i have Caliber and bullet left with me. Caliber has done 1,00,000+ and is 10
years old(very first model) and bullet is the most recent purchase. I am a regular
biker and my daily run is around 80 Kms. I drive to and fro office in Gurgaon from Delhi.
I attempted to purchase bullet as i have driven almost all the bikes but not bullet, so i
landed over to bullet. Though i will keep this machine for long but i want to explain the
facts for those who really want to know about bullet. problems with bullet:- (1)
MIleage (30-35 Km/L) when you drive below 60km/hr (2) High cost of maintainance( Even
free services cost 700Rs, just for oil change. (3) Engine oil leakage problems. (4)
Clutch gets loosened in heavy traffic and frequent gear shifting. (5) Noise problem(
apart from thump). (7) Low ground clearance(silencer and stand touches ground on crossing
pot holes) Good about bullet:- (1) reliable, excellent handling (2) Brand value (3)
very comfortable for long drives (4) Excellent looks. The self start will definitely
chuck up the battery as the standard battery is fitted and is not maintainance free. I got
the battery replaced from EXIDE as the service centre people dont consider it as under
their service. Factory fitted rear view mirror at left hand is low aligned and touches
the wrist(GO AND CHECK IF YOU OWN ONE). Battery box is of bad quality and with lock
which can be opened with any key or hairclip(TRY THIS), so battery can be stolen very
easily. Kick dont work when you are down in traffic(DUE TO PRESSURE) Bulbs get
frequently fused( Tail lamp, meter bulbs) Clutch wear and tear is very high and plates
need to be changed every 3000Kms. tappit noise from crank is somewhat nobody will
appreciate and only driver can feel it. The serbice people say that the problems will
be fixed in next service, but they never fix and dont even understand the issue. I made
direct contact with the Head of service(North India) to get good service, then only i got
a service which i rate 7/10, elase it is always 5/10. I have also tested the machine
running delhi-Chandigarh-Delhi(office cruise trip) non-stop in 13 hours and it responded
extremely well though with a competition with Pulsars and karizmas. The best thing is
drive comfort and excellent handling. All the problems in the bullet are because the
company is not taking interest in QA before delivering the bikes. Also the CNC technology
is not the best(leakage issues). I have my caliber still with me because it had never
given any problem and still gives 65Km/L. Considering all the facts, i can only suggest
that if you want peace of mind, DONâT GO FOR BULLET, because once you own it, you
will not be able to complain to anybody about your decision of owing it. I had visited
service centre 17 times in three services, because they can never deliver a completely
serviced and problem free bike. Also the bullet owner never show their problems and
frustration on road but you can SEE THIS IN THE SERVICE CENTRE(only complaints and no
appreciation). So If you are just an average rider and dont want to be in problems, dont
purchase a bullet. It will definitely empty your pocket in terms of purchase, fuel and
maintainance. On an all it will cost you 2.50Rs/Km as overall running cost. OR IF STILL

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I want to nuy this vehicle
by siddharth Posted on Jul,14,2010 at 11:10 AM

Pros great looks

Cons no idea

how do i buy this vehicle ... my number is 9849306795... siddharth

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By ch.v.nrao Posted on Dec,04,2012 at 14:16 PM

iwant royal enfield diesel bullet new price & demo

Royal Enfield Bullet Electra Price

Rs 1.01 L
ex-showroom price