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Tyres of Similar Bikes

 Hero MotoCorp 2014  Hero Xtreme
` 71,925.00
  • Front Tyre
    80/100 X 18
  • Rear Tyre
    100/90 x 18
 TVS 2016  Victor
` 49,490.00
  • Front Tyre
    2.75 x 17
  • Rear Tyre
    3.00 x 17
 Hero MotoCorp Achiever
` 61,425.00
  • Front Tyre
  • Rear Tyre

Honda Stunner CBF Tyres Comparison

In comparison to Honda Stunner CBF, the tyre size of is such that its front tire size is 80/100 X 18 and the rear tyre is of size 100/90 x 18. In the same segment, is such that its front tire size is 2.75 x 17 and the rear tire is of size 3.00 x 17.

Buy Honda Stunner CBF Tyres and Accessories

Honda Stunner CBF tyres are such that the Honda Stunner CBF front tyre is 80/100 x 17 inches while the Honda Stunner CBF rear tyre size is 100/90 x 17. Tyres have a very crucial role to play when it comes to the performance of Honda Stunner CBF. Hence, manufacturers including pay a lot of attention on tyres’ testing while doing their on road research and development. These days in the market a variety of tyres are available. So, the owners of Honda Stunner CBF can choose from a large variety of tyres these days. This depends on the Honda Stunner CBF tyres size and the individual’s budget

Honda Stunner CBF Tyres Overview

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