Best Diesel Hatchback Cars in India

There are hundreds of cars on sale in India which are both petrol and diesel powered. These come in various body styles and across various price ranges. However if you are specifically looking only for diesel powered $bodyStyle cars, this list will help you

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Tata Vista
Tata Vista Diesel
Hatchback - 71PS @ 4500 rpm
Diesel, Manual, 19.4 kmpl
Rs 4.61 L - 5.90 L

Why Vista is the best: Tata recently gave the Vista range an upgrade in the form of new looks, better interiors, more features and an attractive overall package. The Vista range now looks similar to its elder sibling, the M
Chevrolet Beat
Chevrolet Beat Diesel
Hatchback - 58.5
Diesel, Manual, 25.44 kmpl
Rs 4.78 L - 5.95 L

Maruti Ritz
Maruti Ritz Diesel
Hatchback - 75PS@4000rpm
Diesel, Manual, 23.2 kmpl
Rs 5.27 L - 6.16 L

Why Ritz is the best: The Ritz, inspite of being a well packaged car, wasnt really setting the sales charts on fire for Maruti. With increasing competition, the only way to make the Ritz a very successful hatchback was to
Chevrolet Sail
Chevrolet Sail Diesel
Hatchback - 78PS @ 4000rpm
Diesel, Manual, 22.1 kmpl
Rs 6.25 L - 7.45 L

Why Sail is the best: The newbie in the Cheverolet India Family is soon to enter the spheres - Its the first General Motor car that is completely built in China. General Motors showcased the concept version of the Sail in
Mahindra Verito Vibe
Mahindra Verito Vibe Diesel
Hatchback - 65PS@4000rpm
Diesel, Manual, 20.8 kmpl
Rs 5.70 L - 6.55 L

Why Verito Vibe is the best: Mahindra has lots to offer in the Indian market and one of the most interesting will be the hatchback based on the Verito sedan. The hatchback will be a worthy addition and since the launch of the Ver
Ford Figo
Ford Figo Diesel
Hatchback - 69PS@4000rpm
Diesel, Manual, 20 kmpl
Rs 4.82 L - 6.00 L

Fiat Punto
Fiat Punto Diesel
Hatchback - 76PS @4000rpm
Diesel, Manual, 20.3 kmpl
Rs 5.73 L - 7.38 L

Hyundai i20
Hyundai i20 Diesel
Hatchback - 90PS@4000rpm
Diesel, Manual, 21.9 kmpl
Rs 5.95 L - 7.53 L

Why i20 is the best: The new upgraded i-Gen i20 or the Fluidic i20 was launched in India on the 28th March 2012. The i-Gen i20 is available in 12 variants. The Petrol variants range from Rs 473,400 to Rs 665,894, the dies
Maruti Swift
Maruti Swift Diesel
Hatchback - 75PS@4000rpm
Diesel, Manual, 22.9 kmpl
Rs 5.46 L - 6.71 L

Why Swift is the best: It was way back in 2005 when Maruti launched the Swift hatchback in the Indian market. Little did they and the industry know that this very vehicle would go on to create history and re-write the rules
Volkswagen Polo
Volkswagen Polo Diesel
Hatchback - 75PS @4200rpm
Diesel, Manual, 22.07 kmpl
Rs 6.15 L - 7.19 L

Why Polo is the best: The Polo debuted in 1975. It is supermini car manufactured by Volkswagon. The engine is mounted transveresely and it provides a front-wheel drive. It comes in petrol and diesel versions.

Best cars in India

Best Diesel cars in India

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