Mahindra Quanto review : first look and pictures

Mahindra Quanto

Mahindra Quanto

The ‘mini-Xylo’ has been hanging in on our radar since one year or more. Everyday we used to see new shots of test cars and everyone was curious as to how this new compact SUV looks. As the launch date had come closer, we knew how Mahindra’s new offering looked and the buzz surrounding the Quanto would shame the launch of a big ticket Bollywood movie. Finally here it is- the Mahindra Quanto, the name Quanto is derived from the word Quantum meaning enhanced space. The Quanto is a very important big step for Mahindra as it wants to consolidate on the compact SUV market which is seen as the next big thing. The XUV500’s success has made it a force to be reckoned with and making a compact SUV was the logical next step. Now, we all love big burly SUV’s but when fights happen over parking spaces and fuel prices going through the roof, logic takes us in the direction of a diesel hatch instead. That is what the Quanto is about to solve. Its priced extremely well, is compact, frugal and also well equipped. So, want all the gyaan on this compact SUV? Read on…

Mahindra Quanto Front

Mahindra Quanto Front


One look and from the front, it’s nearly looks indentical to the new Xylo, save for some miniscule changes. We like the more pronounced lines on the bonnet which make it look muscular. The grille and headlights are all new Xylo, but for a moment don’t think that Mahindra also makes the Xylo and look at the Quanto, is it a looker? We find it hard to say no. It’s well balanced and looks good from the front and gels with the rest of the design. However look at the sides and the rear then the Quanto looks interesting. Obviously since Mahindra intended to fit the Quanto into the sub-4 metre category (length of 3985mm), it looks compact but you get the feeling that the rear has a rather abrupt ending in an effort to do so. The rear in our opinion is the best bit of the design.

The high set tail-lamps, rear bumper are all new plus along with the mounted spare wheel (an old school SUV touch) certainly grabs your attention and despite being small in dimensions, the Quanto has presence. There are six colours to choose from which include Fiery Black, Mist Silver, Toreador Red, Java Brown, Diamond White and Rocky Beige. The Quanto overall comes across as a nice looking product and will certainly entice many people with its looks and certainly it’s not plain looking.


Step and the interior is very much lifted from the Xylo which means it’s well designed, thoughtful and practical. The centre-console, all the controls are all Xylo. You get a lot of features though, stuff like Digital Drive Assist System (DDAS), Intellipark Reverse Assist, 2 DIN music system with CD, MP3, USB & Aux in. The quality of the cabin is decent and the overall feeling once you get in is a pleasant
one. The centre-console has controls which are placed logically and it’s easy to use.

Quanto interior

Quanto interior

Its compact proportions should not fool you though as getting inside will put you in a state of disbelief. The space is excellent and the Quanto feels airy from the inside. It is also the only sub 4m SUV in India with a 5+2 seating arrangement. However space for those sitting at the rear jump seats is rather tight. That said the middle row and the front seats are spacious and comfy. The reason for that is that the wheelbase of 2760mm is unchanged over the Xylo thus making the front two rows of seats as comfy as the Xylo.

Mahindra Quanto rear seat

Mahindra Quanto rear seat

Plus with the rear jump seats folded, the boot capacity of 690 ltrs is excellent. Other features include foldable snack trays and individual arm rests for the driver and co-passenger. The Quanto also has plenty of utility spaces, including 5 bottle holders, magazine pockets and under-seat storage. Overall though some might have liked more differentiation from the Xylo, it’s a well, designed and fairly well built cabin. Equipment levels are not Hyundai like ie. Loaded with everything, but it’s all worth it when you see the price.


The Quanto is powered by a 1.5 litre mCR100 engine, which is the newest Common Rail Diesel engine in Mahindra’s SUV portfolio. The mCR100 engine delivers 100 bhp and a healthy torque of 240 Nm. The 1.5 litre engine is fitted with a twin turbo’s. This engine is basically a smaller version of the 2.2 mHawk engine but packs a punch no less. Transmission is a 5-speed manual gearbox.

Mahindra Quanto

Mahindra Quanto

The compact size means handling is nippy and coupled with the turning radius of 5.4m means that this a SUV for the concrete jungle. When it comes to the all important issue of fuel economy, the ARAI figure is 17.2 kmpl which is very good indeed. The Quanto also has Mahindra’s micro hybrid technology which helps you save more at the fuel pumps and overall reduces consumption by 5 %. The suspension of the Mahindra Quanto at the front comprises of independent double wishbones, coil springs with anti-roll bar and at the rear you get five bar link and coils springs, the ride though fairly decent is a bit  bouncy.

Price and value

The Quanto is with four variants – C2, C4, C6 & C8. The Quanto price range starts from Rs. 5.82 lakh (ex-showroom Thane) for the base C2 model, to Rs. 7.36 lakh (ex showroom Thane) for the fully loaded top end C8 model. The mid-level variants, C4 and C6 are priced at 6.35 and 6.86 lakhs respectively (ex showroom Thane). When it comes to value, the base C2 variant is too basic are there is a whole lot of stuff that you don’t get like the Micro-hybrid tech, no spare wheel cover, unpainted bumper, grille, doorhandles.

Mahindra Quanto seats

Mahindra Quanto seats

Plus there are manual windows, no central locking though you do get tilt steering. In our opinion it’s too basic and the C4 and C6 make a lot more sense. The C4 has the micro hybrid tech, power windows, painted bumper and body painted spare wheel cover. Upwards, the C6 has all that plus you get the painted grille, body coloured door handles, music system with USB and AUX-in, CD/MP3, ABS, fog lamps and driver’s seat height adjust. The top model C8 adds alloys, silver painted spare wheel cover, airbags and parking sensors. So, all things considered the C6 is your best bet both price wise and value wise.

Rivals and verdict

The Quanto shows the confidence of Mahindra in pushing for new products. It is well priced and a distinctive looking product. However if you want space you are better off with a Maruti Ertiga or indeed Mahindra’s own Xylo. The direct competition lies in the Premier Rio and premium hatches like the Hyundai i20. It easily beats the Rio especially with its price and overall packaging plus its
better looking, better built and looks a more appealing prospect. When compared with premium small cars, the compact dimensions make it as easy to use as a hatch plus you have the advantage of a near SUV like driving position.

Mahindra Quanto

Mahindra Quanto

Further the Quanto steals the show with a refined and efficient diesel motor and a high ground clearance. You could say that the Ford EcoSport which is expected
early next year will be its toughest rival but for now if you are looking for an alternative to a hatchback, the Mahindra Quanto is your best bet.

Here is a quick report from the launch of the Quanto

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15 Comments on “Mahindra Quanto review : first look and pictures”

  • PDM SALES PVT.LTD. wrote on 27 September, 2012, 8:12

    wonderful nice look

  • PDM SALES PVT.LTD. wrote on 27 September, 2012, 8:13

    nice look

  • Dr. Alok Dwivedi wrote on 27 September, 2012, 12:13

    There is nothing mini in this Xylo, it is huge and robust vehicle with promises of descent fuel efficiency. Last row captain seats will make it favourit of the taxi owners as they will charge for Xylo/Scorpio/Safari/Sumo/Tavera and spend fuel for Quanto. mahindr has done a good job but it is not a self drive vehicle.

  • Glenn wrote on 30 September, 2012, 4:50

    The car looks neat and compact
    But the interiors look sluggish 

  • Sandeep wrote on 4 October, 2012, 16:29

    I drive a scorpio and frankly speaking this MUV is very disappointing. The drive is decent and that’s it. In reducing the cost they have cut down on the quality of the interiors. I guess diesel, it’s overall cost and will be a selling point but it’s too tricky inside. 

  • Ameen wrote on 4 October, 2012, 17:31

    Indeed good vehicle….2 prime drwabacks…..1. No rear A/C.last seat is just hot even in oct….2 . Areodynamics not good.

  • Werner Albrecht wrote on 5 October, 2012, 3:10

    Looks good!
    What is the price and how it is to get to Bali?

  • Manoranjan wrote on 5 October, 2012, 4:20

    very nice suv, people who are looking compact suv, they will feel happy with this features.

  • sk sharma wrote on 5 October, 2012, 8:40

    nice suv. is it available in CPC/CSD or not? if yes inform me at my email id

  • piyush wrote on 14 October, 2012, 5:54

    We were thinking of buying a Quanto C8. But then someone told us that wait for a year to see its performance,how it deals with indian roads and lots of other things…
    can u suggest me whether I should buy this car now or should wait and what about its performance and other things???????? i am totally confused about this car whether to buy it or not…Give suggestions…..


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