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Volkswagen Jetta 1.4 TSI: Road Test Review


Introduction These days if you go to a showroom and say that you want a petrol car, all the salesman will fall over themselves and shower you with discounts, however say that you want a diesel car then they will say that you might get it within a year and forget about getting any...

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Chevrolet Cruze versus Volkswagen Jetta

Chevrolet Cruze

Chevrolet Cruze is one of the best launches from Chevrolet in India. It has helped Chevrolet get back into the game and recover their lost share in the market. It brings excellent features and performance and hence resulted in good sales for the company. One of the recent launches from another well known global...

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Skoda Laura versus Volkswagen Jetta


Skoda has been selling excellent cars for a decade now and has been doing pretty well in sales. They have very good product line for the year ahead and seem to be focused on delivering the best to their customers. Skoda Laura is the latest entrant into the C segment and seems to be...

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Toyota Corolla Altis versus Volkswagen Jetta


Toyota Corolla Altis is a fantastic sedan in the D-segment. It has been a best seller in the past and the numbers continue to rise steadily. It brings plenty of features and performance to the segment and is available at an affordable price. Volkswagen Jetta is another sedan in the segment which brings excellent...

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New Volkswagen Jetta – complete road test!

Volkswagen Jetta

Introduction The old Jetta was a wonderful car, but only at the time when it was launched. The competition eventually seemed to better it in almost all areas and this started reflecting in its sales figures. Infact, in this year itself, the Jetta’s sales dropped from 247 in January to 201 and 205 in...

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VW new Jetta: Sharper and bigger


The Jetta was unveiled first time in New York in June and the world media drive was held in San Francisco last month. The reason for launching and having the first drive of the Jetta in the States was that it is the largest selling Volkswagen model in the US and the company is...

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Volkswagen new Jetta: A complete car


Newer is better as an accepted adage; change is the only constant, and so on. With the new BS-IV norms in place, VW has given its Jetta saloon a new heart. Is the ‘new’ Jetta better? When you walk up to the car, you’d be hard pressed to tell what’s new. Upon close examination,...

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Volkswagen Jetta: Out of the world!


The driving route for 1.4-litre TSI Jetta of Volkswagen chalked out for us was from the Kempinski Hotel at the outskirts of Frankfurt to Sababurg. The first 80km stretch was Autobahn while the remaining 120km took us through B country roads and some spectacularly scenic locales. Our drive had a bit of a fairytale-like...

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Judgement Day: VW Jetta vs rivals


I am keeping up with a much more powerful car on the fabulously twisty road to Lavasa. The electro-mechanical steering is a delight and the four-link rear axle (along with wide 205mm section tyres) helps take on corners with ease. The fantastic brakes (all around discs with ABS) allow me to brake late into...

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