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Audi A8 4.2 FSI versus rivals


Power, security and luxury are foremost among the things that successful people around the world desire. Obviously, they don’t come cheap, but then who cares about the price in this segment of cars? The top three most popular luxosedans happen to be from the same nation that produced Boris Becker and, like the tennis...

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BMW 730Ld: A technological marvel


A few months back, when we were planning an article, the BMW 750Li took away the honour of being the fastest in its segment. I wasn’t really surprised because a Beemer has always been known to be a rewarding driver’s car. Even when my ex-colleague, Amit Chhangani pitted the new 7 against its competition...

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BMW 7 Series compared to rivals

bmw 7 series

We decided to compare BMW 7 Series with its rivals Mercedes S-class and Audi A8. Driving on the expressway behind the steering wheel of the BMW 7 Series, it feels as if the world has gone numb. The feeling reminds me of one of those movie scenes where the lead actor is in shock...

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Paris Motor Show: Hot wheels on display

paris motor show

Leggy models, delectable food or exquisite French wine – Mondial de l’Automobile had the goods to make one thwart all the wordly lures. Aston Martin The big thing at the Aston stands was the teaser model of the One-77 – the ultra exclusive £1.2 million supercar that will be limited to a run of,...

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BMW 7-Series: The seventh heaven


Last month we featured the first drive of the new BMW 7-Series done by our colleagues. Now I had the opportunity to drive the new 7-Series which was launched at the Paris Motor Show. Every time we drive one of these super luxury cars, we feel that it will be impossible to better them....

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