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Audi R8 V10 Plus India review + Sportcars Experience at the BIC

audi R8-0566

Audi loves doing it ‘differently’ and the recently help test drive experience of the new R8 V10 Plus at the Buddh International Circuit was no different. For starters, next to the entry gate leading to the Pit Area, the company parked no less than 3 R8s alongside each other, basking in the sun and...

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Audi R8 V10: First drive review


There are very people in this industry who can claim to have driven a proper supercar. I feel a wee bit smug when I think about the fact that I am one of them. Driving a supercar has always been on my agenda and especially when the first car I drove as an automotive...

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Audi R8: The youngest superstar


Audi’s name might be associated with luxury cars and big SUVs in India, but the fact is that this German carmaker recently stepped into the world of supercars as well. No, not the TT, I am talking about the real deal here. A car that looks quintessential Audi from the front with the rear...

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Audi R8: An exciting sports car


Audi invited a few handpicked auto journos to Germany to test the mid-engined R8. The wide shape of the R8 gives it a road hugging look. It demonstrates its potential through its imposing proportions, accentuated wheel arches and substantial air apertures. The unmistakable proportions of a mid-engine car dictate the forward positioning of the...

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