Audi A4 vs BMW 3-Series: Luxury segment tested!

The premium saloon segment is getting attention from the Indian market off lately. With the rising economy of the Indian car buyers, manufacturers like BMW and Audi are busy with the good number on the sales chart with their latest generation 3-Series and the A4. We bring the detailed comparison review of the BMW 3-Series and the Audi A4 as they fight for supremacy.


The BMW 3-series is in its 6th generation and looks brilliant with the new design changes. The car now looks more like 5-series and has flatter kidney grille, which follows the BMW design language and makes the car to look aggressive in many ways.

The A4 on the other side has received design upgrades over the existing A4. The new hexagonal front grille, sharper headlamps and all new bumpers look inspired from the A6. Both the cars have moved ahead of the times, the BMW 3-Series features corona rings day time running lamps which are no more circular while the A4 now has an unique futuristic daytime running lamp design which turns a lot of heads. From the side, the Audi A4 looks the same with major changes while the 3-series for that matter of fact look very smart.  From the rear, the BMW 3-Series takes the edge too with the new tail design, which is more angular now. The A4 carries new tail lamps everything else stays the same.

From the inside, Audi certainly gains the edge with larger and crisper MMI display. The interiors of the A4 feel a lot more airy and roomier with the use of brighter brown and beige colours. BMW iDrive is more interactive; however, the array of buttons on the centre console might confuse the first time BMW users. The seats of the A4 are softer but the BMW 3-Series seats provide more support. Both Audi and BMW offer exceptional rear space.

Engine and Handling     

To keep the comparison fair, we chose the diesel engine with same displacement for both the cars. The 2.0 Litre engines on the both vehicles are quite known for their abilities worldwide. The BMW features more powerful engine with 181PS of power at 4000 rpm with 380 Nm of torque from 1750-2750 rpm. The TDI engine Audi produces 141PS of maximum but the engine is more refined and quitter than the BMW counterpart. BMW engine is sportier with high revving engine output while Audi delivers the power more linearly. Both BMW and Audi fits and 8-speed transmission. The Audi comes with CVT transmission while the BMW has more advanced torque converter unit, which is quicker during the shifts.

The 3-Series has slightly stiffer suspensions than the A4. The A4 is more comfortable while cruising around and is more suited to the Indian road conditions. However, the BMW is more balanced unit and does not lose its composure even during high-speed turns. The lightweight steering on the Audi makes it easier to drive and less fatigue can be felt after driving the Audi in comparison to the BMW over a similar distance.


The BMW is made in better and exciting way than the Audi A4 but then the A4 has more practical features like refined engine, soft suspensions and lightweight steering to even that out and the same favours the Indian conditions well.

The most stunning difference between the two would be the almost Rs. 2lakh difference which makes BMW a little excessively much! The cheap price tag and the luxury features that A4 carries with it surely make it a market favourite.

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  1. BMW is the BEST

  2. Hello Shantonil 
    It’s a great article and very well detailed SPecs and Comparison Shared. Thanks for sharing the Info. i Love Audi in Design and its Look Most. but Your Article can compel user to think well before buy any of above :)

  3. BMW wins over A4. All the details are good to read . thanks for so much detail about these cars. My votes goes with BMW. Where is price comparison chart? 


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