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Audi A6 2.7 TDI: A smart buy

Audi A6 2.7 TDI

Audi’s A6 2.7 TDI promises the right measure of power, class, sophistication and price, all of which seem to be perfect for chauffeur-driven entrepreneurs. Let’s get behind this to find out more. The Name is James. James is a good friend of mine. He is always impeccably dressed, well-behaved and drives around in the...

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Honda City versus Volkswagen Vento: Rumble in the jungle


Heavy lies the head that wears the crown. It’s an old saying. The Honda City has ruled the roost with an invincible dominance of the premium C-segment. Who could fault its combination of attributes: style, the Honda badge, good fuel-efficiency, effortless performance and the aura of being the ‘Car of the Year’? The swagger...

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Fiat Linea T-Jet: Turbolicious Transformation

Fiat Linea

The first time I laid my eyes on this Italian beauty a year-and-a-half ago, I fell in love with it instantly and imagined myself driving an all-black Linea with a fine chrome trim around the tinted windows. And even though the ride and handling were up to the mark, I remained disappointed. I was...

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Hyundai new i10: Mid-life makeover


You have to give it to Hyundai: starting from scratch and becoming the second-largest car maker in the country is no mean feat. When you look at the Korean company’s products, you begin to understand why. Whether it was the Santro or the newer i10 and i20, these cars have gone on to rock...

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Tata Indica Vista 90 : Power for the masses

Tata vista

Tata Motors is just about to launch its new Indica Vista variant, the Vista 90. In its newest Avatar, the Vista gets a more powerful power plant that churns out 90PS (as the name suggests) thanks to its new 1.4-litre Safire engine. The 1399cc, 4-cylinder 16 valve MPFi engine produces peak power of 90PS@6000...

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A trip to Tirthan Valley on Honda Jazz X

honda jazz

That evening when Japan lost the match to Paraguay, there were two hearts that sank, apart from the many present in the Loftus Versfeld stadium. Mine, for my tiny Japanese connection, and Jazz’s (the new Honda Jazz X, to be precise), for the more obvious blood relation. And then? Then I had to take...

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VW new Jetta: Sharper and bigger


The Jetta was unveiled first time in New York in June and the world media drive was held in San Francisco last month. The reason for launching and having the first drive of the Jetta in the States was that it is the largest selling Volkswagen model in the US and the company is...

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Hyundai Santa Fe: A much-anticipated SUV


As we were driving down the ghat we spotted a beefy, silvery beast speeding ahead of us. Most of the things that are fast and have wheels do grab our attention instantly. As we closed in, I exclaimed, “Hey, wait a minute. Is it… is it the Santa Fe?” Much to our surprise, it...

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Maruti New Swift: A swifter car

Maruti new swift

UPDATE: Read detailed road test of new Maruti Swift here  Compare this car with the previous Swift. Spotted the differences? What’s the matter with you? The new car is clearly 90mm longer, has an extra 50mm in the wheelbase, and features ESP as standard. Tsk. Must try harder. Is such a subtle refluff going...

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Volkswagen Vento: Love at first sight


How important the Indian market is to the leading car manufacturers all over the world is becoming increasingly evident as they launch cars that are designed and built specifically for the Indian conditions and market requirements. The Vento from Volkswagen is the first such car to hit the Indian roads among the many to...

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