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Thanks to the growth of the Indian automobile industry, it is now near impossible for manufacturers to ignore even an inch of the market. Toyota recently has started to become a serious player in the Indian market thanks to the Etios twins. But one look at the Toyota range reveals a glaring gap between the Etios sedan and the Corolla Altis. You see there is a big price difference between the Etios and the Corolla and thats a gap that is being exploited by the others. The Honda City has been the king but thanks to the lack of diesel, the Skoda Rapid and Hyundai Verna have been  the victors. Now, Toyota wants a large pie and its new car could be this- the Vios. 

What you see here are the first pictures of the 2013 Toyota Vios sedan that we have earlier talked about. Last time we wrote about the Vios 2013, it because of spy shots, now though you see the real deal as these are the offical pictures of Toyota's Verna rival which has now been launched in Thailand. The Vios is a sedan version of the popular Yaris hatchback. It is popular in many other markets and this new generation model becomes sleeker and better looking.


The new look is clearly inspired by the new Toyota design language which is more edgy and all about being more aggressive. The headlamps which are joined with the grille looks cool and lends presence to the front while the rear is with the two large tail-lamps and some chrome that make the rear look elegant. On to the details and the Vios gets projector headlamps which are available on the top versions and at the rear you get LEDs with a small spoiler sprouting at the top of the boot lid. 
The Vios looks like a much bigger car that it actually is and has a lot of presence, credit also to Toyota for having these pictures of a fiery red example which makes it look sporty.  The Vios measurements are 4,410mm long, 1,700 mm wide and 1,475mm tall. This car can easily claim to be one of the best looking cars in its class.
Now thanks to the official pictures we can also confirm how good the interior looks. There are two colour options in the interior and the one you see here is of the black interior though a beige colour option is there. The interior has an all new design and looks sporty as well as futuristic. The instruments with the red/amber backlighting looks cool. The dash is well laid out and it is loaded with features.
Space too will be good and we expect it to be one of the most spacious cars in its class. We can expect it to be have the Etios's petrol and diesel engines when it comes to India. The Vios sedan launched in Thailand has a 4-speed automatic and a 5-speed manual option. In Thailand the Vios has four variants and even the base variant is well equipped.
Overall we are sure you like this new sedan because we sure do! There is clearly a gap between the Corolla Altis and Etios sedan and this could fill it perfectly. Its good looking, spacious and backed by the Toyota brand it can do very well in India. We hope to get it next year or so, Toyota now hurry up..


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Aajesh | Posted on Mar,19,2014 at 21:09 PM
vios launching date in india Reply to this post  
roby | Posted on Mar,19,2014 at 11:48 AM
very mush interested to book a manual, wen s it rollin in INDIA. Reply to this post  
sathishprabhu | Posted on Feb,19,2014 at 14:15 PM
topent modael car Reply to this post  
asharam pujahari | Posted on Feb,17,2014 at 17:59 PM
car is looking very nice and compete verna Reply to this post  
pradeepkumar | Posted on Feb,12,2014 at 22:37 PM
looking good ,inform me. Reply to this post  
tajinder Ghuman | Posted on Feb,06,2014 at 08:00 AM
beautiful car Reply to this post  
sameer | Posted on Jan,10,2014 at 14:38 PM
Is it launching in 2014 to india Reply to this post  
Rashid Ahmed | Posted on Jan,07,2014 at 08:19 AM
I like this car and please tell me how long in 2014 month u launch can I wait for this car or I purchase another car Reply to this post  
Anil Shah | Posted on Dec,26,2013 at 17:46 PM
Let us have test drive Reply to this post  
akash | Posted on Dec,21,2013 at 11:48 AM
i love this car Reply to this post  
dr dharmendra v | Posted on Dec,16,2013 at 16:40 PM
Desile car price in India when launching Reply to this post  
babu.r | Posted on Dec,08,2013 at 17:13 PM
good looking car, please let me know the launch date Reply to this post  
anoop sharma | Posted on Dec,02,2013 at 16:04 PM
is it deasel version Reply to this post  
senthil | Posted on Nov,22,2013 at 22:10 PM
super car Reply to this post  
Manoj Sharma | Posted on Nov,21,2013 at 14:24 PM
very good when it will launch in india Reply to this post  
alias | Posted on Nov,09,2013 at 16:50 PM
below 4 metre hatch or mini SUV with nearly 100 ps (diesel) will becomes a hot bread in indian market Reply to this post  
Rahul Menon | Posted on Nov,07,2013 at 11:48 AM
when it will launch in india Reply to this post  
ramesh sangle | Posted on Oct,27,2013 at 12:21 PM
will be a good entry in this slot Reply to this post  
harish shetty | Posted on Oct,16,2013 at 17:27 PM
oosam car................ Reply to this post  
dr Hitesh Patel | Posted on Sep,26,2013 at 18:38 PM
TKM & TMC are extremley sluggish in launching VIOS in india as well as YARIS SEDAN in usa Reply to this post  
Nagaraj O | Posted on Sep,14,2013 at 10:57 AM
Can I know If it is going to be launched in INDIA If 's' probable datemonth of launch please. Reply to this post  
ashok kumar uppala | Posted on Sep,09,2013 at 18:58 PM
when it will be launch in india Reply to this post  
Napti Sabloak | Posted on Aug,28,2013 at 18:30 PM
Please update about this car Reply to this post  
Antony Raj | Posted on Aug,14,2013 at 09:29 AM
I hope Toyota doesnt disappoint this time like in ETIOS.Lets see. Reply to this post  
Sameer | Posted on Aug,04,2013 at 19:19 PM
I would like to do test drive and keen to check this car if suits my requirement Reply to this post  
Rakesh soni | Posted on Jul,27,2013 at 13:37 PM
very nice look I want to purchase it what is the date to launch in India. Reply to this post  
Devappa Nayak | Posted on Jul,21,2013 at 22:15 PM
I want to purchase it. Kindly inform me Reply to this post  
pirah | Posted on Jul,17,2013 at 11:29 AM
require diesel with automatic transmission.please inform as soon as start sale Reply to this post  
pankaj marwah | Posted on Jul,08,2013 at 22:19 PM
very nice,i want to purchase in oct. Reply to this post  
dr.hitesh patel | Posted on Jul,08,2013 at 20:52 PM
diesel i want to purchase'please inform me first Reply to this post  
saravana | Posted on Jun,24,2013 at 22:06 PM
nice cars Reply to this post  
Ganesh SH | Posted on Jun,16,2013 at 20:19 PM
Would be glad to know about this car. Reply to this post  
ashu | Posted on Jun,11,2013 at 17:05 PM
i used always in toyota companies car so please inform when to be launched Reply to this post  
ramamoorthy | Posted on Jun,04,2013 at 09:47 AM
I can sure this toyoto brand vios will be one of the best car and it will fill the gap between the etios sedan and
carolla altis.pls inform the actual date of launching in chennai.eagerly awaiting. Reply to this post  
k.p. | Posted on May,23,2013 at 12:10 PM
its my dream Reply to this post  
benoy | Posted on May,06,2013 at 23:33 PM
please inform when to be launched. Reply to this post  
manpreet singh | Posted on May,01,2013 at 21:52 PM
nice caar its look luxery Reply to this post  
Mr.Himanshu Agarwal | Posted on Apr,16,2013 at 20:15 PM
please inform when to be launched. Reply to this post  
DAWOOD BATCHA | Posted on Mar,09,2013 at 13:08 PM
PLS TO KNOW THE LAUNCHIN DATE Reply to this post  
mithilesh singh | Posted on Feb,16,2013 at 09:25 AM
inform when launch Reply to this post  
ajay | Posted on Feb,01,2013 at 22:09 PM
Nicc car Reply to this post  
Kartar Punia | Posted on Dec,15,2012 at 13:30 PM
good car.Indian Memories Reply to this post  
sumeet | Posted on Dec,11,2012 at 15:53 PM
they are encouraging back-seat driving!! Reply to this post  
rajat arora | Posted on Dec,03,2012 at 00:38 AM
mehtajayesh | Posted on Oct,23,2012 at 12:18 PM
very good i like you Reply to this post  
vijay | Posted on Oct,20,2012 at 10:09 AM
Very good car. I am also using in malayasia. I prepare Automatic transmission to by in india. Reply to this post  
pasricha manpreet | Posted on Sep,27,2012 at 22:46 PM
toyota i am loving it . this car will my frist toyota car of my life . look forward buy it soon .well come to india . Reply to this post  
pasricha manpreet | Posted on Sep,23,2012 at 20:32 PM
love to be on driving seat soon .buy it now . Reply to this post  
Sunny nayyar | Posted on Aug,26,2012 at 12:02 PM
Its nyc to drive as i have all ready driven it in Thailand, there i drove CNG version which was very good but in India
Toyota will surely get the diesel and the petrol variant keeping the market demand in mind, it look more like a bug
brother of Etios but Reply to this post  
anil shah | Posted on Aug,20,2012 at 21:58 PM
as it is from toyoto,must be unbeaten.awaiting for test drive. Reply to this post  
NAGARAJ BEVINAHALLI | Posted on Aug,16,2012 at 10:54 AM
diesal version Reply to this post  
kamal | Posted on Aug,03,2012 at 08:42 AM
don't like speedometer in between the dashboard , better if above staring wheel. Reply to this post  
bijukumar karunakaran | Posted on Aug,02,2012 at 00:56 AM
look like very nice for middle class Reply to this post  
Exp. Price : Rs 7.50 L - 10.00 L
Exp. Launch Month : November 2014

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