Toyota Fortuner Steering Controls

Toyota Fortuner Steering Controls Availability (Variant wise)

Toyota Fortuner3.0L 4x2 Automatic3.0L 4x2 Manual3.0L 4x4 Manual2.5 L3.0L 4x4 Automatic2.5L 4x2 Manual TRD Sportivo2.5L 4x2 Automatic TRD Sportivo
Steering controls Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Toyota Fortuner Steering Controls Overview

Toyota Fortuner steering controls also known as Toyota Fortuner steering control buttons are buttons located on the Toyota Fortuner steering. These buttons are for controlling Toyota Fortuner music system. With Toyota Fortuner steering buttons, you can control volume and change modes of Toyota Fortuner music system. Some Toyota Fortuner steering controls also have facility to mange phone calls and other Bluetooth devices.

Toyota Fortuner steering controls feature is available in Toyota Fortuner variants like 3.0L 4x2 Automatic, 3.0L 4x2 Manual, 3.0L 4x4 Manual, 2.5 L, 3.0L 4x4 Automatic, 2.5L 4x2 Manual TRD Sportivo, 2.5L 4x2 Automatic TRD Sportivo.

Toyota Fortuner Steering Controls Comparison

In comparison to variants of Toyota Fortuner, variants of Ford Endeavour like 2.2L 4×2 MT Trend ,2.2L 4x2 AT Trend ,2.2L 4×4 MT Trend ,3.2L 4×4 AT Trend ,2.2L 4×2 AT Titanium ,3.2L 4×4 AT Titanium have steering controls feature available. Chevrolet TrailBlazer, which is a similar car to Toyota Fortuner, has steering controls available in variants like LTZ 2WD AT.

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