Tata Indigo Manza Diesel Hybrid


The Tata Indigo Manza Hybrid Concept is powered by a Hybrid 1.05Litre DiCOR engine and  electric motors. This car gives less than 90gms/km CO2 emission in city traffic conditions and comes with tech like high speed cranking, regenerative braking, auto start/stop, series hybrid mode and limited range pure electric operation. 


The Indigo Manza Hybrid Concept also has a completely redesigned front and rear and we think it looks great. The bi-xenon and LED headlamp cluster along with the LED tail lights gives it presence. 

The car also features 17″ wheels with 205/45 R17 tyres and has regenerative braking, the Indigo Manza Hybrid Concept also recharges its high-capacity Lithium Ion battery pack with the roof mounted solar panel. The car comes equipped with ABS and Airbags as standard.

The interiors now have a new centre console and 6-way powered leather front seats. The car is equipped with an electric parking brake, auto transmission, electric-assist power steering and a next-generation Infotainment system with 7-inch touch screen. This is a great concept which we hope will get the green light.

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SANJAY PURI | Posted on Feb,14,2014 at 19:31 PM
indian car industry is waiting for such a car as engine technology of all other car has reached peak , need for gradual
drift away from fossil fossil fuel is essential . health & environmental hazards associated with fossil fuel
combustion in cities is w Reply to this post  
hari | Posted on Jan,30,2014 at 12:26 PM
its a value for money car i love it bt i wish they had changed the side of the car and the box like shape of the back
(the box shape does give more boot space....still..) Reply to this post  
Naveen Chander | Posted on Nov,27,2013 at 20:09 PM
Indigo Manza is very good Car. This Car Should be launched as early as possible. I am waiting to buy one. Reply to this post  
PRASANNA | Posted on Oct,29,2013 at 13:11 PM
SIDE VIEW PICTURES NOT DISPLAYED WHY....... Reply to this post  
joshua | Posted on Sep,27,2013 at 16:15 PM
please inform when it will launch and give price of that car. Reply to this post  
Nilesh Sutar | Posted on Sep,24,2013 at 11:51 AM
i am Interested in this Car Reply to this post  
manoj kumar | Posted on Sep,17,2013 at 21:59 PM
this car is nice plz mail me price on Road in jaipur city Reply to this post  
nikki | Posted on Aug,22,2013 at 16:18 PM
I Think when it comes to reality it price upto 8 lacks Reply to this post  
anil kapoor | Posted on Aug,15,2013 at 03:18 AM
jabardast hai yaar Reply to this post  
K Murali Mohana Reddy | Posted on Aug,07,2013 at 08:30 AM
I request TATA group to be front in techonology as you have knowledgeable and skilled employees and just you say yes,
they will create the best with our research alone and bring a cheapter car please launch and be a front runner in the
market which I alwa Reply to this post  
ARUSH SHARMA | Posted on Aug,01,2013 at 16:19 PM
Biju Varappuzhakkaran | Posted on Jul,29,2013 at 18:01 PM
i don't think TATA will be able to bring it on August 2013. it may come in the year of 2014. Reply to this post  
bishwa jit saikia | Posted on Jul,25,2013 at 22:49 PM
its value for money car... Reply to this post  
bishwa jit saikia | Posted on Jul,25,2013 at 22:44 PM
LOOKING GREAT...I LIKE IT. Reply to this post  
subhashis sarkar | Posted on Jul,16,2013 at 18:10 PM
i think this is best car Reply to this post  
Navnath k gunjal | Posted on Jul,12,2013 at 10:42 AM
prime car in tata launch Reply to this post  
prem rathod | Posted on Jul,07,2013 at 15:03 PM
tata motors mile stone carrrrrrrrrr Reply to this post  
manoj | Posted on Jul,02,2013 at 22:35 PM
nice car yaar . .!! Reply to this post  
m.sandeep kumar | Posted on Jul,02,2013 at 12:19 PM
nice car nice price Reply to this post  
P K SINGH | Posted on Jul,02,2013 at 07:22 AM
i dont feel this car is coming in market, this is concept car only Reply to this post  
Sandip | Posted on Jun,25,2013 at 23:52 PM
WHEN IT GOING TO BE LAUNCH....ITS AWESOME........ Reply to this post  
Dipak Rathod | Posted on Jun,20,2013 at 17:01 PM
expected superb car in india Reply to this post  
sudha | Posted on Jun,18,2013 at 21:33 PM
only concept if may comes not in tat quality Reply to this post  
LOKESHKUMAR B S | Posted on May,21,2013 at 18:04 PM
Hi, what will be the on-road price in Bangalore and when it will be available Reply to this post  
Rubs Cool | Posted on May,20,2013 at 20:54 PM
when gonna this car about to launch what will be the on road price for this car in Kolkata Reply to this post  
SAMEER | Posted on May,05,2013 at 19:25 PM
WHEN IT GOING TO BE LAUNCH Reply to this post  
Felix Furtado | Posted on May,01,2013 at 23:10 PM
Futuristic concept. Just what I prefer. Please mail the technical info. Reply to this post  
vishal | Posted on Apr,28,2013 at 17:28 PM
awesommmme......... Reply to this post  
saujanya | Posted on Apr,20,2013 at 05:00 AM
wish to buy this car plz sent tech lit Reply to this post  
haris yousuf | Posted on Feb,02,2014 at 10:43 AM
dilip | Posted on Apr,15,2013 at 12:49 PM
lovely car Reply to this post  
Ranjiit Chakraborty | Posted on Apr,14,2013 at 18:19 PM
Looks are too OSSEM, feel like buying one, but budget not suitable. Reply to this post  
R C | Posted on Mar,13,2013 at 19:37 PM
at last Tata Motors is doing some good work in designing. Reply to this post  
kishor Chavan. | Posted on Mar,05,2013 at 23:05 PM
Looks too promising with price tag but that is need of hour to produce low cost fuel efficient car and for city and
highway driveebility.If price between 5.0+lac, I will buy it this now. Reply to this post  
BharatK | Posted on Feb,27,2013 at 17:57 PM
Looking Nice, Nicely Designed, Hope will capture market. Reply to this post  
jayakumar | Posted on Feb,23,2013 at 11:30 AM
please notify when it is launched , price , dealers in trivandrum etc Reply to this post  
Sunil Balyan | Posted on Feb,03,2013 at 09:30 AM
I want to know Price and launching date of this car Reply to this post  
savio ferns | Posted on Jan,10,2013 at 22:58 PM
please notify me when it is launched.. Reply to this post  
dr rakesh | Posted on Jan,05,2013 at 19:15 PM
when 2 expect this car in west bengal siliguri Reply to this post  
mahtab | Posted on Dec,18,2012 at 20:10 PM
good car so nice Reply to this post  
kishor Chavan | Posted on Dec,15,2012 at 18:06 PM
If u stick to price what stated in here with the specicfiction, you will be winning the race with M&M, or else stay
far behind as many have lost faith in your product. Reply to this post  
nitin jain | Posted on Dec,08,2012 at 19:47 PM
now tata in market........... Reply to this post  
manoj | Posted on Nov,17,2012 at 18:19 PM
smart looking car Reply to this post  
Venkatesh Kumar | Posted on Nov,11,2012 at 13:13 PM
plz inform about the millage.. Reply to this post  
imtiyaz mulla | Posted on Nov,05,2012 at 17:42 PM
i want to know when car will be launch.i want it, Reply to this post  
abhijit bhowmick | Posted on Nov,04,2012 at 15:32 PM
superb car Reply to this post  
vinod | Posted on Oct,25,2012 at 17:47 PM
pls details price in pune city Reply to this post  
veer talreja | Posted on Oct,19,2012 at 20:15 PM
when it will be launch in mumbai maharashtra and what will be the price, top speed, milage and other features plz
reply.... Reply to this post  
Dinesh yadav | Posted on Sep,19,2012 at 12:07 PM
tell me the date of launching and price in vapi gujrat Reply to this post  
Vijay | Posted on Sep,01,2012 at 21:31 PM
I wait this car!! Frist car i purchased when louch!! Reply to this post  
jagdish | Posted on Aug,31,2012 at 23:22 PM
tell me the date of launching and price in ahmedabad Reply to this post  
vineet | Posted on Aug,25,2012 at 16:13 PM
i wanna book dis car. kindly tell realising date Reply to this post  
Ankit | Posted on Aug,10,2012 at 03:52 AM
Damm.. I want it.. Tell me the date of booking.. Reply to this post  
kiran joseph | Posted on Aug,03,2012 at 09:55 AM
price on kerala Reply to this post  
Manish Smartha | Posted on Jul,30,2012 at 12:02 PM
when will it be reelased and when will the booking staty Reply to this post  
dr rakesh | Posted on Jul,09,2012 at 01:01 AM
when to expect this cawaiting eagerly for it.what will be the ground clearance,safety features, availability of spare
parts & service after salesI want ti book it. Reply to this post  
sahil kumar | Posted on Jul,01,2012 at 17:06 PM
nice caaaar my fav Reply to this post  
umesh nayak | Posted on Jun,30,2012 at 22:38 PM
when will the booking start in maharashtra, Sangli dist. what will be the price of top end model Reply to this post  
ruthvik | Posted on Jun,23,2012 at 00:52 AM
good design, ppl should buy Indian made cars, the rupee value can b increased, Reply to this post  
dr rakesh | Posted on Jun,10,2012 at 11:03 AM
when indigo manza hybrid is likely to be launchedwhat will be its likely cost in west bengalwhich state in INDIA is
having minimum tax on family cars Reply to this post  
abdul | Posted on Jun,05,2012 at 21:59 PM
great design ..but there is one sad thing.y dont these companies understand the issues of petrol why cant electricity be
a parallel pathwaysomething like a four doored hatch or like nissan leaf Reply to this post  
ezhilkandavel | Posted on Jun,03,2012 at 23:02 PM
inform the booking date Reply to this post  
ezhilkandavel | Posted on Jun,03,2012 at 23:00 PM
Amazing, & good looking expecting the launch date Reply to this post  
dr rakesh | Posted on May,30,2012 at 22:53 PM
what will be the popularity, practicality,mileage,availability of sparesservice centers,public acceptance,difficulties
anticipated for its owners,ground clearance,price & safety features of tata indigo manza disel hybridI want to book
it. Reply to this post  
Ganesh | Posted on May,28,2012 at 23:22 PM
Wow what a car....superb!! Minblowing Reply to this post  
shrikanth m | Posted on May,25,2012 at 11:16 AM
designed front and back very nicely, good looking. Reply to this post  
chandan netra | Posted on May,12,2012 at 08:45 AM
when is hybrid ta-ta launch aspect-ed. Reply to this post  
Raj Yadav | Posted on May,06,2012 at 04:17 AM
heads up to tata motors what a car Reply to this post  
akash | Posted on Apr,18,2012 at 12:12 PM
nice exterior Reply to this post  
Abhinav Batta | Posted on Apr,13,2012 at 11:43 AM
I bought a new manza but this is quiet diffrent from that one. Reply to this post  
sowkat ali | Posted on Apr,10,2012 at 18:03 PM
I want new tata manza hybird Reply to this post  
sowkat ali | Posted on Apr,09,2012 at 21:50 PM
I want car new tata manza fast booking Reply to this post  
uday | Posted on Apr,07,2012 at 21:41 PM
very nice and looking Reply to this post  
Gaurav pratap | Posted on Mar,27,2012 at 12:13 PM
I wanna buy this new indico highbried Reply to this post  
sachin | Posted on Mar,17,2012 at 12:44 PM
i want to buy this car when is it launch Reply to this post  
Sameer damle | Posted on Mar,08,2012 at 18:24 PM
Want to book,please suggest Reply to this post  
Sameer damle | Posted on Mar,08,2012 at 18:23 PM
This car will definately capture maximum market in india,my best wishes for this car Reply to this post  
C S | Posted on Mar,03,2012 at 12:38 PM
WANT TO BOOK PLS SUGGEST Reply to this post  
Raman | Posted on Feb,09,2012 at 13:27 PM
Good car within best price tag its final launching date announced by tata or not .......... Reply to this post  
Exp. Price : Rs 5.00 L - 7.00 L
Exp. Launch Month : September 2014

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