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Skoda Rapid Front View

Before we begin, let’s first clear the confusion on why Skoda chose to name their C segment sedan the ‘Rapid’ and not what most of us thought it would be – the ‘Lauretta’! Well, sources say that the Rapid was always its internal name and Lauretta the official one. However, when the word spread out among the public (it leaked), Skoda instantly saw that the reactions weren’t really very positive and hence, the word ‘Lauretta’ was kept aside and the Rapid continued to be called, well, the Rapid! It is based on the Vento but looks like the Fabia – it shares the same engines as the Vento though has a lower sticker price. In the end, we feel, the product has been pretty good and infact Skoda is looking at the Rapid being their largest selling model in the Indian market. So, does the Rapid have enough ammunition to defend itself from half a dozen other rivals including its own sibling the Vento is the big question. We ofcourse have the answer!

Pros: Value, looks, engines!
Cons: Petrol auto slightly sluggish, gearshift quality not up with the best

Skoda Rapid Diesel Interiors

Familiarity with the VW family continues on the inside as well. If you have spent some time in a Vento, the Rapid’s interiors will hardly look any different. The steering has been picked up from the Fabia and surprisingly, even on the top end model, wheel controls are missing and so is leather wrapping! The color scheme on the inside is also slightly different than that of the Vento but seems to work pretty fine here. What you like is the overall airy feel on the inside and space, especially for tall people like our editor, Bunny Punia. Once in the driver’s seat, the four-spoke steering feels good to hold and the twin pod speedometer console with white dials (the Vento gets red) with the driver information display appealing to the eyes. The central console gets easy to operate audio system (no USB, only Aux-in and SD card support) and air-con system while you also appreciate the central arm-rest between the front seats. However, depending on how tall you are and how you drive, this does interfere with your left arm while shifting gears.
Rear seat comfort and space is impressive though what lets down the package is the high transmission tunnel which means fitting a 5th person with be a little tough. Good points include rear air-con vents, cup holder below the vent, central arm-rest and an ergo-lever to slide the front co-driver’s seat while being seated at the rear – perfect for those who like being chauffeured!

What we like
What you like is the overall airy feel on the inside and space, especially for tall people like our editor, Bunny Punia. Once in the driver’s seat, the four-spoke steering feels good to hold
What we don't like
There is no USB and the rear seat is not comfy for five and the centre armrest interferes with your arm while shifting

Skoda Rapid Diesel Interiors Details

Skoda Rapid Boot space

Skoda Rapid has about 460 litres of storage capacity inside the car. So if one is planning for long trips with the car can proceed easily with the plan it can surely support your luggage.

Skoda Rapid Speedometer

Rapid gets a beautifully illuminated analogue speedometer and a tachometer along with an all digital driver display in the centre of both the meters.

Skoda Rapid Gear lever

The gear lever of the Rapid is situated in the centre console just after the two cup holders and the driver can access it easily from his seat.

Skoda Rapid Cup holders

Rapid has front and rear end cup holders with flip frames and there is a happy part to it all the variants of the rapid gets the cup holders.


Skoda Rapid Diesel Exteriors

First glance from the front and you easily mistake the Rapid for its younger sibling, the Fabia. However, look at the car from behind and you can be fooled into believing it’s a Vento! In layman terms, you can say that the Rapid is based on the Vento platform with a Fabia front and Vento rear fused together to create a rather pleasing looking C segment sedan. Dimension wise, the Rapid is 2mm longer than the Vento with identical width, height and wheelbase. The Rapid will be competing with the likes of the Vento, SX4, Linea, Fiesta, City and Verna and hence though it isn’t the best looking of the lot, it still manages to carry a sense of class and elegance.
Look at the front design closely and you notice that the though the headlamps, grill and fog lamps are sourced from the Fabia, the bonnet and bumpers are slightly different. The side profile shows identical design lines to the Vento – same is the case of the rear end design too. However, lines are sharper and you soon recognize that the tail lamps, boot lid and bumper are completely new. Skoda has also integrated its new ‘prism edge’ design at the rear which does create a sense of exclusivity and individuality, especially to differ the Rapid from the Vento. The whole design feat has been successful and we feel that the Rapid looks slightly better than its own sibling, the Vento.
The Rapid wears 175/70 tyres on 14-inch steel rims on the Active and Ambition models while the Elegance gets 185/60 tyres on 15-inch alloy wheels. Skoda offers five color options for the Rapid range.

What we like
The whole design feat has been successful and we feel that the Rapid looks slightly better than its own sibling, the Vento.
What we don't like
The looks are too similar to the Vento from the side and rear

Skoda Rapid Diesel Exteriors Details

Skoda Rapid Front design

The Rapid may look at first like a Vento with a Fabia nose stuck on it, and in a way it is, but the Skoda looks much more attractive in the flesh. The large nose balances the elongated body nicely; Skoda designers have done a fabulous job of seamlessly merging some of the disparaging lines.

Skoda Rapid Rear design

Skoda has altered the boot-lid, taillights and rear bumper too. But the changes are so subtle; youll only spot them if you look hard.

Skoda Rapid Side profile

The new larger fenders and mildly altered chin complete what must have been a difficult styling exercise. While the flanks of the car remain the same.

Skoda Rapid Ground Clearance

Skoda rapid has ground clearance of 168mm which is average in this segment of the car.


Skoda Rapid Diesel Engine & Performance

The Skoda Rapid makes use of the same engine options as seen on the Vento. This means that it gets a 1.6-litre petrol as well as a 1.6-litre diesel engine. The petrol and diesel get a 5-speed manual transmission with an optional 6-speed automatic being made available on the petrol version.
The petrol unit makes 105PS of power (less than the City, Verna 1.6, Fiesta and Linea T-Jet) and 153Nm of torque which is slightly less than the Verna 1.6 but a good 35% less than the Linea T-Jet. In real world driving however, it performs more than adequately, being refined and responsive. We drove the 6-speed automatic and it did the job pretty well. There is a slight lag between the driver’s throttle input and the car gaining momentum but that is expected. For city usage, this gearbox is pretty good.
The pick of the lot though is the diesel unit. It generates 105PS of power and 250Nm of torque and is simply fantastic no matter how you drive the car. Enough low engine speed responsive and an absolute delight when pushed hard, the diesel unit also shines in the overall NVH levels. Skoda it seems has made use of a lot of noise and vibration damping and this shows its benefits inside the car while on the move. The engine is pretty efficient as well and should return 14-15kmpl in metro cities easily. The gear shift quality on the manual though isn’t as good as some of the other rivals in the same price band.

What we like
The pick of the lot though is the diesel unit. It generates 105PS of power and 250Nm of torque and is simply fantastic no matter how you drive the car. Enough low engine speed responsive and an absolute delight when pushed hard.
What we don't like
The petrol feels strained and the automatic gearbox saps power

Skoda Rapid Diesel Engine and Performance Details

Skoda Rapid Acceleration

Rapid reaches 0-60kmph in about 4.09sec and 0-100kmph in about 8.18seconds.

Skoda Rapid Top speed

Rapid has a top speed of about 186 kmph but the speedo clocked 196 kmph when tested.

Skoda Rapid In-gear acceleration

Skoda Rapid petrol can touch 40-60 in just 5.29 seconds on the 3rd gear and 80-100 in just 4.74 secons in 3rd gear.

Skoda Rapid Gearbox

Rapid uses a forward speed Five speed manual gearbox It is light to use, the throw is short and this makes it one of the slickest boxes around.


Skoda Rapid Diesel Mileage and Running Costs

Skoda Rapid Diesel Diesel Mileage 20.54 kmpl

The Rapid is available with two engines 1.6 petrol and a 1.6 diesel. The diesel is more efficient and the petrol automatic is the least efficient of the variant line-up. In petrol expect 10-12 kmpl and in diesel expect 14-15 kpl. The diesel is offers good efficiency and the engine offers good mix of performance and economy. The automatic gearbox takes away the efficiency a little bit.

Skoda Rapid Diesel Mileage View full detail

Skoda Rapid Diesel Diesel Variants
Skoda Rapid Diesel Active 1.6 TDI CR MT 20.54 kmpl
Skoda Rapid Diesel Ambition Plus 1.6 TDI CR MT 20.54 kmpl
Skoda Rapid Diesel Elegance 1.6 TDI CR MT 20.54 kmpl

Skoda Rapid Diesel Mileage Details

Skoda Rapid Diesel City fuel economy

Skoda rapid returns a average of 13kmpl in the city.

Skoda Rapid Diesel Highway fuel economy

Skoda rapid returns a average of 17.5kmpl in the highways.

Skoda Rapid Diesel ARAI rated economy

Skoda Rapid Active 1.6 TDI CR MT Fuel Diesel (ARAI Specified) 20.54 kmpl Skoda Rapid Ambition 1.6 MPI AT Fuel Petrol (ARAI Specified) 14.4 kmpl Skoda Rapid Ambition 1.6 MPI MT Fuel Petrol (ARAI Specified) 15.42 kmpl Skoda Rapid Active 1.6 MPI MT Fuel Petrol (ARAI Specified) 15.42 kmpl Skoda Rapid Ambition 1.6 TDI CR MT Fuel Diesel (ARAI Specified) 20.54 kmpl Skoda Rapid Elegance 1.6 MPI AT Fuel Petrol (ARAI Specified) 14.4 kmpl Skoda Rapid Elegance 1.6 MPI MT

Skoda Rapid Diesel Tank Range

Skoda Rapid has a tank range of approx 1100kms to depending on the driving condition.

Skoda Rapid Diesel Handling Braking & Safety

Yet, again, the Rapid being based on the Vento, we weren’t really in for a big change in the way the car handles. The Rapid also weighs almost the same, being slightly lighter but this shouldn’t be affecting the overall handling. The steering is of the electric variety (EPS) and hence expectedly very light at crawling speeds. It does weigh up nicely as speeds increase but still doesn’t have the confidence of say the new Fiesta. That said, the Rapid won’t really be driven in a very enthusiastic manner and this is where the car seems to tick all the right boxes. The Rapid has ABS with EBD and has driver and passenger airbags

What we like
Rapid has superb high speed manners – the Rapid feels rock solid even at over 150kmh speeds.
What we don't like
Steering doesn’t have the confidence of say the new Fiesta

Skoda Rapid Diesel Handling, Braking & Safety Details

Skoda Rapid Handling

Throttle responses are relatively crisp, the motor revs more easily from medium engine speeds and there seems to be more punch in the mid-range. So driving in traffic is really much nicer, with only some turbo-lag present. The steering is light and makes driving effortless around town. Over undulating surfaces, the ride is pretty flat and theres none of that annoying pitching motion you get with the Vento. It has a slightly hard edge when going over larger bumps though, especially large craters

Skoda Rapid Braking performance

The braking performance of the car is good it uses ventilated discs in the front and drum brakes at the rear it stops from100kmph to standstill in about 4.64 seconds.

Skoda Rapid Safety features

The Rapid is sold in three variants Active, Ambition and Elegance. The Elegance, and a fuel support cut off system during a crash.

Skoda Rapid ABS

Rapid has anti lock breaking system only in the two variants of the car the ambition and Elegance has ABS.

Skoda Rapid Traction control

There is no option for traction control in any of the variants of the Skoda Rapid.

Skoda Rapid Diesel Comfort & Suspension

Slow speed ride with a single person on board might not be very impressive with sharp imperfection and pot holes being felt easily. This is where we feel the Vento feels better. However, as speeds and the number of people in the car rise, its ride quality keeps become better and better! You can simply put the car into bad stretches or off the road while overtaking on narrow roads without having to worry about the occupants being thrown around. The same goes for the superb high speed manners – the Rapid feels rock solid even at over 150km/h speeds.

What we like
The high-speed ride of the Rapid is very good.
What we don't like
The low-speed ride could have been better

Skoda Rapid Diesel Comfort & Suspension Details

Skoda Rapid Comfort

The front seats have good bolstering and thigh support, making them comfortable on long drives, the steering can be adjusted for height and reach and the drivers seat can be raised and lowered too. So finding a good driving position is easy. The rear seat of the Rapid is also a good place to be. Theres plenty of legroom, the seat is wide and you get a nice airy feel when sitting in the rear. And the seat is reasonably comfortable too. You climb out feeling fresh even after a long drive.

Skoda Rapid Front suspension

Skoda rapid uses MacPherson struts up at the front and it provides the car with good stability as well as comfort for the passengers inside the car.

Skoda Rapid Rear suspension

Rapid uses non-independent coil springs in the rear so the rear seat passengers do not feel much bump from the road.

Skoda Rapid Diesel Specifications and Features

Dimension & Weights

Overall Length 4386 mm
Overall Width 1699 mm
Overall Height 1466 mm
Ground Clearance 168 mm


Torque 153Nm @ 3800 rpm
Displacement 1598 cc
Power 105PS @ 5250rpm
No of Cylinders 4

Fuel Efficiency

Mileage Highway --
Mileage City --
Mileage Overall --

Wheels & Tyres

Tyres 175/70 R14
Wheel Size 14 inch
Wheel Type Steel

View full Skoda Rapid Specifications

Skoda Rapid Diesel Features

Skoda Rapid Diesel Active 1.6 TDI CR MT Ambition Plus 1.6 TDI CR MT Elegance 1.6 TDI CR MT
Power Steering
Power Windows
Audio System
Alloy Wheels

View full Skoda Rapid Features

Skoda Rapid Colors

  • Flash Red
  • Deep Black Pearl
  • Cappuccino Beige
  • Candy White
  • Brilliant Silver

Skoda Rapid Diesel Price

Skoda Rapid Diesel Price in New Delhi

Rs 8.26 L - 9.61 L
ex-showroom price in New Delhi
Check On Road Price

The ex showroom price of Skoda Rapid Diesel ranges from Rs 8.26 Lakh to Rs 9.61 Lakh. Skoda Rapid Diesel is available in 3 variants. To find the on road price of Skoda Rapid Diesel you need to click on the check on road price.

Skoda Rapid Diesel has 3 Diesel variant(s), the cheapest variant is Skoda Rapid Active 1.6 TDI CR MT starts at Rs 8.26 Lakh, the most expensive variant is Skoda Rapid Elegance 1.6 TDI CR MT is for Rs 9.61 Lakh .

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Good car for 2 passangers
Posted on Apr,04,21 12:22 PM

Pros Great lool stylish fuel economy

Cons Ground clearence not good, with only 5 passangers touches road on small speed breakers

Low ground clearence.Touches road even without luggage in boot space. Ideal for only 2-3 persons without luggage

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Stop, Check & Proceed
By Posted on Dec,12,17 4:35 PM

Pros Great Looks,Great Interiors,

Cons Average Fuel Efficiency,High Maintenance

We are using this car for the past 8 months, our experience is mixed. The looks and feels of the car are excellent. the quality of product is definitely German Class. but when it comes to economy and cost of service, its on the Higher side. A person who is not conscious about miantainence expenses and fuel economy can go ahead with the purchase. but beware of the dealer network and service support at chennai.Gurudeve Motors is monopoly for the dealer network in chennai and they dictate terms.

Was this review helpful? Yes / No

Pros Great Looks,Good Performance,Great Interiors,Fuel Efficiency,Comfort,smoothness, engine, pickup ,

Cons ,after sale service satisfactory not good

Got my rapid around 1 year back from now overall dis beast is good great at pickup comfort looks great boot space suspension but only thing that worries the customers is as said skoda after sale service despite of getting a new car no problem can solved in single visit to service station .... u have to make efforts to get the company understand the problem .

Was this review helpful? Yes / No

By Posted on Jun,06,03 6:16 PM

Pros Comfort,

Cons Average Performance,

Dear Sir, I bought Skoda Rapid on 24th May 2014 from VIIRAAJ SKODA PUNE. After going through available brands in market finally I decided to buy Skoda Rapid as value for money. Here I did biggest mistake in my life. From day one my car has problem of 20 degree left pulling. If I go beyond speed of 60 km per hour within 4 seconds my car goes extreme left. I was literally shocked. Next day I tried on Mumbai Pune expressway with my four friends who has minimum driving experience of 20 years. Every one felt same problem in car. I went to Viiraaj Skoda showroom at Pune. Those sales people said to go to Skoda Workshop. I went to their workshop and service people checked wheel allignment and said the report is perfectly okey. No problem at all. But till today I am not convinced at all. Though I made many visits and to meet service people at Skoda workshop but they say only one thing your car is perfect. I was angry with them I tried mobile of Mr.Mali who is the director of the company.But he never answered my phone. I sent message on Whatssapp to him but no reply. I send several mails to Skoda company but nobody bothered to give reply. I was after Mr.Mudassar service incharge in Skoda workshop to solve this problem but he says same that your car is perfect. If I complain to Skoda company I will receive same sweet reply that YOUR PROBLEM WILL BE SOLVED UP TO YOUR TOTAL SATISFACTION AS PER SKODA NORMS and after that nobody attends to your complaint. I will say to all do not ever think to buy Skoda car you will fall in trouble. If you buy Skoda and if your car has such problem you will be in trouble and your money is total waste. After so many complaints Mr.Rajesh who is service head took trial of my car and said car is perfect and it not pulling left at all. I told him to give in writing either my car is perfect or not but he refused to reply via email. The answer I got from MR. Rajesh service head is SIR IT IS BECAUSE OF SLOPE ON ROAD YOUR CAR TURNS LEFT I think this is a funniest reply in Auto world. I told Mr. Rajesh that okay we will go on plane road and then try he says there is no such plain road in India. In my life this is seventh car but till the date I have not come across such defect in brand new car. I will request to every one do not buy Skoda at all. Believe me suppose if you are driving at 8090 km per hour speed and for fraction of second if you loose control on steering what will happen From 25th May I was after Viiraaj Skoda to give me in writing that whether my car has problem or not and at last today afternoon I got reply from Mr. Mudassar that car is perfect just drive upto 5000 Km and then we will review the condition. Now only option left with me is to go to CONSUMER COURT. Skoda will say we are SIMPLY CLEVER people. Regards, M.V.JOGLEKAR 9223280024. 3RD JUNE 2014.

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Buy at your own risk
By Posted on Dec,12,28 1:53 PM

Pros Good Performance,Comfort,

Cons ,Faulty engine, no customer care

Dear Friends, I want you to get benefit from the harrowing experience that I have faced. I had bought Skoda Rapid (TDI) top model. From the very first day the Ac unit was faulty for which I had to visit the workshop at least four times. I am keeping things brief but that doesnt mean that things were that easy. Later on the car engine stopped in the middle of the road with full tank of diesel, it went to local dealers workshop three times for the same problem and each time I was in the middle of the road. I was lucky that on all 3 occasions I was within the city and was driving the car at low speed. Me & my family had to face a lot embarrassment due to this, you can also imagine the same if the similar thing would have happen to you. Finally these b*s***d came down to the conclusion that the fuel is faulty. I had been fuelling my car from the same petrol pump for the past one year. Finally sold off my car with considerable amount of loss. Conclusion Though the car is a good performer & comfortable but very bad re-sale value. These German engines are software based and not much can be done with them in the event of break down. Even if I buy the point of faulty fuel then also you cant take your chances on highway with this vehicle as you may have to get your car fuelled from any petrol pump and that pump may or may not provide you clean fuel. If at all there is any issue with your skoda car I can guarantee you that you will feel trapped & helpless unless you have a good repo with the dealer. Believe me no one will come for your rescue, all your mails n calls will go unanswered beyond a point. My car was in warranty period still I was not offered any courtesy vehicle. And please note that the local dealer will not give you any copy of all the service related documents that you may have signed, not even the gate pass. If you are ready to live with these facts then you may go ahead for buying skoda cars. If you are a skoda rapid owner then keep your fingers crossed and hope that you dont go through the trauma that I have gone through.

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Rs 8.26 L - 9.61 L
ex-showroom price

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Rs 8.26 L - 9.61 L
ex-showroom price