Skoda Fabia Combi


Skoda Fabia Combi

Skoda has ambitious plans for the emerging car market of India. The company is planning to launch Fabia Combi at a price less than Rs 10 lakh next year in the country. The consumers in the country are looking for better cars that could deliver comfort, mileage and performance. Fabia Combi is likely to create its own place in the heart of Indian car lovers. Other similar cars in the market have been the Ford Fusion and the Tata Marina.

Skoda Fabia Combi will catch your eye at first glance with its harmonious lines and with details that put the finishing touch to the timeless design of the new generation of the most popular Skoda models.

The new model now offers the passengers even better comfort and also more space for the luggage then its predecessor. The boot has grown by 54 litres and its volume is 480 litres now. With the rear seats folded flat, the total size of the luggage compartment is 1,460 litres, 235 litres more than in the previous model.

Skoda Fabia Combi India Launch

Compared with the first generation of this model, the outside dimensions of the new vehicle have grown. The Fabia Combi is 7 mm longer and 46 mm higher. The headlamps carry a distinct look, contributing to the friendly face of the car. The front grille is based on the traditional design, complete with the vertical bars and Skoda logo. Also the interior of the Fabia Combi has radically changed. The dashboard respects ergonomic principles consistently. This means that the driver's workplace is organized with respect to maximum comfort, safety and convenience.

The key strengths of Fabia Combi include enough room for passengers sitting in the rear seats, many storage trays, boxes, etc. and high-quality materials in the interior. On the engine option list, expect the same 1.6-litre petrol and diesel engines that do duty in the Skoda Rapid and the VW Vento. An automatic version might also be offered

Skoda Fabia Combi India Specifications

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Sumit | Posted on Apr,09,2014 at 16:25 PM
planning to buy this car Reply to this post  
Surinder singh | Posted on Apr,01,2014 at 21:49 PM
Nice car..... Reply to this post  
Surinder singh | Posted on Apr,01,2014 at 21:47 PM
Nice car Reply to this post  
Subramaniam | Posted on Dec,21,2013 at 14:11 PM
Plz update me lodgy launching date with all details Reply to this post  
Subramaniam | Posted on Dec,21,2013 at 14:11 PM
Plz update me launching date with all details
Subramaniam | Posted on Dec,14,2013 at 10:45 AM
Please update me launch date. Reply to this post  
Ryaan | Posted on Oct,06,2013 at 21:32 PM
Excellent car Reply to this post  
Hrithik | Posted on Jun,25,2013 at 16:09 PM
NICE Reply to this post  
prakash | Posted on Mar,18,2013 at 02:22 AM
very nice...good Reply to this post  
abhinav teria | Posted on Feb,26,2013 at 17:03 PM
very good looking car i like it. millage Reply to this post  
jayshree | Posted on Feb,17,2013 at 11:52 AM
side look is very nice Reply to this post  
MANI,CHENNAI. | Posted on Feb,05,2013 at 22:03 PM
GOOD LOOKING CAR............... Reply to this post  
Arvind Solanki | Posted on Nov,25,2012 at 13:42 PM
car price Reply to this post  
bobby kumar | Posted on Nov,02,2012 at 12:31 PM
skoda fabia combi's look is very nice. Reply to this post  
Faizal lakhani | Posted on Sep,14,2012 at 12:43 PM
very nice car Good Looking i Am planning to buy this car Reply to this post  
Pankaj Hol | Posted on Sep,05,2012 at 20:17 PM
I like this model so much, but what is the cost and specification because i m planninig buy new car in
diwali............ Reply to this post  
Venkatesh C | Posted on Sep,04,2012 at 23:38 PM
Its realy classy good moving nice Reply to this post  
Phani | Posted on Sep,04,2012 at 17:52 PM
Looks Good... Reply to this post  
A. J. | Posted on Sep,04,2012 at 17:14 PM
I would like skoda fabia combi. Diesel automatic transmission version of skoda fabia combi when I can expect in Kerala
what is the price, colour and specifiction. PLEASE REPLY ME. Reply to this post  
inda | Posted on Aug,21,2012 at 04:47 AM
i m intrested to booking this car Reply to this post  
NKT | Posted on Jun,14,2012 at 22:35 PM
BKJAIN | Posted on Mar,18,2012 at 13:26 PM
looking nice Reply to this post  
sreedhar reddy | Posted on Mar,10,2012 at 13:22 PM
Would like to buy the car Reply to this post  
aadil ghouse | Posted on Mar,02,2012 at 04:09 AM
skoda never compromises with quality that's a nice thing , it's manufactured in Aurangabad where i stay so it's like a
local company for me and innnshaaa-Allah i will buy combi. Reply to this post  
imran | Posted on Jan,02,2012 at 23:13 PM
excelanet Reply to this post  
ashish | Posted on Dec,30,2011 at 22:46 PM
it seems likes to become a most wanted car of 2012 Reply to this post  
shivaji | Posted on Sep,16,2011 at 12:26 PM
good to look Reply to this post  
sivan | Posted on Jan,30,2011 at 11:28 AM
i wish to own aused diesl car around 2 lackhs which one is the best car in my budget Reply to this post  
rishabh | Posted on Jan,01,2011 at 18:34 PM
so fanastic ........................................................................................... Reply to this post  
DRG | Posted on Dec,29,2010 at 17:14 PM
Atleast this should have lock that locks all the four doors. Note: Current Fabia there's no lock that locks the doors.
All doors open from inside even if the central locking is pressed. This is not a defect, a feature. I feel this is a
hazard in indian d Reply to this post  
Sourabh | Posted on Sep,17,2010 at 21:15 PM
The combi prbably will have a CRDI 1.5(Diesel) and 1.6 TSI(Petrol) this car will be spacious and powerful. Both the
Diesel and the Petrol engines will be 90-100 PS with a class leading luxury and comfort. As we all know what Skoda is
capable of, giving us Reply to this post  
Manish Shah | Posted on Jul,23,2010 at 10:33 AM
I have enquired for Fabia Classic version but he cost of the car is very high as compare to all other companies car in
same sagment. Also service availibility is very less, which need to be improved. Otherwise there is no comparison with
any other car in Reply to this post  
sahabdeen | Posted on Jul,17,2010 at 21:41 PM
what about petrol version in fabia is there any noise in engine Reply to this post  
himadri | Posted on Jun,14,2010 at 18:52 PM
Any Idea about the Engine Spec???Hope we will get 1.6 L engine for this combi Reply to this post  
punit | Posted on May,06,2010 at 18:22 PM
nice car Reply to this post  
Arun Kumar | Posted on Apr,19,2010 at 10:34 AM
Will it be a noisy car like fabia Reply to this post  
vineeth | Posted on Mar,25,2010 at 10:16 AM
Ritz and Fabia???? What a comparison. Just like comparing a Maruti and a Volvo.... Joking... Reply to this post  
vineeth | Posted on Mar,25,2010 at 10:16 AM
Skoda fabia is a great car. The interiors are staggering!! The ASS has also improved a lot. The spare parts cost has
also come to a reasonable level.But if driving is a pleasure, its Skoda. No comparison with Swift or Ritz. There is no
comparison at all. Reply to this post  
| Posted on Mar,19,2010 at 09:50 AM
plz tell me its coast and interior details Reply to this post  
naggy | Posted on Mar,14,2010 at 23:11 PM
jagdevpanwar | Posted on Mar,10,2010 at 19:26 PM
What is the cost Reply to this post  
vikranth auto | Posted on Jan,19,2010 at 19:20 PM
compared with fabia, ritz is too good in its features..ritz is an Awesome car with so many features bundled
together.when we think about the compact car with good mileage,in india we cant find lots of options to choose.I think
ritz definitely makes availa Reply to this post  
vijay | Posted on Dec,03,2009 at 10:32 AM
what the cost Reply to this post  
autobahn | Posted on Oct,26,2009 at 18:16 PM
i think theu should include more powerful engines frm the octavia group Reply to this post  
jdfklgjdfkl | Posted on Oct,12,2009 at 18:45 PM
yeh car toh main apne servant ko diwali par leke dunga b######d Reply to this post  
sanjay s | Posted on Jul,23,2009 at 18:26 PM
Is there an automatic transmission version of skoda fabia combi??and i would like to get the details of it too like
price,,etc.. Reply to this post  
Bishwajeet | Posted on Jun,15,2009 at 17:27 PM
One pays for the german technology but the german cars in India are all overpriced. Reply to this post  
Muhammad Suhail | Posted on Apr,13,2009 at 10:49 AM
Vikas: German companies are not pricing their car prices so high. If you take into consideration our Indian Tax and
excise duty, that is what covers up the major portion of the price. And its pretty obvious that German cars are a bit
expensive. German car Reply to this post  
vikas kapoor | Posted on Apr,10,2009 at 16:10 PM
german companies r pricing there cars so heavy in india compare to other countries around the world for which i
personaly dont see them capturing the indian auto mobile industry by huge market share in that way marutisuzuki,
hyundai, tata and even chevrol Reply to this post  
Exp. Price : Rs 6.50 L - 8.50 L
Exp. Launch Month : November 2014

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