Based on the Renault Duster, the Nissan Terrano has a revised exterior design along with changes on the inside. It does look premium and will come a higher sticker price... More

 Based on the Renault Duster, the Nissan Terrano has a revised exterior design along with changes on the inside. It does look premium and will come a higher sticker price

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Nissan Terrano Specifications

Dimension & Weights

Overall Length 4351 mm
Overall Width 1822 mm
Overall Height 1695 mm
Ground Clearance 205 mm


Torque 200Nm @ 1900rpm
Displacement 1461 cc
Power 84
No of Cylinders 4

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Nissan Terrano Features

Nissan Terrano 1.6 XL 104 1.5 XE 85 1.5 XL 85 1.5 XL Plus 85 1.5 XL 110 1.5 XV 110 1.5 XV Premium 110
Airbags ------
Power Steering
Power Windows
Audio System
Alloy Wheels

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Nissan Terrano Colors

  • Pearl White
  • Blade Silver
  • Sapphire Black
  • Bronze Grey
  • Sterline Grey
  • Fire Red

Expert Test Review

Nissan Terrano Rear View

The Terrano will enable Nissan to foray into the compact SUV segment and will prove crucial in Nissan's future journeys in the country. The Nissan Terrano is rebadged Renault Duster. The Nissan has changed many things than just replacing the badges on the Terrano. The car looks more like the bigger Nissan X-Trail than the Duster. The Japanese have also replaced the grille, headlamps, front and rear bumpers and stylish alloy wheels. The car looks much better than the bland looking cousin; the Duster. Nissan has done an extensive work to make Nissan Terrano different from the Renault Duster.

The same engines power the Nissan Terrano as the Renault Duster. The petrol engine is the 1.6 litre motor, which generates 102bhp of power at 5850 rpm with the utter refined smoothness. The diesel engine is the 84bhp producing unit that has a phenomenal fuel efficiency of 20.46 kmpl. The other more powerful version of diesel unit produces 109 bhp of power and return 19.01 kmpl according to ARAI..... read more

The car has a long feature list including USB/AUX music player supporting the Bluetooth. ABS with brake assist and EBD. The Terrano will prove to be a great value for money will give other compact SUVs a run for their money.

.... read less


Nissan Terrano Fascia

The Nissan Terrano interiors are quite premium. The interiors of the Terrano look simplified and yet practical. There a 4-speaker music system with USB/AUX and Bluetooth support which connects to phone for seamless connectivity. There is also keyless entry, ABS with Brake Assist & EBD, dual front airbags come as standard feature and outside rearview mirrors can adjusted electrically. The Nissan Terrano offers extensive space with hige headroom and legroom even for taller breed of people. The Nissan Terrano uses the available space very wisely. There is huge boot space with features like cup holders and big glove box. The rear seats get dedicated AC vents. Terrano also feels more premium with leather upholstery and excellent in car facilities.

What we like
The interiors are very well built and have a premium feeling added to it. The long feature list coupled with the spacious legroom
  • Nissan Terrano Fascia

Interiors Details

Boot space

Terrano gets a spacious boot which can easily store all your luggage. Terrano brings a 475 liter capacity boot for carrying your luggage on a flat floor boot for maximum storage.


Terrano speedometer is an analog speedometer, tachometer, fuel level consumption and a digital display in the center. The speedo console is easy to read in day and night.

Gear lever

The gear lever is chrome tipped and is easy to hold and shift quickly. It also looks nice and blends well with the interiors.

Cup holders

Terrano has two cup holders in front of the gear lever.


Terrano has a spacious glovebox which will easily store your small items and important papers.

Audio system

Terrano has a powerful 2 DIN audio system that plays CDMP3 and has Aux-in, USB and Bluetooth compatibilities on a beautiful piano black console.

Air Conditioner

Terrano brings a manual type air conditioner which is effective and powerful.

Arm rests

Terrano brings comfortable arm rests in each door with some space for holding paper and small knick knacks.

Air vents

Terrano brings front and rear air conditioner vents and provides effective cooling inside the cabin area.


Terrano can accommodate 5 passengers easily. The driver seat is height adjustable manually. The seats are comfy and provide ample back support.

Leg room

Terrano has ample space inside its cabin area and the leg room is generous.

Knee room

Terrano being a compact SUV doesn't have excess knee room but its sufficient.

Shoulder space

Nissan Terrano has generous amount of shoulder space to comfortably seat all the adult passengers in the rear bench.

Head room

Terrano has quite spacious head room.

Steering wheel

Terrano has a three spoke, leather wrapped steering wheel that looks elegant and it is easy to hold. The power steering on the Terrano feels precise.

Power windows

Terrano brings power windows on each of its doors. The driver has the control switches to all the doors while each door has its own control switch for the power window.

Keyless entry

Terrano brings keyless entry.

Driver information display

Terrano has driver information display that displays all the relevant information.



Nissan Terrano Rear View

The car looks huge with the huge wheel arches and has massive presence on the road. Nissan Terrano looks huge on the road and the rides on 16-inch alloy wheels. The front fascia resembles bigger cousin; the X-Trail. Nissan has done a lot of changes except the badges to make the look visually more attractive.

  • Nissan Terrano Front View
  • Nissan Terrano Rear View
  • Nissan Terrano Side View
  • Nissan Terrano Front View

Exteriors Details

Front design

The Terrano brings a modern and fresh looking front end design. It has fog lamps on body colored bumpers. The headlights with sleek black bezel along with angular styling look great. The Nissan Heritage SUV chromed grille looks attractive on the Terrano.

Rear design

The rear is well styled and the split tail lights add to the proportionate and sporty styling on the Terrano. The body colored bumper, skid plate and altered styling of the boot door give it a modern look. The rear also sports the Nissan bade, rear windshield wiper, Renault badge and boot lid.

Side profile

The side profile is attractive and this compact SUV has sports good contours and crease on the lower part of its body. It has the fuel lid, body colored door handles, two windows and prominent wheel arches are easily noticeable. The attractive alloys add to the side profile of the Terrano.

Ground Clearance

Terrano is a suitable compact SUV for tough terrain and standing water omnipresent on our roads. With a ground clearance of 205 mm it goes over potholes easily.


Sporty looking bumpers look quite good on the Nissan Terrano.

Head lamps

Terrano headlamps are angular with sleek black bezel look attractive. The turn signals take up top most part of the headlights.

Tail lamps

Terrano tail lights are attractive and the split tail lights look fantastic on the body and on the tail gate.

Fog lamps

The fog lamps are housed in a trendy housing on body colored bumpers on the Terrano.


Terrano comes shod with 21565 R16 tyres and offers excellent level of grip from its meaty tyres.

Alloy wheels

The base variant Terrano XE gets Steel rims while the top variant XL gets sporty 16inch alloy wheels.

Outside mirrors

Terrano brings stylish outside wing mirrors.


Terrano is available in 6 exciting colors of Pearl White, Fire Red, Blade Silver, Sapphire Black, Bronze Grey and Sterling Grey.

Rear wiper

Terrano gets a small rear windshield wiper across all variants.

Roof rails

Terrano has roof rails across all variants.

Sun roof

Nissan Terrano does not come with this feature.


Nissan Terrano does not come with this feature.

Side Steps

Terrano brings side steps across all variants and it looks quite good on this compact SUV.

Spare wheel

Terrano brings a spare wheel in the boot across all the variants.



Engine & Performance Details


Nissan Terrano will accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in approximately 11.8 seconds.

Top speed

Nissan Terrano has a top speed of 164 kph approximately.

In-gear acceleration

Terrano offers good in-gear acceleration and remains easy to drive in the city. It has good highway cruising capabilities as well.


Terrano brings a smooth shifting 5 speed manual gearbox in the 104PS petrol engine variant and 85PS diesel engine variant. While the 110PS Terrano diesel variants gets a 6 speed manual gearbox.


Terran comes with the 110PS engine which is the best performing of the lot. The 85PS version is the most fuel efficient of the lot while the petrol engine variant with 104 PS performs well.


Terrano brings the 1.5 dCi motor in a higher state of tune which makes 248 NM of torque at 2250 RPM. The Petrol engine variant produces 145 NM of torque and the lower spec diesel engine makes 200 NM of torque at 1900 RPM.

NVH levels

Terrano has good interior insulation which keeps the NVH levels on the lower side. The diesel engine does have some clatter but nothing significant and you will enjoy the drive.



Petrol Mileage 13.24 kmpl

Diesel Mileage 20.64 kmpl

The Nissan Terrano powered by 109 Bhp of power provides excellent performance and class leading acceleration. The car has an exceptional mileage of 20.46 km/l for the smaller diesel engine and 19.01 km/l for the more powerful version. The petrol engine returns 13.24 km/l per km.

Mileage View full detail

Petrol Variants
Nissan Terrano 1.6 XL 104 13.24 kmpl
Diesel Variants
Nissan Terrano 1.5 XE 85 20.64 kmpl
Nissan Terrano 1.5 XL 85 20.64 kmpl
Nissan Terrano 1.5 XL Plus 85 20.64 kmpl
Nissan Terrano 1.5 XL 110 19.1 kmpl
Nissan Terrano 1.5 XV 110 19.1 kmpl
Nissan Terrano 1.5 XV Premium 110 19.1 kmpl

Mileage Details

City fuel economy

Nissan Terrano petrol engine variant will give approximately 9.3 kmpl in the city. The 85 PS diesel engine variant will deliver 14.5 kmpl in the city and the 110 PS version of the Nissan Terrano will deliver 13.4 kmpl in city driving conditions.

Highway fuel economy

The petrol engine variant of Nissan Terrano will deliver 12 kmpl during highway runs. Nissan Terran 85 PS diesel engine variant will deliver around 18.5 kmpl on the highway. The 110 PS diesel engine variant will deliver about 17.2 kmpl on long highway runs.

ARAI rated economy

The petrol variant of the Nissan Terrano with the 1.6 litre engine is rated at 13.24 kmpl by ARAI. The 1.5 liter diesel engine on the Terrano delivers a mileage of 20.64 kmpl by ARAI in the 85PS diesel variant. The 1.5 liter 110PS diesel engine variant has an ARAI ratingof 19.1 kmpl.

Tank Range

The tank range of Nissan Terrano diesel engine variant is approximately 900 kms from its 50 liter fuel tank. The petrol engine variant will deliver a range of 600 kms.


Handling Braking & Safety Details


Terrano has a sedan like handling characteristics. It doesn't feel like a typical SUV but feels like a car in the way to goes through the twisties. There's a touch of body roll but the handling is confidence inspiring.

Braking performance

Terrano brings powerful brakes. It has a disc setup on the front wheels and drum setup on the rear for quick stopping power. It also brings ABS + EBD and Brake Assist.

Safety features

Nissan Terrano has driver and passenger air bags, child safety locks, ABS and EBD.


Terrano has ABS in the top spec variant only. It provides excellent braking from high speeds and on slippery road surfaces. It has EBD and Brake Assist for better braking performance.

Traction control

Terrano does not come with traction control.


Comfort & Suspension Details


Terrano is a comfortable compact SUV and provides a compliant ride quality.

Front suspension

Terrano brings McPherson Strut Independent with Coil springs & anti-rollbar for the front suspension to provide a comfortable ride.

Rear suspension

The rear suspension on the Terrano is a McPherson Strut Independent with Coil springs & anti-rollbar.

Other Nissan Cars

Pros Great Looks,Good Performance,Great Interiors,Fuel Efficiency,Comfort,

Cons ,Arm rest for the driver and co driver required.

Production in less numbers for 85 plus model hence long waiting. It clicked 21.7 Kmlit as average for a long trip. Very good drive. If your seeing for a SUV you can land up in a Terrano.......

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104 of 121 users found this review helpful.

Pros Great Looks,Good Performance,Fuel Efficiency,Comfort,Probably the best SUV in its class.

Cons ,Rear passanger cup holders too shallow. Driver arm-rest would be nice.

When I bought this SUV it looked good enough and since it was based on the Duster, another consideration was that it had a good and reliable reputation. Its based on the Duster, except for the outer sheet metal, lights, interiors and a few other tweaks. However, I've just come back from an extended Himachal Pradesh trip, where we covered 1400 km beyond Shimla (Shimla to Shimla loop as they say) going almost to TibetChina border. We did the whole loop Shimla-Kinaur, Spiti Valley, Pin Valley-Manali-back to Shimla. Plus a few other diversions branching out sideways and back to the loop. This SUV behaved wonderfully. It took everything that was thrown at it. Heres a few words for those of you who like to venture out into the rough The roads in that area are miserable as you may know - almost non existent at places. Even the road signs there say "These are the worlds most treacherous roads, drive carefully" And for sure these roads were bad, just 'jeepable' roads as the maps say. This SUV is not a 4x4 (not a four wheel drive) but it behaved like a champ. Passing through 'Glacier Country' between Kaza and Manali where the roads are washed away each year by glacier movements. The roads are non-existent, just rocks for hundreds of kilometers and covered with water at places. At places there are some nasty patches, even my very experienced driver had reservations driving there. He and I, were both experienced drivers and these roads are tough, but the vehicle took the roads with aplomb. There is no sign of asphalt on the roads (only kucha roads) for hundreds of kms. I have a lot more respect for this vehicle now after coming back from this trip, then when I bought it about a year ago. Im an engineer and live in the US and India and own vehicles in both countries, this is an impressive vehicle for the pricetwo thumbs up!!

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14 of 16 users found this review helpful.

My first experience on Terrano
Posted on 19 Aug 14 at 8:25 pm

Pros Great Looks,Good Performance,Fuel Efficiency,Comfort,

Cons ,Gear shift needs to improve

Look and style One of the best SUV in this category available in current Indian car market for look and style. Of course its a replica of Renault Duster still Terrano is more muscular and majestic. The appearance is the major attraction point and Nissan done some significant changes in Terranos interior too which gives more premium feel. Comfort Very decent comfort in front as well as back seats good to fit 5 people without any space compromise. Seats are broad to give good thigh support for long drives and seats are in good height level which has provided very good road visibility and increasing confident level for driving. Suspension of the Terrano is also surprisingly too good we wont bother when crossing speed humps and potholes. Pickup We bought XL Plus 85 PS diesel variant which deliver enough power with full load even in hill roads. If you are a racy person then go with 110 PS but be ready to compromise some fuel efficiency. Mileage I drove my terrano in all conditions like city roads, highway and hill area around 250 km with AC and I got 18 km mileage in average which is very impressive like this kind of solid built SUV. Best Features Road presence, solid build quality, mileage, air conditioning system, 16 inch machined alloy wheels, ample cabin space as well boot area. It has very good headroom, legroom and shoulder room for all passengers. Needs to improve Nissan can improve the gear shift quality for Terrano. Its not that much smooth when compared to ecosport. Gear knob is looks good in 110 PS but in 85 PS its very simple wont give premium feel. Nissan would have included audio controls mounted in steering wheel. Overall Experience I am very proud to be owner of this Japanese brand SUV. We got our SUV couple of days before and done 250 km in mixed driving conditions. May be this is too early to give complete review need some more time to explore in all aspects. One thing is sure if you go with Terrano I am sure you wont get disappointed. Nissan name it as Terrano Yes its true once you get into the SUV you will say Terror NO.

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Heavy discounts finally make it a good buy
Posted on 19 Mar 15 at 10:21 am

Pros Great Looks,Good Performance,

Cons CongestedUncomfortable,

I recently bought a new Terrano (110PS diesel) and got a brilliant deal on a 2014 manufactured model. I have been told there are discounts on the current year versions too. The Terrano was always an expensive buy over the Duster but finally dealers are realizing the mistake. Also, I have discovered a lot in the car lately. Its not a proper SUV - its a compact vehicle which means a long trip for 5 people isnt as comfortable as it would be in say a Safari or a XUV. Likewise, a trip with 5 on board and all the luggage will show its strain on the engine especially while driving up a hill - there is no replacement for displacement. Fuel economy isnt earth shattering - i get about 13-14kmpl max in city whereas my friend's Innova returns 11-12. Overall, if you keep in mind that its a compact SUV, it will be a good buy. Hope Nissan also starts offering AWD in the Terrano - just like Renault does in the Duster

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44 of 53 users found this review helpful.

Pros Fuel Efficiency,

Cons Average Looks,Average Interiors,CongestedUncomfortable,


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19 of 20 users found this review helpful.

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User Comments of Nissan Terrano

By selvarajs Posted on Mar,31,2015 at 18:26 PM

very poor mileage in chennai city 8km only how i can manage

By manish Posted on Aug,28,2014 at 11:27 AM

car look are very smart than test drive in meerut

By Vivek Posted on Aug,24,2014 at 02:06 AM

I'm a serious buyer, and am looking to see you sooner for a test drive. 9873199409

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