Nissan Micra Petrol Mileage

Variant Fuel Type Mileage ARAI Specified
Nissan Micra XL Petrol 18.44 kmpl
Nissan Micra XL (O) Petrol 18.44 kmpl
Nissan Micra XV CVT Petrol 19.34 kmpl

Nissan Micra Petrol Mileage

According to ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India), the Nissan Micra Petrol mileage is 19.34 kmpl. However, as per the claims by Nissan, the car sports a fuel economy of 19.34 kmpl. To find out the real mileage of the variant, took the car on the road for Gaadi Fuel Efficiency Test. By running the car on a smooth highway at a speed of 80-100 kmph without the air conditioner, Nissan Micra Petrol highway mileage came out as 0 kmpl. Post this test, we drove the car into city conditions of New Delhi and switched-on the air conditioner. While performing this test, the Nissan Micra Petrol city mileage came out as 0 kmpl.

Highway mileage: --

City mileage: --

Average fuel efficiency: --

Tank range: --

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