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You have seen this at the last Auto Expo and it had got universal approval regarding its looks. This will be one of the most crucial models that Maruti will launch and will be positioned below the SX4 crossover designed to directly rival the Ford EcoSport. It will come late next year or early 2015 and will be designed aggressively.  

The 'A' signifies that this compact, 4 metre long concept, is designed for customers wishing to enter the utility vehicle segment. The 'X' denotes Cross-over category. Unveiled at the first day of the Auto Expo, the XA Alpha has muscular styling and a sharp nose with a big and beefy grille. The lines of this compact SUV are typically SUV like, especially with those big wheel-arches. From the back it looks fantastic as well and in Lava Red colour this is one SUV that will turn heads. 


The one thing remaing to see is that whether  those fantastic concept touches do eventually make it to the production, however knowing Maruti they will. We do wish those big and cool looking wheels make it to production. The XA Alpha will be a five-seater and expect a range of diesel and petrol engines to come also. Going by the proportions expect the interior to be funky and innovatively styled and a rally car style rev-counter as well!  We expect it to be priced from Rs 5.5 lakh!


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By muthusamy Posted on Feb,28,2015 at 18:57 PM

out look is super

By muthu samy Posted on Feb,27,2015 at 20:19 PM

model is good but i want to see interiore pls send me all pic to my e mail i d

By Sumit Posted on Feb,25,2015 at 23:36 PM

Maruti should launch XA Alpha ASAP and not Iv-4. XA Alpha will have tremendous demand but Iv-4 will have normal queries.

By Kapil Bajaj Posted on Feb,25,2015 at 13:54 PM

Companies had went on moon in C. SUV segment but Maruti is only thinking

By S.C.PADHEE Posted on Feb,24,2015 at 20:49 PM

It is a fantastic SUV in the SUV category. More over It is a new invention of Maruti Group.

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