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Maruti Suzuki WagonR Stingray Front View

The Stingray name plate is the latest addition to the popular Maruti Suzuki WagonR lineup, a car that continues to remain popular in both new and used car markets. In essence the Maruti Suzuki WagonR Stingray is a cosmetically tweaked version of the standard WagonR. And for the Rs. 26,000 extra asking price what you get is a smarter profile with tighter lines and a set of fantastic projector headlamps that provide excellent illumination be it on dark country roads or well lit urban streets.

Inside, the Maruti Suzuki WagonR Stingray remains the same as the standard car apart from a different instrument cluster and front foot well illumination. The rest of the cabon remains identical to the standard WagonR and is a nice place to be for the it’s price. You ofcourse have to acknowledge the sheer amount of space inside the cabin of the WagonR which adds to the value for money quotient of the car.

Under the hood, the Maruti Suzuki WagonR Stingray is powered by Suzuki’s 1.0 litre K10B petrol engine developing 68PS of power @ 6,200 rpm and 90Nm of torque @ 3,500 rpm. The three cylinder engine has some vibrations during idling but once you get going it settles down nicely and acceleration is linear while power delivery is just adequate. The five-speed gearbox has light throws and gear ratios are well matched to ensure that you don’t have to change gears to often.

On the whole, the WagonR Stingray is a nice urban runabout and its smarter looks and projector headlamps are definite upsides.

Maruti WagonR Stingray Interiors

The cabin of the WagonR Stingray is very good for its price and fit and finish is good too. There is plenty of space for passngers in the large cabin. Although, practically could have been enhanced by bottle holders in the door pads.

What we like
Good quality interiors and lots of cabin space
What we don't like
Down rent look of instrument cluster

Maruti WagonR Stingray Exteriors

The WagonR Stingray has very well profiled looks that do set it apart from the standard WagonR. The blue shade also works well with the car and so do the new alloy wheels.

What we like
Tight lines give it a smart profile
What we don't like
Blue lights in transluscent grille look down market

Maruti WagonR Stingray Engine & Performance

The engine is a rev happy unit that has linear power delivery and has a wide power band. There are some vibrations while idling.

What we like
The engine has linear power delivery
What we don't like
Performance is just about adequate

Maruti WagonR Stingray Mileage and Running Costs

Maruti WagonR Stingray Petrol Mileage 20.51 kmpl

The WagonR Stingray has a claimed efficiency figure of 20.5 km/l

Maruti WagonR Stingray Mileage View full detail

Maruti WagonR Stingray Petrol Variants
Maruti WagonR Stingray LXi 20.51 kmpl
Maruti WagonR Stingray VXi 20.51 kmpl
Maruti WagonR Stingray VXi (O) 20.51 kmpl

Maruti WagonR Stingray Handling Braking & Safety

The WagonR Stingray has safe on road manners although there is serious body roll under high speed cornering.

What we like
Good road manner
What we don't like
Fair amount of body roll around corner

Maruti WagonR Stingray Comfort & Suspension

The large cabin has plenty of space for occupants. Ride is acceptable although the car bounces a bit over poor road conditions.

What we like
The WagonR Stingray has a stable ride
What we don't like
Fair amount of vertical movement over bad road

Maruti WagonR Stingray Specifications and Features

Dimension & Weights

Overall Length 3636 mm
Overall Width 1475 mm
Overall Height 1670 mm
Ground Clearance 165 mm


Torque 90Nm@3500rpm
Displacement 998 cc
Power 68PS@6200rpm
No of Cylinders 3

Fuel Efficiency

Mileage Highway --
Mileage City --
Mileage Overall --

Wheels & Tyres

Tyres 155/65R14
Wheel Size 14 inch
Wheel Type Steel

View full Maruti WagonR Stingray Specifications

Maruti WagonR Stingray Features

Maruti WagonR Stingray LXi VXi VXi (O)
Airbags Front-
Power Steering
Power Windows Front-
Audio System
Alloy Wheels

View full Maruti WagonR Stingray Features

Maruti WagonR Stingray Colors

Maruti WagonR Stingray Color is coming soon.

Maruti WagonR Stingray Price

Maruti WagonR Stingray Price in New Delhi

Rs 4.04 L - 4.59 L
ex-showroom price in New Delhi
Check On Road Price

The ex showroom price of Maruti WagonR Stingray ranges from Rs 4.04 Lakh to Rs 4.59 Lakh. Maruti WagonR Stingray is available in 3 variants. To find the on road price of Maruti WagonR Stingray you need to click on the check on road price.

Maruti WagonR Stingray has 3 Petrol variant(s), the cheapest variant is Maruti WagonR Stingray LXi which has a Petrol engine, and starts at Rs 4.04 Lakh, the most expensive variant is Maruti WagonR Stingray VXi (O) which has a Petrol engine and is for Rs 4.59 Lakh .

Maruti WagonR Stingray News

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Maruti WagonR Stingray Reviews

Expert Reviews

Maruti WagonR Stingray
Maruti Suzuki WagonR Stingray Road Test
By Abhishek Chaliha Posted on Nov,11,27 5:29 PM

  First introduced in the year 1999, the Maruti Suzuki WagonR has been on the Indian market for 14 years now. And in that time this spacious yet compact hatchback has gone through two face-lifts and a second generation model followed by t

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review about Maruti Suzuki Wagon r Stingray
Posted on Sep,09,25 10:37 AM

Pros Great Looks,Good Performance,Great Interiors,Fuel Efficiency,

Cons CongestedUncomfortable,

Its a very good car, its new look attracts and its new head lamps are eye catching Its new interiors are totally different from old Wagon r and its its fuel efficiency is mind, overall this car hits the Indian Market.

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By Posted on Sep,09,20 1:14 PM

Pros Good Performance,Great Interiors,Fuel Efficiency,REFINE ENGINE



Was this review helpful? Yes / No

Afordable Car
Posted on Sep,09,25 1:39 PM

Pros Great Looks,Good Performance,Great Interiors,Fuel Efficiency,

Cons Average Interiors,

This car has very sporty looks like a mini SUV with stylish front looks .A normal person can afford this car because Its manufacturer is proven in Market and also Spares availability in Market. and its Fuel efficiency in Petrol and also in upcoming diesel model.

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New Stylish Wagon R Stingray
By Posted on Sep,09,25 8:28 PM

Pros Great Looks,Good Performance,Great Interiors,Fuel Efficiency,Comfort,

Cons Average Performance,

A very good car with stylish touch to every corner of it. Seems like a rebirth of a new Wagon R with more power and style. The top model has all the features of a new advanced car of a higher segment. The audio control and ABS and EBD are really welcome.

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The StingRay-ed by Nikhil Arni
Posted on Sep,09,21 2:54 PM

Pros Great Looks,Fuel Efficiency,

Cons Average Performance,CNG variant missing

Being a self confessed petro head, I was excited to see the WagonR with its new Refreshing looks.. Renamed the Sting Ray. No sooner was it Launched, I went in for a test drive at the showroom in Pune. The Looks The looks of the car are pretty much stunning, considering the flattened bonnet and the Twin head light. Not in any car in its class at present. The rear tail lights also gets a makeover which was nice to see, and also from a safety Perspective - small car - big lights... easy to spot on a dark road. The Interiors I got to see the top end version which has pretty much all the gadgets and goodies. The lower end versions have some minor deletions. The instrument cluster is nice and bright, easy to read and neatly designed. The lights are soothing to the eye. The seats are the same old seats which is not bad. The rear seat gets a slightly better leg room, including a slightly bigger boot space. Ingress and Egress is pretty much easy along with over visibility around. Practically no blind spots. The Drive This is where I was a tad disappointed. Considering that the other cars in its Competition are all 1.2 lts petrol engines, this one with a 1ltr engine was slow to respond. I took a drive on the highway, for a distance of about 7 kms. Also, as you push past 80, there is considerable engine noise and also a noticeable Vibration on the steering. The gear shift is smooth and delivers decent power on lower gears too. I tried to shift into the 4th on a straight road, with a speed of under 40kmph, and responded pretty well. The AC is neat and gives good cooling. The sales persons tend to put the AC on a higher setting. I changed it to the lower speed and yet it was didnt feel as though the engine was lugging. The Verdict For a loyal Maruti fan, this is a good car.I found the car to be a value for money proposition for a first time buyer or a second car to run small errands within the family. With the launch of the Grand i10, this car got some serious competition. Over all, good styling but lacks on the performance.

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Rs 4.04 L - 4.59 L
ex-showroom price

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