Maruti Ritz Diesel

Maruti Ritz Variants

Diesel Variants
Maruti Ritz LDi
1248 cc Diesel, 23.2 kmpl
Rs. 5,46,272
Maruti Ritz VDi
1248 cc Diesel, 23.2 kmpl
Rs. 5,78,771
Maruti Ritz VDi ABS
1248 cc Diesel, 23.2 kmpl
Rs. 5,97,270
Maruti Ritz ZDi
1248 cc Diesel, 23.2 kmpl
Rs. 6,37,769

Editorial Test Drive Review of Maruti Ritz Diesel


Maruti Ritz Diesel Interiors

What we like
New features are welcome
What we don't like
Legroom and boot space could be better

Maruti Ritz Diesel Interiors Details

Maruti Ritz Boot space

Ritz has 236litres of boot space in the car, which is quite enough for a family hatchback car. The 60 40 folding rear seats is of great help wherein you can store in extra luggage in case of long drive.

Maruti Ritz Speedometer

Ritz has got a huge speedometer which is clearly visible from the driver point of view.

Maruti Ritz Gear lever

The gear lever in the Ritz is very small and handy and well within the reach of the driver.

Maruti Ritz Cup holders

There are cup holders in the Ritz


Maruti Ritz Diesel Exteriors

What we like
New grille looks good
What we don't like
Basic shape is same

Maruti Ritz Diesel Exteriors Details

Maruti Ritz Front design

The cars exterior look is very sporty and attracts lot many people in just a single glance. Ritz is a very smart and classy car that posses very dynamic and robust look. The car is surely a head turner

Maruti Ritz Rear design

Rear visibility is a bit of an issue with the Ritz. The cars styling; its the oddly angled rear doors and pillars which support those gorgeous-looking boomerang tail-lights that create the massive blind spot.

Maruti Ritz Side profile

the roof line that flows in an arc to combine with the vertical rear window of the Maruti Ritz and conveys a sense of lively movement with stability at high speed

Maruti Ritz Ground Clearance

The ground clearance of 170 mm in the Ritz is pretty good.


Maruti Ritz Diesel Engine & Performance

What we like
Diesel improved, no petrol
What we don't like
Refinement could be better

Maruti Ritz Diesel Engine and Performance Details

Maruti Ritz Acceleration

The acceleration of any car is mainly dependent on the power, torque and transmission gearbox of the car. The pickup and acceleration of a car is very much essential and one cannot ignore its importance Maruti Ritz crosses the barrier of 100 Kms in just 14.71 seconds and reaches top speed of 156kmph.

Maruti Ritz Top speed

Ritz has a top speed of about 170kmph.

Maruti Ritz In-gear acceleration

Maruti Suzuki Ritz can reach between 40 - 60 in 3.57 seconds in 3rd gear and 80 to 100 in 6.11 seconds.

Maruti Ritz Gearbox

The gearbox too is superb with short, snappy shifts via the console-mounted gear lever. Ritz uses six-step manual gearbox.


Maruti Ritz Diesel Mileage and Running Costs

Maruti Ritz Diesel Diesel Mileage 23.2 kmpl

The Ritz diesel version has a 1248 cc engine with 75 PS and has got some changes to make it more efficient. It has now got an ARAI efficiency of 23.2 kmpl which is very good and efficient also. The Ritz petrol gives 18.5 kmpl and the automatic gives 17.6 kmpl.

Maruti Ritz Diesel Mileage View full detail

Maruti Ritz Diesel Diesel Variants
Maruti Ritz Diesel LDi 23.2 kmpl
Maruti Ritz Diesel VDi 23.2 kmpl
Maruti Ritz Diesel VDi ABS 23.2 kmpl
Maruti Ritz Diesel ZDi 23.2 kmpl

Maruti Ritz Diesel Diesel Mileage

Ritz gives an overall mileage of 20.75kmpl. On highway it gives 32kmpl and in city it gives 17kmpl.

Maruti Ritz Diesel Mileage Details

Maruti Ritz Diesel City fuel economy

Ritz returns 17kmpl in the city

Maruti Ritz Diesel Highway fuel economy

Ritz returns about 32kms in the highways.

Maruti Ritz Diesel ARAI rated economy

The fuel efficiency has been increased to 23.2kmpl (ARAI rating)

Maruti Ritz Diesel Tank Range

Ritz has a tank range of about 850 Kms which is quite a lot of distance.

Maruti Ritz Diesel Handling Braking & Safety

When it comes to suspension, the high seating position and a relatively light steering makes the Ritz easy to drive in traffic. Being a tall boy, you do expect body roll around corners and curves but the car surprises you with its behavior. It isn’t as agile as the Swift though. Steering feedback is good though and its light but direct.

What we like
Easy to drive
What we don't like
Handling not as good as Swift

Maruti Ritz Diesel Handling, Braking & Safety Details

Maruti Ritz Handling

The light clutch and easy steering all do their job in making the Ritz a zero-effort car to drive

Maruti Ritz Braking performance

Maruti Ritz are Ventilated Disc brakes and the rear brakes drum brakes which offers very safe drive in case of unexpected surprises in the road. The powerful braking system of Maruti Ritz is very helpful in de- accelerating the car when the car s moving in high speed

Maruti Ritz Safety features

Maruti Ritz is one of the safe cars with many advanced safety features. Maruti Ritz is packed with both active and passive safety features to safeguard you against the unexpected surprises that come in your way. Maruti Ritz is endowed with the life saving safety device, Dual front SRS Airbag in the car. This dual SRS Airbag is a very important safeguard which helps in providing a cushioning effect in collision and jerk and also reducing the impact of collision. Maruti Ritz is also packed with AB

Maruti Ritz ABS

There is an option for ABS in the car.

Maruti Ritz Traction control

Ritz doesnt have an option of traction control in the car.

Maruti Ritz Diesel Comfort & Suspension

When it comes to suspension, the high seating position and a relatively light steering makes the Ritz easy to drive in traffic. Low speed ride on the lower variants is good due to their tall tyre walls, the undulations, especially sharp ones, are easily transmitted into the cabin.High speed stability is pretty impressive and the Ritz feels at home at triple digit highway speeds.

What we like
Improved suspensio
What we don't like
Still a bit bouncy

Maruti Ritz Diesel Comfort & Suspension Details

Maruti Ritz Comfort

The cabin is remarkably airy thanks to large windows. The seats too are more comfortable than the interior space suggests, thanks to an upright seating position and loads of headroom. The generous and comfortable front seats with a high seating position translate to hours of stress-free city travel. Its amazing how much an extra couple of inches of height boost your confidence. Sitting in the Ritzs lofty seat

Maruti Ritz Front suspension

The best bit really is the suspension set-up which is softened for low-speed trundling over uneven roads. Ritz uses McPherson struts and coil spring at the front.

Maruti Ritz Rear suspension

Ritz uses torsion coil and beam spring at the rear. The Ritzs soft suspension, which is its greatest asset in the city, becomes a weakness on the highway.

Maruti Ritz Diesel Specifications

Dimension & Weights

Overall Length 3715 mm
Overall Width 1680 mm
Overall Height 1620 mm
Ground Clearance 170 mm


Torque 190Nm@2000rpm
Displacement 1248 cc
Power 75PS@4000rpm
No of Cylinders 4

Fuel Efficiency

Mileage Highway --
Mileage City --
Mileage Overall --

Wheels & Tyres

Tyres 165 / 80 R 14
Wheel Size 14 inch
Wheel Type Steel

View full Maruti Ritz Specifications

Maruti Ritz Diesel Features

Maruti Ritz Diesel LDi VDi VDi ABS ZDi
Power Steering
Power Windows Front-
Audio System
Alloy Wheels

View full Maruti Ritz Features

Maruti Ritz Colors

  • New Breeze Blue
  • New Mystique Red
  • Silky Silver
  • Bakers Chocolate
  • Superior White
  • New Granite Grey

Maruti Ritz Diesel Price

Maruti Ritz Diesel Price in New Delhi

Rs 5.46 L - 6.38 L
ex-showroom price in New Delhi
Check On Road Price

The ex showroom price of Maruti Ritz Diesel ranges from Rs 5.46 Lakh to Rs 6.38 Lakh. Maruti Ritz Diesel is available in 4 variants. To find the on road price of Maruti Ritz Diesel you need to click on the check on road price.

Maruti Ritz Diesel has 4 Diesel variant(s), the cheapest variant is Maruti Ritz LDi starts at Rs 5.46 Lakh, the most expensive variant is Maruti Ritz ZDi is for Rs 6.38 Lakh .

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ritz classic
Posted on Sep,09,14 4:12 PM

Pros great look,giving good mileage and many space

Cons nothing

this car sooo nice and good good mileage.good interior design.having more space.nice gear placement.

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By Posted on Jun,06,17 11:32 PM

Pros great ..............

Cons nothing

i like this car very much ...... i want to buy this car

Was this review helpful? Yes / No

Posted on Jun,06,01 8:05 AM

Pros very poor milage and is cost expensive

Cons ok

It is not giving mileage as described by company. Ms Pratham Motors HSR layout Bangalore is not reliable dealer in Bangalore. for further clarification may feel free to contact. This my second Maruti Vehicle I am very depressed from the dealer and performance of vehicle.

Was this review helpful? Yes / No

The best car in a city
By Posted on Aug,08,09 8:29 PM

Pros A great hight an cool looks.

Cons the lights are a little off fashion.

Its an excllent car to buy , i sugest you to not to buy swift it is very bad . you should buy RRRRRRIIIIIIITTTTTTTZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Was this review helpful? Yes / No

Maruti Ritz And Swift is superb
Posted on Sep,09,20 9:27 PM

Pros Good Performance,

Cons Average Performance,1

I am going to purchase the i ten cng model in 2011 but when check the performance of Ritz and Swift. Then i change my opinon and plan to purchase the maruti swift but due to waiting period i purhached the Ritz VDI. Now, i m thinking that my decision was good.

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