Maruti DZire Fuel Tank Capacity

Maruti DZire Fuel Tank Capacity in liters 42 liters

Maruti DZire Fuel Tank Maintenance Tips

The fuel tank of Maruti DZire must always be in a good condition for best performance. Hence, maintenance of the oil tank is very essential. You should frequently carry out visual inspections for checking leakage. In case a fuel leakage is found, visit Maruti workshop without fail. Another issue that you must prevent is rusting of the tank of Maruti DZire. Therefore, you must ensure that the fuel tank and adjoining fittings are regularly repainted or coated. For internal maintenance, you should prevent the entry of water into Array liter fuel tank of Maruti DZire. This increases the tank life by preventing corrosion of the fuel tank. Many car owners generally overlook when the fuel gauge needle approaches . This gives more room to the water moisture to condense and enter the fuel tank. This condensed water is heavier than the fuel thereby leading to corrosion of the Maruti DZire's fuel tank. This further leads to the damage of the fuel pumps. In case emptying of the fuel tank is required, if bad quality fuel enters, use a good quality fuel siphon tube.

Maruti DZire Fuel Capacity Comparison

Compared to Maruti DZire,Toyota Etios, has a fuel tank capacity of 45 liters whereas Skoda Rapid has a capacity of 55 liters.

This means that both Toyota Etios and Skoda Rapid have bigger fuel tanks than Maruti DZire

Maruti DZireToyota EtiosSkoda Rapid
PriceRs 4.85 L - 7.32 LRs 5.74 L - 8.17 LRs 7.22 L - 8.32 L
Fuel Tank Capacity42 litres45 litres55 litres

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