Maruti DZire Diesel

Maruti DZire Variants

Diesel Variants
Maruti DZire LDi
1248 cc Diesel, 23.4 kmpl
Rs. 5,99,523
Maruti DZire VDi
1248 cc Diesel, 23.4 kmpl
Rs. 6,75,077
Maruti DZire ZDi
1248 cc Diesel, 23.4 kmpl
Rs. 7,58,918

Editorial Test Drive Review of Maruti DZire Diesel


Maruti Suzuki DZire Front View

When a particular model sells over 3.3 lakh units of a sedan in a market, it ought to be a very good product. And if the same company decides to get a new model, an update of the existing one, then expectations, naturally, are very high. The original Dzire was launched on 26th March 2008 and simply put, was the Swift hatchback with an added boot and a wee bit of extra rear passenger space. A Maruti sedan with a diesel engine at a competitive pricing meant sure shot success for the sedan. I, Bunny Punia, own one and can understand why this car has always had a waiting period extending into several months. So, is the new Dzire better in every single aspect and more importantly, can it live up to the expectations and side-line the rivals? To find out, we took both the diesel and petrol (in AT avatar) for a spin in and around Delhi.

Pros: Value, engines, automatic, interiors
Cons: Limited boot space, subjective looks, rivals have better rear seat space

Maruti DZire Diesel Interiors

The new Swift has a lovely cabin design. However, the all-black treatment isn’t to everyone’s liking and thankfully, the new Dzire has a different color them on the inside. Step in and you immediately feel the sense of space which is due to the usage of light color for the bottom half of the fascia. The faux wood strip on the front doors as well as below the side air-con vents up front looks premium. The moment you sit in to the driver’s seat, the soft padding is evident. The driver’s seat is a nice place to be and ergonomically, the Dzire is one of the better cars around. I especially liked the silver inserts in the steering wheel and around the central air-con vents. Once it’s gets dark, the orange-red background lightning for the speedometer console looks fab!

The overall quality of interiors is pretty good considering the price the car sells for. The top end model comes as loaded as the Swift hatchback – steering wheel controls, automatic climate control, good sounding audio system and those lovely cup-holders in the front of the side vents. This feature will come in very handy during the North Indian summers!
Another place where the new Dzire scores over the older one is the space for back-seat passengers as well as the comfort factor. You immediately notice the softer seats which is a boon for chauffer driven tired souls or the elderly in the house. The new Dzire also has a longer wheelbase which liberates more leg and knee room. Further, the back-rest is inclined more and the rear of the front seat scooped. All these changes add up to more space at the back. Finally, even with a 6-foot driver up front, there is decent space at the rear for normal sized adults. However, that said, the new Dzire simply cannot match up to the likes of the Toyota Etios, Tata Manza and Mahindra Verito in this department. Infact, similarly priced hatchbacks like the Honda Jazz and Hyundai i20 also beat the new Dzire as far as passenger space is concerned.
Another limitation of the new Dzire is the boot space, which has reduced by 30% to just 316 litres. In contrast, the Indigo CS and the Jazz have 20% more boot space. The boot is best for a couple of medium sized suit cases for a weekend trip.

What we like
The overall quality of interiors is pretty good considering the price the car sells for. The top end model comes loaded with features.
What we don't like
The new Dzire simply cannot match up to the likes of the Toyota Etios, Tata Manza and Mahindra Verito in space department also the boot is small.

Maruti DZire Diesel Interiors Details

Maruti DZire Boot space

Swift DZire has about 440 litres of boot space which is average for a sedan of this size. We have to keep in mind that it is the elongated part of the Swift.

Maruti DZire Speedometer

The speedometer has a sporty and chunky feel to it.

Maruti DZire Gear lever

The gear lever is place well in the middle console and is easier for the driver to change gears.

Maruti DZire Cup holders

There is no cup holders in the car the door panels have some storage place for bottles and some papers.


Maruti DZire Diesel Exteriors

The biggest change in the new Dzire is the shortening of the boot. It’s a known fact that the Indian government gives tax benefits to cars which are less than 4 metres in length (the Indigo CS being the perfect example) and hence to get the new Dzire’s price less than the older one, Maruti engineers got down to the exercise of, well, making the overall length less. And this is where the new version is getting a lot of criticism. We at however feel that this was expected and the end effort done by the engineers is praise worthy. It might not be the prettiest looking sedan in the segment, but that said, from various angles, it does look sporty.

The front end is all-new, like the new Swift, though at the same time, the radiator grille and bumper are slightly different from its hatchback sibling. Dimension wise, the new Dzire is 165mm shorter but 5mm wider and 25mm taller than the older sedan. Look at it from the side-on angle and you see where the length has gone off from – it is obvious, the small boot! Look closely and you also notice that the rear door is longer than that of the Swift’s – this has been done so that the rear windows are able to roll down completely for an airy feel inside. From the rear three quarters, the new Dzire does look odd but not to the extent of calling it ugly. See the back end of the car standing 20 feet away and you actually find it good enough with the horizontally running chrome strip adding to the ‘premium’ feel. The rear tail lamps seem to have taken cues from the Kizashi premium sedan.
The new Dzire continues to sell in three trim levels each of petrol and diesel (and a AT version in VXi trim). The lower LDi / LXi / VXi / VDi versions wear thin 165/80 tyres on 14-inch steel wheels while the higher ZDi / ZXi models wear wider 185/65 tyres on 15-inch alloy wheels. The new Dzire is sold in seven colour options with two being new – pacific blue and glistering grey.

What we like
The front end is all-new, like the new Swift, though at the same time, the radiator grille and bumper are slightly different from its hatchback sibling.
What we don't like
It might not be the prettiest looking sedan in the segment.

Maruti DZire Diesel Exteriors Details

Maruti DZire Front design

The new Swift is definitely a handsome brute, with matured lines, that extended hood and bigger head lights. On the aesthetics front, it really does a much better job than the old Swift. The new DZire also carries over this new front end design from the Swift, and in that regard, looks more elegant from the front than the old DZire ever did.

Maruti DZire Rear design

Rear styling is neatly executed but the squarish profile of the bootlid links the new car with the older DZire

Maruti DZire Side profile

The rear quarter glass has a more conventional fall to it and the rear door is marginally larger as well.

Maruti DZire Ground Clearance

DZire has a Ground Clearance of 170 (mm).


Maruti DZire Diesel Engine & Performance

FIAT’s much acclaimed 1.3-litre Multi-jet engine is used by various companies in the world and India too. However, it is Maruti who have made the best use of this fantastic unit. Recently, the two companies also reached an agreement wherein Fiat will now supply 1 lakh of these engines on an annual basis and this is good news for diesel buyers. Coming back to the Dzire, I drove the diesel version first as I own a diesel Dzire back home too (old Dzire) and the differences were immediately apparent. For starters, the NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) levels are well under control and the engine feels very smooth. Within the first few minutes, you also discover that Maruti has tuned the engine and recalibrated the turbo-charger for lower turbo-lag. It is present, however, is less pronounced as compared to the older Dzire. The trade-off is the fact that the punch of torque isn’t as much as the older model, instead, the power delivery is linear.

In traffic, the new diesel Dzire is a much better companion at low engine speeds, however, it can still not match up to the fantastic Mahindra Verito, Nissan Sunny or the Toyota Etios in this regard. That said, once on the boil, the engine comes into its own and the car is a hoot to drive fast. The icing on the cake comes in the form of improved fuel economy, which according to ARAI now stands at 23.4kmpl!
The petrol engine is the same used on the earlier Dzire though with changes, now produces a couple of Bhp extra. The intake gets variable valve technology and Maruti has tuned the engine for efficiency. This is evident by the fact that as per ARAI, the new petrol Dzire runs 19.1km to a litre. Drive the petrol version and you are impressed by it smooth and rev-happy nature. It continues to be a gem of a motor and Maruti is now offering the petrol engine with a choice of a 4-speed automatic transmission. Infact the petrol AT Dzire is now the cheapest automatic sedan in the country. While some may run the Dzire AT down for being ‘just’ a 4-speed one, the fact is that it works just fine in city traffic. It is geared tall for fuel economy but goes about doing its duty in an able manner. Drive the car with a light right foot and the system up-shifts quickly to 4th. Stomp the accelerator hard and it down-shifts quickly for extra performance. You don’t get the same punch as from the manual version no doubt but on the good side, the system has an overdrive lock (to prevent it from shifting into 4th) as well as selectable 1st, 2nd and 3rd cogs.

What we like
The diesel and petrol both offer excellent performance without sacrificing economy.
What we don't like
The Automatic gearbox is slow and hampers driving experience.

Maruti DZire Diesel Engine and Performance Details

Maruti DZire Acceleration

DZire accelerates very well it accelerates from 0-100 in about 14.33seconds.Thanks to its improved gearings.

Maruti DZire Top speed

DZire has a top speed of about 158kmph.

Maruti DZire In-gear acceleration

Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire can accelerate during overtaking between 40 to 60 in 5.14 seconds in the 4th gear and can reach 80-100 in 5.73 seconds.

Maruti DZire Gearbox

Gearshifts on the five-speed gearbox were smooth and light in operation too. Among the 3 petrol variants, one (Vxi) will be available with an optional 4-speed automatic transmission.


Maruti DZire Diesel Mileage and Running Costs

Maruti DZire Diesel Diesel Mileage 23.4 kmpl

There are two engine options in the Dzire- a petrol and diesel. There is the 1.3-litre Multi-jet diesel engine which now has improved fuel economy, which according to ARAI now stands at 23.4kmpl! The petrol gives 19.1 kmpl. The A/T petrol give the least economy as expected, the diesel is clearly what you want if you want efficiency.

Maruti DZire Diesel Mileage View full detail

Maruti DZire Diesel Diesel Variants
Maruti DZire Diesel LDi 23.4 kmpl
Maruti DZire Diesel VDi 23.4 kmpl
Maruti DZire Diesel ZDi 23.4 kmpl

Maruti DZire Diesel Diesel Mileage

The diesel mileage of Dzire in city is 18.35kmpl and on higheay it gives 23kmpl. Overall mileage is 19.5kmpl.

Maruti DZire Diesel Mileage Details

Maruti DZire Diesel City fuel economy

Swift DZire ZXI gives 16.1 Kmpl in the city, DZire ZDi gives 18.35 Kmpl in the city

Maruti DZire Diesel Highway fuel economy

Swift DZire ZXI gives 22.8 Kmpl in the highways, DZire ZDi gives 23 Kmpl in the Highways

Maruti DZire Diesel ARAI rated economy

Maruti DZire ZDi Fuel Diesel (ARAI Specified) 23.4 Kmpl Maruti DZire ZXi Fuel Petrol (ARAI Specified) 19.1 Kmpl

Maruti DZire Diesel Tank Range

The tank range of Swift DZire is about 770 Kms in petrol and 850 Kms approx for diesel variant.

Maruti DZire Diesel Handling Braking & Safety

In the Dzire ventilated Disc brakes are for the front and drum brakes are used for the rear. The front suspension is of Mc Pherson strut with coil spring and rear suspension is of torsion beam with coil spring which is the same as the Swift hatchback. When it comes to safety it has front dual SRS airbags, ELR seatbelts plus AntiLock Braking System and Brake Assist with EBD.

What we like
The high-speed stability is better than the last Dzire.
What we don't like
But some of the handling ability of the old Dzire is gone.

Maruti DZire Diesel Handling, Braking & Safety Details

Maruti DZire Handling

The gearbox complements the petrol engine quite well and shifts are smooth too. Moreover, it adapts well to changes in throttle inputs. Its only when you floor the throttle that the build of power is slightly jerky.

Maruti DZire Braking performance

Swift DZire uses Front Ventilated Disc and Rear Drum brakes for all its variants. These brakes are able to stop the car from 100-0 in about 3.94seconds.

Maruti DZire Safety features

Safety features are taken care of in Marutis new Swift DZire. The sedan, though, have been crushed to come up with a compact version, but safety features are top-notch, usually not expected in an entry level mule. Front dual SRS airbags, ELR seatbelts, Antilock Braking System, Brake Assist, Electronic Brake Distribution and an Engine Drag Control system are the safety features that would be present in new DZire models. ABS with Brake assist and EDC prevents skidding and ensures a minimum stoppi

Maruti DZire ABS

There is an option for ABS for the DZire.

Maruti DZire Traction control

There is an option for Traction control for the DZire.

Maruti DZire Diesel Comfort & Suspension

The old Dzire was known for a plaint ride. It absorbed bad roads pretty easily though was not a car meant for spirited driving around corners which had the rear end loosing grip. The new one scores heavily over the older version in many ways. Based on the new Swift platform, the driving feel has improved massively. The car has a longer wheelbase and wider track – two essential things for stability. You get a feel of a well planted car, one which feels matured to drive, with the feeling of being from a higher segment.A massive improvement has been the ride quality which is now up there with the best in the class. The suspension, as compared to the Swift, feel softer which is a good thing as the new Dzire will be more of a family car. It rides very nicely over bad roads and undulations. Further, drive the car hard and it holds ground very well without losing composure.Steering effort is minimal and like other Maruti products, this one too is of the EPS variety (electronic power steering) as well which it is light (though not feather light in this case) at low speeds and becomes devoid of any assist at high speeds for better feedback.

What we like
A massive improvement has been the ride quality which is now up there with the best in the class. The suspension, as compared to the Swift, feel softer.
What we don't like
Ride quality still not class best.

Maruti DZire Diesel Comfort & Suspension Details

Maruti DZire Comfort

The new entry level notchback is leveraged with all necessary material comforts. The owner would not have to doubt about comfort in this Maruti car. Adjustable headrests and a rear centre armrest please the passengers like nothing else. Even driver seat height adjustment and seatbelt height adjustment is possible. The rear-seat is pretty comfortable but the backrest is a bit reclined. The front seats carried away from the Swift hatch, are very comfy, while increased rear space acts as cherry on

Maruti DZire Front suspension

The DZire shares suspension hardware with the Swift, though the rear has been tuned for comfort. DZire uses a McPherson strut and coil spring at the front.

Maruti DZire Rear suspension

DZire uses a Torsion beam and coil spring at the rear.

Maruti DZire Diesel Specifications

Dimension & Weights

Overall Length 3995 mm
Overall Width 1695 mm
Overall Height 1555 mm
Ground Clearance 170 mm


Torque 114 Nm @ 4000rpm
Displacement 1197 cc
Power 87PS@6000rpm
No of Cylinders 4

Fuel Efficiency

Mileage Highway --
Mileage City --
Mileage Overall --

Wheels & Tyres

Tyres 165/80R14
Wheel Size 14 inch
Wheel Type Steel

View full Maruti DZire Specifications

Maruti DZire Diesel Features

Maruti DZire Diesel LDi VDi ZDi
Power Steering
Power Windows
Audio System
Alloy Wheels

View full Maruti DZire Features

Maruti DZire Colors

  • Glistening Grey
  • Midnight Black
  • Bright Red
  • Pacific Blue
  • Arctic White
  • Clear Beige
  • Silky Silver

Maruti DZire Diesel Price

Maruti DZire Diesel Price in New Delhi

Rs 6.00 L - 7.59 L
ex-showroom price in New Delhi
Check On Road Price

The ex showroom price of Maruti DZire Diesel ranges from Rs 6.00 Lakh to Rs 7.59 Lakh. Maruti DZire Diesel is available in 3 variants. To find the on road price of Maruti DZire Diesel you need to click on the check on road price.

Maruti DZire Diesel has 3 Diesel variant(s), the cheapest variant is Maruti DZire LDi starts at Rs 6.00 Lakh, the most expensive variant is Maruti DZire ZDi is for Rs 7.59 Lakh .

Maruti DZire Diesel News

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Dezire vs swift
By Posted on Feb,02,12 11:17 PM

Pros Looks good nice interiors

Cons No

I bought dezire new model. I find it the perfect compact sedan. I have booked swift vdi few months back on seeing dezire I converted in to swift dezire vdi. Swift was 649000 on delhi road and new dezire vdi was 719000 on road on paying 70000more than swift vdi I was getting nippon cd player for fm radio and beige interior and a dockyard so I find the new dezire value for money great looks and driving comforts

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poor parts of new swift dzire
By Posted on Jun,06,01 5:56 PM

Pros looks

Cons poor suspension,, turbo

hi guys.. bought a new swift dzire,,, i am having a tough time with this car,,, after just 1600kms cars TURBO spoiled,, after that now some problem in suspension,,, company workshop fellows trying from last 2 wks,, problem unsolved,,, they tried and replaced parts,, no correction till date,,, now recent diagnosis,, problem in axel of car(crack etc),,,, horrible,,, i think maruti is using inferior quality products as they know that car is selling like a hot cake,,, and yes,,, mileage of my car on highway,,17 kmlit only,,, think twice before buying this car......

Was this review helpful? Yes / No

Good Car
By Posted on Mar,03,16 11:46 PM

Pros Great looks

Cons less confortable

It is one of the suberb car from maruti suzuki looks so good by performance and smooth too but may increase the sharpness at the edges,overall a nice car in the market, cc might also be increased and may increase rear side leg space.

Was this review helpful? Yes / No

Posted on Jun,06,25 6:22 PM

Pros its a very stylish car ,comfortable

Cons nothing bad

best car from maruti suzuki , it gives very good mileage even in city its pickup is also very good it has a strong and durable metal body, and air conditioners are also powerfull , its VVT engine is silent interior is not very attractive but not boring. its seat are comfortable,soft... its engine gives very good max. torque the main thing of maruti suzuki that it gives a very nice service ,its spare parts are cheap. Overall ITS A LOVELY CAR...

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perfect car for family of 5
By Posted on Jun,06,27 11:04 PM

Pros perfect car

Cons interiors is black

i love this car and maruti is doing a great job and from last 5 years m driving its perfect car for value for money

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By Franklin Posted on Dec,06,2014 at 07:44 AM

Pls can u provide me the blue print of the maruti dzire zxi So i can make the sticker design for my car

By jitendra kumar Posted on Nov,03,2014 at 09:20 AM

DEAR SIR i have a maruti swift dzire 2011 model i have starting problem in the car i have spend lot of money for this
problem i have done all services on maruti authorized service centre car show no problem when check by the scanner
dealer check pump inje

By Souri Sengupta Posted on Sep,05,2014 at 10:16 AM

Dear Sir I am very sorry to inform that depite my complaint to Maruti HO (to MD) and GM (Magic Auto, Karol bagh) about
the defective car sold to me over last 2 weeks, no one vothered to even reply a line in acknowledgement. Are you there
only for cheati

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