Maruti should be able to price the Cervo around the Rs 3 lakh mark, thus making it a good value for money buy. The top end model with ABS and air-bags should retail for around Rs 4 lakh.

Rs 2.25 L - 3.25 L
Expected Price in India

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By ch. bhaskara rao Posted on Aug,23,2014 at 11:19 AM

milage must be not less than 20kmpl in city. then it will attract the users

By Anurag Tikam Posted on Aug,15,2014 at 14:05 PM

I am interested to buy this car in CNG

By Anurag Tikam Posted on Aug,15,2014 at 14:04 PM

I am intrasted to buy this car

By kush Posted on Aug,09,2014 at 23:26 PM

the car should be having 800cc engine

By Ganesh Kumar Posted on Jul,27,2014 at 19:00 PM

Confirm us whether this model will get into India

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