Maruti 800 Ground Clearance

Maruti 800 Ground Clearance in inches6.69 inches

Maruti 800 Ground Clearance in mm170 mm

Maruti 800Ground Clearance in cm17.00 cm

Maruti 800 Ground Clearance Problem

For a Hatchback, ground clearance of 166 mm is considered good. Compared to that, Maruti 800has a ground clearance of 170 mm

So, Maruti 800 does not have that much of a ground clearance problem.

Maruti 800 Ground Clearance Comparison

Compared to Maruti 800, for , Maruti 800 has a ground clearance of 170mm in all its models. The ground space is a decent one and offer good driveability in village roads. Also, as against Maruti 800, in case of , Ground Clearance has

So, Maruti 800has more ground clearance than both and

Maruti 800
Price --
Ground Clearancein mm170 mm
Ground Clearance in cm17.00 cm
Ground Clearance in inches6.69 inches

Ground Clearance of Similar Cars

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