Maruti 800 Ground Clearance

Maruti 800 Ground Clearance in inches6.69 inches

Maruti 800 Ground Clearance in mm170 mm

Maruti 800Ground Clearance in cm17.00 cm

Maruti 800 Ground Clearance Problem

For a Hatchback, ground clearance of 166 mm is considered good. Compared to that, Maruti 800has a ground clearance of 170 mm

So, Maruti 800 does not have that much of a ground clearance problem.

Maruti 800 Ground Clearance Comparison

Compared to Maruti 800, for , Maruti 800 has a ground clearance of 170mm in all its models. The ground space is a decent one and offer good driveability in village roads. Also, as against Maruti 800, in case of , Ground Clearance has

So, Maruti 800has more ground clearance than both and

Maruti 800
Ground Clearancein mm170 mm
Ground Clearance in cm17.00 cm
Ground Clearance in inches6.69 inches

Ground Clearance of Similar Cars

Used Maruti 800

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