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 Fiat has announced the introduction of the Jeep brand of SUVs in India. For those who want to know about this brand, well there is a lot to say. Jeep is an icon all over the world. In the US, the Wrangler has achieved cult status but now days thanks to SUV’s like the Grand Cherokee, it is also doing well in other markets. In India Jeep vehicles will be sold with the support of Fiat India for spares and service. 

The plan for India includes the Wrangler and Cherokee SUV’s which will be launched in the end of 2013. Of particular interest is the Grand Cherokee which is a good looking modern SUV that has all the luxurious to match the established German SUV’s. So let us look at the updated Grand Cherokee for more details!
Big and handsome, that is what this SUV is all about and it looks beefy with its muscular proportions. Since we will be getting the facelifted version the new Cherokee looks even better with slimmer headlamps and a shorter upper grille. This makes it looks less bloated than before. You cannot miss the traditional Jeep grille with the 7 slats which gives it a lot of presence. It looks like a pukka big brute with lots of chrome and big wheel arches. Other changes include usage of LED's and Day Time Running Lights. The wheel options include 17 inch or 18 inch wheels. Overall this SUV seems to have more presence than a Audi Q7!
Step inside and its pure American luxury. While the design is not as aggressive as the exterior the quality, fit and finish is much improved over the earlier version. Other changes include a new 5-inch touch screen with an option of getting a bigger 8.4-inch one. Elsewhere there is a new three spoke steering wheel with paddle shifters at the back. The instruments have TFT technology which look futuristic. Music lovers will love the 19-speaker Harman Kardon audio system. Space is very good in the Grand Cherokee and it can be a great SUV to be driven aound in.
The new Grand Cherokee will get a 240 hhp 3.0 V6 diesel which is quick. The large amount of bhp on offer will mean that this big SUV can fly and do some serious speeds with ease. You will also love the eight-speed transmission which is responsive and the 4-wheel drive system which lets this monster handle bad roads with aplomb.
Pricing is crucial and lets hope the Grand Cherokee get a competitive price as then the Audi Q7 and others will have  a lot to worry about. 


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G. S. Sidhu | Posted on Apr,02,2014 at 15:02 PM
Is it available in india where Reply to this post  
prem | Posted on Jan,13,2014 at 15:43 PM
good car,iam soon paurcage Reply to this post  
sri krishna paruchuri | Posted on Dec,20,2013 at 18:40 PM
iam hurry paurchage grand grand cherokee Reply to this post  
Vicky | Posted on Nov,09,2013 at 15:26 PM
waiting Reply to this post  
jass sidhu | Posted on Oct,07,2013 at 12:11 PM
Tell me date of launching. Reply to this post  
Mani | Posted on Sep,09,2013 at 01:46 AM
Well I am eagerly waiting for its launch.....well it will have a manual transmission or it is an automatic Mani
Bhushan Ahrus Denmark Reply to this post  
GURCHARAN DHIMAN | Posted on Sep,04,2013 at 21:14 PM
what is price and planing for launching of JEEP Reply to this post  
Kvpbaskaran | Posted on Jul,17,2013 at 16:08 PM
I have been following it up the launch of grand cherokee in chennai. Could you pls let me know the approximate time of
launch Reply to this post  
lokraj pareek | Posted on Jul,15,2013 at 14:22 PM
provide details of north india showroomdealer Reply to this post  
Inigo | Posted on Jun,25,2013 at 23:21 PM
Need to buy urgently. Give me details of the chennai showroom. Reply to this post  
siddharthsinghal | Posted on Jun,20,2013 at 11:02 AM
tell me the cost and when it launch.. Reply to this post  
Anil Kasana | Posted on Jun,03,2013 at 17:58 PM
I want to book it. New Delhi, Please give me the number. ASAP. Reply to this post  
Allen Soans | Posted on Jun,01,2013 at 18:02 PM
When will jeep be available in Mumbai and at what price. Reply to this post  
Arun Kumar | Posted on May,30,2013 at 09:55 AM
Wow the most awarded SUV of the world is comming to India.It will rule the Indian roads. Reply to this post  
girish patil | Posted on May,27,2013 at 20:30 PM
its very nice suv and lead the market in india and customer are waiting for rubicon also so please launch both as early
as possible Reply to this post  
Manish Lal | Posted on May,14,2013 at 20:03 PM
i love to purchase now Reply to this post  
tripurari mani | Posted on May,07,2013 at 14:15 PM
Luv this Suv and waiting for launch. tell me date of launching. Reply to this post  
Jayappa | Posted on Apr,15,2013 at 20:06 PM
Awesome Reply to this post  
ashish zawar | Posted on Apr,11,2013 at 07:16 AM
i have to purchase now Reply to this post  
sunny | Posted on Apr,10,2013 at 00:21 AM
if this jeep is priced below Rs.30,00,000- then it will get into the market like crazy. for more volume sale, they
should target the fortuner or audi q3 range and not audi q5 range.then it will go like hot cakes!!! Reply to this post  
indrapal solanki | Posted on Apr,08,2013 at 14:22 PM
tell me date of launching Reply to this post  
indrapal solanki | Posted on Apr,08,2013 at 14:21 PM
keen desire to buy Reply to this post  
| Posted on Apr,02,2013 at 13:22 PM
not gud....all old features.........plzz no gud choice Reply to this post  
Aman | Posted on Mar,26,2014 at 12:23 PM
its looks nice & have a good feature. plz! try it these is awesome car
varun | Posted on Mar,20,2013 at 00:24 AM
tell me the price and about d launch Reply to this post  
harshen gupta | Posted on Mar,10,2013 at 21:57 PM
when this car is going to launched Reply to this post  
rakesh | Posted on Feb,23,2013 at 19:40 PM
i hope it should be better then fortuner....... Reply to this post  
sudheer | Posted on Feb,21,2013 at 20:52 PM
hope jeet will attack on fortuner and xuv500 's customers....... Reply to this post  
surendra singh | Posted on Feb,05,2013 at 22:10 PM
plaese tell me cost of jeep and how much time will you take for dellivery Reply to this post  
Rajeev kumar | Posted on Jan,28,2013 at 21:04 PM
pl let me know when the booking is going to start in delhi Reply to this post  
ashish | Posted on Jan,19,2013 at 21:16 PM
very costly Reply to this post  
hamsasaidali | Posted on Jan,15,2013 at 14:23 PM
this is the jeep number one in the wold iam waiting Reply to this post  
rishikesh patil | Posted on Jan,01,2013 at 20:19 PM
Please let me know when the car willbe availabe in MUMBAI and what will be the price Reply to this post  
MANOJ MAHAJAN | Posted on Dec,20,2012 at 13:24 PM
i want buy it in very begning, so please send me all detail about this, and launching time in india Reply to this post  
MOHD | Posted on Dec,11,2012 at 22:34 PM
Please let me know when the car willbe availabe in Kerala and what will be the price Reply to this post  
Jenin | Posted on Dec,04,2012 at 20:03 PM
Awesome .. 237 bhp V6 turbo diesel A real power train!!! I don't need a road Reply to this post  
PRADIP PATEL | Posted on Nov,19,2012 at 13:22 PM
When it will be launched in India What will be the price & delivery time Reply to this post  
indrapal solanki | Posted on Nov,14,2012 at 23:01 PM
i want buy it in very begning, so please send me all detail about this, and launching time in india Reply to this post  
gangadhar | Posted on Nov,14,2012 at 18:28 PM
vijay kumar | Posted on Oct,31,2012 at 22:52 PM
when it was launching in INDIA New Delhi Reply to this post  
ahmednv | Posted on Oct,27,2012 at 14:44 PM
Im sure it will cost above 40 lakhs's a gud dad uses it in qatar Reply to this post  
saurabh rai | Posted on Aug,24,2012 at 10:20 AM
where to buy JEEP WRANGlER sport in india tell me the detail about Car Dealers . Reply to this post  
Rajesh Dhamdhere | Posted on Aug,22,2012 at 12:18 PM
please give me detail Reply to this post  
mahaveer jangid | Posted on Jul,26,2012 at 22:51 PM
sir, your jeep model is good but it will not work in the Indian market because it can not run above 140 speed on the
highways. we have seen its interior photographs and that time we came to know about it as my one friend was looking its
speed diameter.. s Reply to this post  
Sayeed | Posted on Dec,23,2013 at 10:39 AM
I am a jeep owner and the previous model was speed locked at 180 Kmhr. I guess this could go even more.
Rahul | Posted on Sep,02,2012 at 00:26 AM
140 Miles per hour, approx. 220 Km per hour
Mohammad Hasan | Posted on Jul,19,2012 at 22:52 PM
Ultimate SUV still waiting for its car. Reply to this post  
suresh | Posted on Jul,19,2012 at 08:13 AM
Wating lanch in india to by Reply to this post  
Sureshbabu | Posted on Jan,31,2013 at 08:11 AM
Waiting to bay
shrikant chavan | Posted on Jul,11,2012 at 20:05 PM
i want detals Reply to this post  
Tara | Posted on Jun,21,2012 at 15:31 PM
I hope they bring the original Jeep Cherokee model with the advanced automatic transmissions.... and NOT change it for
the low-end manual gear box for India market... Reply to this post  
Aash choudhury | Posted on Jun,17,2012 at 15:43 PM
w0w!w0nderfull i love si much... Reply to this post  
Lalit Doshi | Posted on Jun,17,2012 at 12:33 PM
I like it Reply to this post  
jahangir | Posted on Jun,14,2012 at 22:08 PM
nice suv Reply to this post  
avtar saini | Posted on Apr,23,2012 at 18:08 PM
when it will be in india(launching date) and let me alert for booking Reply to this post  
Ragu | Posted on Apr,18,2012 at 13:07 PM
Price tag is below 21L,terror starts for TATA Aria ford Endev Reply to this post  
sathish | Posted on Apr,05,2012 at 11:54 AM
wow wounderful jeep diffently u got many customers, Reply to this post  
Amrinder singh | Posted on Apr,04,2012 at 14:50 PM
wooohhhhhhhhhhh what a jeep it.... Reply to this post  
Exp. Price : Rs 45.00 L - 55.00 L
Exp. Launch Month : July 2014

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