Hyundai i20 Ground Clearance

Hyundai i20 Ground Clearance in inches6.69 inches

Hyundai i20 Ground Clearance in mm170 mm

Hyundai i20Ground Clearance in cm17.00 cm

Hyundai i20 Ground Clearance Problem

For a Hatchback, ground clearance of 166 mm is considered good. Compared to that, Hyundai i20has a ground clearance of 170 mm

So, Hyundai i20 does not have that much of a ground clearance problem.

Hyundai i20 Ground Clearance Comparison

Compared to Hyundai i20, for Fiat Punto Evo, Ground Clearance Fiat Punto Evo has 195 Also, as against Hyundai i20, in case of Volkswagen Polo, Ground Clearance Volkswagen Polo has 165

So, Hyundai i20 has less ground clearance than Fiat Punto Evo but more ground clearance than Volkswagen Polo

Hyundai i20Fiat Punto EvoVolkswagen Polo
PriceRs 4.81 L - 7.67 LRs 4.56 L - 7.20 LRs 5.09 L - 7.99 L
Ground Clearancein mm170 mm195 mm165 mm
Ground Clearance in cm17.00 cm19.50 cm16.50 cm
Ground Clearance in inches6.69 inches7.68 inches6.50 inches

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