Hyundai i20 Colours

This Model has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

The new upgraded i-Gen i20 or the Fluidic i20 was launched in India on the 28th March 2012. The i-Gen i20 is available in 12 variants. The Petrol variants range from Rs 473,400 to Rs 665,894, the diesel variants range from Rs 596,334 to Rs 744,013 and the automatic var...
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Hyundai i20 Colors

Hyundai i20 is available in a total of 6 shades of colors, Ember Grey, Mahrajah Red, Bronze, Sleek Silver, Twilight Blue, Coral White

  •  Ember Grey
  •  Mahrajah Red
  •  Bronze
  •  Sleek Silver
  •  Twilight Blue
  •  Coral White

Hyundai i20 Colors

Color is one of the most important factor while buying a car. Black and white are the most preferred colors among the owners of Hyundai i20.Silver was a reigning color for some time among Hyundai cars. Hyundai i20's color options include vibrant colors as well as colors that look elite. Hyundai has ensured that the Hyundai i20 bumper paint color is same as that of the main body. Option of universal black bumper is available in some cars manufactured by Hyundai. However, very few people prefer the same. To provide the body of Hyundai i20 an extra shine, various car polishes and waxes are available in the market. This gives extra life to the oils in the car paint and should be followed at least once in every 45 days.

Hyundai i20 Colors Comparison

While comparing the color options available in cars in the same price segment as Hyundai i20, is available in total of colors in the market, namely - . While is available in colors like .

Hyundai i20
Price --
Color Shades Available 6

Hyundai i20 Colors of similar cars

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