Hyundai i20 Ground Clearance

Hyundai i20 Ground Clearance in inches6.50 inches

Hyundai i20 Ground Clearance in mm165 mm

Hyundai i20Ground Clearance in cm16.50 cm

Hyundai i20 Ground Clearance Problem

For a Hatchback, ground clearance of 166 mm is considered good. Compared to that, Hyundai i20has a ground clearance of 165 mm

So, Hyundai i20 might run into a ground clearance problem. This would lead to Hyundai i20 scraping the underside if run with full load at high speed on uneven roads.

Hyundai i20 Ground Clearance Solution

Here are a few steps that can be taken to solve Hyundai i20 ground clearance problem

  1. Maintain the tyre pressure as mentioned in the Hyundai i20 manual
  2. Drive slowly on speed breakers, the speed when driving on speed breakers should not exceed 20 km/hr.
  3. If the problem persists, consider changing the soft shock absorbers to hard shock absorbers.

Hyundai i20 Ground Clearance Comparison

Compared to Hyundai i20, for , The ground clearance of 165 mm makes the i20 a comfortable ride for the Indian roads. Also, as against Hyundai i20, in case of , Ground Clearance has

So, Hyundai i20has more ground clearance than both and

Hyundai i20
Ground Clearancein mm165 mm
Ground Clearance in cm16.50 cm
Ground Clearance in inches6.50 inches

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