Hyundai H-1 Wagon


Hyundai H-1 Wagon

It is learnt that Hyundai is planning to launch their luxury van, the H-1 Wagon, in the Indian market in the second half of 2012. The Hyundai H-1 Wagon will be showcased at the 2012 Auto Expo and if the response is good, the Korean giant will indeed roll out the van in India later on. We managed to catch this H-1 Wagon, bearing a TN (Tamil Nadu) registration in New Delhi recently. In all probability, this seems to be owned by Hyundai and was being sent to Delhi by road to Hyundai's Delhi office for dealer response - this is our take. What ever may be the case, the H-1 did seem big and nice and should do well considering that private families dont mind shelling out Rs 11 lakh for the smaller Innova! 

Hyundai H-1 Wagon India

The H-1 Wagon is also known as the Starex in some markets. Both models though look very very similar. On the inside, the H-1 offers loads of space and practicality. It will be sold as a comfortable 8 seater with the centre seats of the 2nd and 3rd rown folding down to create arm rests and cup-holders. Quality, as is the case with most Hyundai offerings, is also of the higher order.

Hyundai H-1 Wagon Specifications

The H-1 Wagon will come fitted with a diesel engine - this is a 2.5-litre CRDi engine that has an in line 4 cylinder configuration with Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) delivering  up to 392 nm of Torque. This engine will be mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox. More information coming once the 2012 Auto Expo starts!

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kohsaar khan | Posted on Apr,17,2014 at 19:33 PM
love it love it cool awesome best Reply to this post  
Tarun | Posted on Feb,20,2014 at 13:26 PM
Is this car will come in Mumbai, if yes I am interested in buying. Reply to this post  
md iftekar uddin | Posted on Jan,15,2014 at 20:00 PM
sir iwant this car please Reply to this post  
sreeramadas | Posted on Dec,27,2013 at 22:51 PM
i like hyundai H1 Wagon toooooo much, i need this in kerala Reply to this post  
sunil kumar | Posted on Dec,20,2013 at 20:01 PM
i have h-1 in ksa i need to buy this van in karala Reply to this post  
Srk | Posted on Nov,25,2013 at 13:00 PM
need a trail Reply to this post  
MUKESH | Posted on Sep,19,2013 at 15:54 PM
I WANT TO BUY THIS CAR Reply to this post  
atin saha | Posted on Sep,13,2013 at 23:07 PM
is this car available in mumbai Reply to this post  
babuhusain | Posted on Aug,30,2013 at 13:36 PM
dear sir.i need hyundai h1 van prise in tamilnadu Reply to this post  
RAJESH SINGHAL | Posted on Aug,28,2013 at 10:36 AM
I like it & want to buy. I want to know launching date Reply to this post  
Khan Afroz Ali Khan | Posted on Jul,29,2013 at 13:01 PM
May I know when this vehicle is going to be available in India Reply to this post  
kamalkishore | Posted on Jul,09,2013 at 20:23 PM
nicecar Reply to this post  
babulal maity | Posted on Jun,23,2013 at 17:01 PM
very nice Reply to this post  
babulal maity | Posted on Jun,25,2013 at 17:08 PM
I like it & want to buy. I want to know launching date.
Rakesh soni | Posted on Jun,18,2013 at 19:49 PM
Nice car. I like it & want to buy. I want to know launching date. Reply to this post  
wasuk | Posted on Jun,12,2013 at 15:13 PM
When it will be lanched Reply to this post  
Raj Mohite | Posted on Jun,11,2013 at 20:44 PM
I like This Wagon Very Much.... I Drive This In Bhutan... & I Like to Buy ...i am just waiting for this h1
wagon Best Wagon, Wide Space, Huge Storage Space & Very Very Comfortable.... Reply to this post  
Sumiit D | Posted on May,15,2013 at 02:10 AM
Very nicely designed vehicle ,just need to know is this vehicle has MOON ROOF Cause I haven't seen any MOON ROOF SUN
ROOF in the YOU-TUBE videos,I request to the company to add this feature to this vehicle,which may add 6th star in
it.Disparately waiti Reply to this post  
bhalchandra pandit | Posted on May,05,2013 at 08:49 AM
In the inflation one can not hire the office. This SUV can solve the purpose of mobile meeting yet economical. My ideal
car !...waiting for such model disparately. Reply to this post  
Yogesh Jaggi | Posted on Apr,21,2013 at 21:56 PM
good car Reply to this post  
Rajasekaran | Posted on Mar,16,2013 at 23:13 PM
Hai i am just waitingfor this h1wagon my bussines is travels so me and my friends all waiting for this one so you will
launch before viona you will inform to me when the launch date Reply to this post  
MOHD ANSAR A | Posted on Mar,12,2013 at 15:36 PM
Hai, am Eagerly waiting for this H1 wagon very long time, please try to bring this wagon to the market before force
viano... and also i planned to buy New innova 2013.. if u get late to the market.. Reply to this post  
s.bala | Posted on Jan,18,2013 at 15:04 PM
dear sir. i need hyundai h1 van price in srilanak... Reply to this post  
naresh | Posted on Jan,06,2013 at 01:50 AM
wanna buy it...send me the details nd price of the car. Reply to this post  
A.N.Prasad | Posted on Dec,18,2012 at 20:49 PM
Hi, when ,when it is going to be lanched many peoples are waiting to buy this cab ,kindly releace 100 nos in the
market atleast to check how selling fastly itis. Reply to this post  
rafik | Posted on Dec,14,2012 at 21:04 PM
i m want to buy this car in india available at moment Reply to this post  
Vipul Thakkar | Posted on Dec,03,2012 at 16:40 PM
it is adviceble for the company to keep 7 saater option in this sagment,because its highly demanded and its possible
also.otherwise its definetly successful muv. Reply to this post  
wasuk | Posted on Nov,19,2012 at 12:00 PM
i wants now the price & when exactly it will launch iam interested in it Reply to this post  
pawan | Posted on Oct,16,2012 at 21:23 PM
i want to book 1 wt ever price is Reply to this post  
faizal lakhani | Posted on Sep,17,2012 at 20:08 PM
i like it very much i want to book this car in diesel plz rate me on diesel hyundai is the best i m using now elantra
fluidic hyundai is the best company Reply to this post  
arsh | Posted on Aug,22,2012 at 15:15 PM
i like hyundai h1 whenever the launch in india i want i wiil be the first person to by this i cantt when this launch in
india i dnt know Reply to this post  
Abhishek Tripathi | Posted on Sep,21,2012 at 10:07 AM
ATIF IQBAL | Posted on Jul,25,2012 at 06:31 AM
i like this wagon i need price in instalment in k s a jeddah so please give me very semple way thanks ramadan mubark
allah hafez Reply to this post  
A.N.Prasad | Posted on Jul,23,2012 at 06:53 AM
i liked the front body shaped & also over all out look 9to12 seat capacity good ,there is no other company make than
this ,i need to know when it is lanched in bangalore , what is the price. Reply to this post  
IndraKamal Das | Posted on Jul,12,2012 at 22:38 PM
I want to buy a Hyundai H-1 (top model),its looks are very nice , please give me the price of (Assam) India Reply to this post  
Rahul G | Posted on Jul,09,2012 at 11:13 AM
I love the hyundai engines its smoother than other make, i love to buy one H-1 Wagon Please let me now the price in
mumbai thane dist. Reply to this post  
shaheen Mohammed | Posted on Jun,05,2012 at 20:59 PM
Currently am using this H1 in Dubai, Good one ,i think the fuel conception is high,There am using petrol version , any
way nice family car Reply to this post  
Raj Malhotra | Posted on Jan,12,2013 at 22:50 PM
Could you please tell me how much is the fuel efficiency of your vehicle
m s | Posted on Jun,02,2012 at 23:42 PM
Nice 2 c when it will be lanched and what will be banglore road price Reply to this post  
VINOD | Posted on May,18,2012 at 14:51 PM
i want to know if any possibility of this car launch in india and what will be the price of desil version . Reply to this post  
Imran | Posted on May,16,2012 at 17:50 PM
I like Hyundai H-1wagon i need price in surat Reply to this post  
PRAKASH | Posted on Apr,16,2012 at 17:33 PM
rathnan | Posted on Jan,04,2012 at 15:10 PM
i like hyundai H1 Wagon toooooo much, i need this in kerala Reply to this post  
Exp. Price : Rs 12.00 L - 15.00 L
Exp. Launch Month : February 2015

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