Honda's first MPV for India is the 7-seater Mobilio that scores big on the efficiency and practicality front. ... More

 Honda's first MPV for India is the 7-seater Mobilio that scores big on the efficiency and practicality front. 

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Honda Mobilio Price

Petrol Variants
Diesel Variants

Honda Mobilio Specifications

Dimension & Weights

Overall Length 4386 mm
Overall Width 1683 mm
Overall Height 1603 mm
Ground Clearance 189 mm


Torque 145 Nm @ 4600 rpm
Displacement 1497 cc
Power 116
No of Cylinders 4

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Honda Mobilio Features

Honda Mobilio 1.5 E i-VTEC 1.5 S i-VTEC 1.5 V i-VTEC 1.5 V (O) i-VTEC 1.5 E i-DTEC 1.5 S i-DTEC 1.5 V i-DTEC 1.5 V (O) i-DTEC 1.5 RS i-DTEC 1.5 RS (O) i-DTEC
Power Steering
Power Windows
Audio System
Alloy Wheels

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Honda Mobilio Colors

  • Urban Titanium Metalic
  • Brilliant Gold Metalic
  • Carnelian Red Pearl
  • Taffeta White
  • Alabaster Silver Metalic
  • Majestic Metalic Blue

Expert Test Review

Honda Mobilio Front View

Honda's first 7 seater MPV for India comes in the form of the Mobilio and is available in two engine options of a 1.5-litre petrol (from the City sedan) and a 1.5-litre diesel (from the Amaze and City sedans). Both the engine options get a standard 5-speed manual transmission only. The ARAI certified economy for the petrol version stands at a segment best 17.3kmpl while for the diesel, it is quoted as 24.2kmpl, again a segment best.

The Mobilio is based on the same Brio platform as the Amaze. However, in this case, the wheelbase has been extended by as much as 247mm over the Amaze and this liberates acres of room on the inside. The Mobilio is a genuine 7 seater with even the last row being comfortable for two average sized adults. As expected, the Mobilio comes with the same cabin design as the Amaze, however, the top end versions get wooden inserts and a touch screen audio system to spice up things. Space remains a strong point here and the second row can be adjusted for leg room. Both the second and third rows can also be reclined and everyone gets their individual bottle / cup holders across the rows.

On the outisde, the Mobilio looks like the Amaze as far as front treatment is concerned but Honda has cleverly given the Mobilio a different grille and a sporty looking bumper. The RS version futher looks bling with projector lamps, new bumpers, body kit etc. The Mobilio also gets taller 15-inch wheels as compared to 14 for the Brio / Amaze and this has also helped to bump up the ground clearance to 189mm. At the back, the Mobilio differs from the regular MPVs we see in India and does look pleasing to the eyes.

As of now, there is no AT on offer but Honda might introduce this at a later stage as per customer demand.

Take a look at the launch video here:


Honda Mobilio Top View

The Mobilio has a longer wheelbase than the Amaze and this helps to liberate a lot of room on the inside. While the first two rows have ample space for large and tall adults, the last row is not bad and can seat two average sized adults with ease. The good part is that the second row can be adjusted for leg room / knee room and both the 2nd and 3rd row seats can also be adjusted for recline.
The design of the interiors remains same as the Amaze and this means the Mobilio gets a two tone color scheme. Now while the cabin is practical and airy, for a car that sells at over 10 lakh (on-road), the design seems a bit dated. In comparison, the Ertiga is much better. However, apart from this, the Mobilio scores high points. Big windows aid visibility and there are numerous bottle and cup holders around. For example, front passengers get bottle holders in the door and cup holders ahead of the gear lever. 2nd row passengers gets both bottle and cup holders in the door (they are usable) and the last row passengers get their own cup holders and mobile phone slots.
The top end version of the Mobilio will come with features like leatherite seat covers, touch screen infotainment system, sat nav, rear camera etc. However, there is omission of functions like auto-up for driver side window, auto lock of doors, a comprehensive driver info display (only fuel economy is shown) etc. Even the audio system sound average.

What we like
Space and practicality
What we don't like
Features functions could have been better
  • Honda Mobilio Fascia
  • Honda Mobilio Back Seats
  • Honda Mobilio Steering
  • Honda Mobilio RS Power Windows

Interiors Details

Boot space

The boot space on the new Honda Mobilio MPV is very spacious. With both the rear seats folded it allows you store a vase amount of luggage. With all three seats up and being used the boot space is very little. But with the last row folded you can easily take luggage for all 5 people easily.


The speedometer on the Honda Mobilio is an analog unit and looks modern and fresh.

Gear lever

The gear lever is easy to hold on the new Mobilio MPV. It provides adequate grip and is easy to shift gears with this unit.

Cup holders

Honda Mobilio MPV has cup holders infront of the gear lever. It prevents your drinks from spilling over during a drive and keeps it steady.


The glovebox is spacious on the new Mobilio MPV and has ample amount of space for your important documents and small items that you want to store.

Audio system

Mobilio MPV has very good 2DIN audio system along with a infotainment touch screen system for your in-car entertainment. It is also compatible with USB and iPod along with CDMP3 functionality.

Air Conditioner

The air conditioning unit on the new Mobilio is a manual type unit. It is powerful and provides very good cooling for the front and rear passengers.

Arm rests

Mobilio MPV has no arm rests for the front or rear passengers.

Air vents

The new MPV from Honda has chrome tipped air vents at the front. Mobilio air conditioning vents provide ample cooling for the rear passengers as well due to a double blower air conditioner.


Honda Mobilio is a 5+2 seater and provides comfortable seating for all its passengers. The seats in the new MPV from Honda provide ample back and lumbar support which makes it a very good choice of MPV.

Leg room

There is ample leg room for the front and middle row passengers in the new Mobilio MPV. This makes it a comfortable MPV for going on a journey.

Knee room

Honda Mobilio has a spacious cabin which results in ample knee room for its passengers.

Shoulder space

There is ample shoulder space inside the Honda Mobilio to seat all its 7 passengers.

Head room

There is ample head room inside the Honda Mobilio MPV for all its passengers.

Steering wheel

The steering wheel on the new Honda Mobilio is a three spoke unit which is well contoured and allows you to hold it firmly while driving. It is comfortable to hold and turn and the electronic power steering ensures a easy driving experience.

Power windows

The new Honda Mobilio brings power windows on the front and rear doors.

Keyless entry

There is keyless entry on the Mobilio MPV.

Driver information display

Honda Mobilio MPV brings a information driver information display which ensures all the necessary info related to the drive is accessible by the driver.



Honda Mobilio Front View

The Mobilio is based on the Amaze and hence looks similar when viewed from the front. However, it gets a single slot but wide chrome grille and a new front bumper that looks nice. The length of the Mobilio is also longer and this is easily noticable. Wheel size has gone up to 15-inches with 185mm width as compared to 175 for Amaze and City and at the back, the Mobilio looks pretty impressive. Overall, its a nice looking MPV and that RS version makes the exteriors look stunning.
This RS version comes with different alloys, a complete body kit, projector lamps, day time running strip etc. This version is also being offered a new color exclusive to the RS only. The Mobilio also has a lower height which makes it look car like rather than van like.

What we like
Looks modern and appealing. RS version is a killer!
What we don't like
Same front design as the Brio - which costs almost half
  • Honda Mobilio Rear View
  • Honda Mobilio Front View
  • Honda Mobilio Rear View
  • Honda Mobilio Front View

Exteriors Details

Front design

The front design is quite remarkable on the new Mobilio MPV. It has a thick strip of chrome on the front grille along with stylish tear drop shaped headlamps. It has trendy fog lamps and well styled bumper.

Rear design

The rear has split tail lamps which look quite good on the new Honda Mobilio MPV. It also brings a rear spoiler and a rear windshield wiper.

Side profile

The new MPV has a long wheelbase and looks elegant. The alloy wheels are beautiful and the side profile gives the Mobilio a stylish look.

Ground Clearance

The ground clearance of the new Honda Mobilio is 185mm which allows you to go over most speed breakers and potholes comfortably even when it is fully loaded.


The bumpers have fog lamps integrated into them and have a trendy styling to it.

Head lamps

Headlamps on the Mobilio has a tear drop shaped design. It is remarkable and elegant and gives it a fresh new look. They are powerful and do a fantastic job of lighting up the road in the dark.

Tail lamps

The split tail lamps on the Mobilio MPV looks contemporary.

Fog lamps

The fog lamps are housed in a trendy bumper and do a good job of lighting up the road.


Honda Mobilio comes with a 18565 R14 tyres. The tyres provide excellent grip and longevity as well.

Alloy wheels

Honda Mobilio MPV brings alloy wheels which are stylish and trendy.

Outside mirrors

There are electrically adjustable outside mirrors on the new Mobilio MPV.


Honda Mobilio is available in Black, White, Silver and Red colors.

Rear wiper

There is a rear windshield wiper on the new Mobilio MPV.

Roof rails

Mobilio MPV does not come with roof rails.

Sun roof

Honda Mobilio MPV does not come with a sun roof.


There is a roof mounted spoiler on the Honda Mobilio MPV.

Side Steps

There is no side steps on the new Mobilio MPV.

Spare wheel

Honda Mobilio MPV comes with a full size spare wheel which is stored under the boot area.



The Honda Mobilio offers excellent performance from its 1.5-litre petrol engine that is a direct lift off from the Honda City. At 119PS, this motor puts out enough grunt to propel the MPV to serious speeeds. Infact, its a very rev happy motor and is a delight to push hard and drive fast. The petrol Mobilio is even faster than some of the sedans in its segment.
The diesel engine is the same as City and Amaze and offers very good low end juice for city use. There is enough torque flow at under 2000rpm and turbo lag is well controlled, something that the Ertiga suffers from. The diesel engine can be revved too and though it gets noisy, there is a lot of performance on tap. This engine is prone to typical diesel noise but NVH levels on the inside as well controlled.
Both the engines come mated to a standard 5-speed manual transmission

What we like
Terrific performance from petrol, good city drive from diesel
What we don't like
Diesel can get noisy when pushed hard

Engine & Performance Details

Top speed

The Mobilio MPV has a top speed of 150 kmph.

In-gear acceleration

Honda Mobilio has very good in-gear acceleration.


Mobilio MPV comes in a 5 speed manual transmission for automatic CVT in petrol while the diesel variant comes with Manual gearbox only.


Mobilio has a 1.5 liter petrol engine that makes 116 Bhp of power and the 1.5 liter diesel engine version has 100 Bhp of power.


The petrol engine version of the Mobilio makes 146 Nm of torque while the Diesel engine version makes 200 Nm of torque.

NVH levels

Mobilio MPV has a well insulated cabin area which ensures a comfortable and quiet driving experience.



Petrol Mileage 17.3 kmpl

Diesel Mileage 24.2 kmpl

The Mobilio is offered in two engine options. Both these engines offer best in class fuel economy. The petrol 1.5-litre engine has a rated economy of 17.3kmpl as per ARAI and you can expect a real world economy of over 11-12kmpl in city and 16-18kmpl on the highways.
The diesel engine gets a rated economy of 24.2kmpl and this motor will deliver over 15-16kmpl in city and 22-24kmpl on the highways at speeds between 90-100km/h

Mileage View full detail

Petrol Variants
Honda Mobilio 1.5 E i-VTEC 17.3 kmpl
Honda Mobilio 1.5 S i-VTEC 17.3 kmpl
Honda Mobilio 1.5 V i-VTEC 17.3 kmpl
Honda Mobilio 1.5 V (O) i-VTEC 17.3 kmpl
Diesel Variants
Honda Mobilio 1.5 E i-DTEC 24.2 kmpl
Honda Mobilio 1.5 S i-DTEC 24.2 kmpl
Honda Mobilio 1.5 V i-DTEC 24.2 kmpl
Honda Mobilio 1.5 V (O) i-DTEC 24.2 kmpl
Honda Mobilio 1.5 RS i-DTEC 24.2 kmpl
Honda Mobilio 1.5 RS (O) i-DTEC 24.2 kmpl

Petrol Mileage

The petrol Mobilio comes with a rated economy of 17.3kmpl as per ARAI. However expect the following figures in real world usageCity usage The Mobilio petrol will offer 11-12kmpl depending on driving and traffic patternHighway usage The Mobilio petrol will offer as much as 16-18kmpl on the highways at speeds between 90-100kmh 

Diesel Mileage

The diesel engine comes with a rated economy of 24.2kmpl as per ARAI. However expect the following figures in real world usageCity usage The Mobilio diesel will offer 15-17kmpl depending on driving and traffic patternHighway usage The Mobilio diesel will offer as much as 22-24kmpl on the highways at speeds between 90-100kmh

Mileage Details

City fuel economy

Honda Mobilio has a city fuel economy of 15 kmpl.

Highway fuel economy

Honda Mobilio has a highway fuel economy of 18.5 kmpl.

Tank Range

Mobilio with its tank capacity of 35 liters has a total range of about 600 kms


Honda Mobilio RS Airbag

Mobilio brings a stable chassis and suspension setup which ensures good handling capabilities. Honda has been successful in minimizing the body roll and hence it provides a compliant ride quality.

What we like
ABS is standard
What we don't like
Not much

Handling Braking & Safety Details


The new MPV from Honda Mobilio offers very good handling for a vehicle of its size. It has minimal body roll and provides a compliant ride quality.

Braking performance

It has powerful disc brakes which provide very good bite and hence the braking performance on the Mobilio MPV is very good. It has ABS + EBD + Brake Assist for effective braking.

Safety features

Safety features include child lock, Airbags, ABS + EBD, Immobilizer, Seat belts and driver seat belt reminder on the new Honda Mobilio MPV.


Honda Mobilio MPV brings ABS + EBD and Brake Assist.

Traction control

New Honda Mobilio does not come with traction control.


The best part about the Mobilio when you drive is that it does not feel like a family MPV. Thanks to clever engineering and a low height, the Mobilio feels more like a car to drive in city traffic. The taller wheels have given it a high ground clearance and this is a boon for bad roads. Talking of which, the Mobilio tackles undulations pretty nicely and its only when you drive it over sharp edges do you feel the slightly stiff set-up. But this is helpful when the Mobilio is driven with a full load of 7 passengers. Spacious interiors also play a vital role in the overall comfort and further, big windows add to the airy feel. The Mobilio is also faily stable at high speeds and this is more true for the diesel version that has more weight on the front wheels. The petrol Mobilio has more vertical movement that the diesel model but as compared to the most other MPVs, the Mobilio fares very well at high speeds

What we like
Good comfort and excellent suspension set-u
What we don't like
Petrol version feels lighter at the front

Comfort & Suspension Details


Mobilio MPV provides a comfortable driving experience as the suspension on the new MPV is tweaked to provide very good ride quality.

Front suspension

The front suspension on the new Honda Mobilio MPV is a double wishbone suspension.

Rear suspension

The rear suspension consists of trailing suspension.

Honda Mobilio Videos

Other Honda Cars

Ertiga and Innova beater is here
Posted on 6 Jun 14 at 10:01 am

Pros Good Performance,Fuel Efficiency,Comfort,

Cons Average Looks,Boring interiors

The Ertiga is the MPV choice under Rs 9 lac while the Innova is the king when it comes a MPV under 13-14 lac. But now, I feel, the Mobilio is here to demolish both these two MPVs by offering best of all the worlds. I did sit in the car at the Auto Expo and trust me, though the interiors dont look very jazzy, the space in the car for 7 people along with storage spaces makes it so nice for a family. And how can you neglect the 100PS diesel engine that will put to the shame other MPV with real world mileage of 15-16kmpl. Can't wait for this one to come to showrooms. It makes so much sense for people like me. Hope Honda works to bring down the cabin noise from the diesel engine which is a sore point in the Amaze sedan.

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63 of 74 users found this review helpful.

honda mobilo will keep indians happy
Posted on 15 Jan 14 at 1:24 pm

Pros Great Looks,Good Performance,Comfort,

Cons ,must get other specification like interiors & mileage

Looks great, and i smell would be top in indian market. send other details of vehicle comming to market, to blow off other competitors, atleast with march 2014. I am interested in buying diesel version

Was this review helpful? Yes / No
17 of 27 users found this review helpful.

Amaze with the third row
Posted on 25 Jul 14 at 7:56 pm

Pros Fuel Efficiency,Car for 5 Adults and 2 Children only for short drives.

Cons Average Looks,Average Interiors,I am sure it wil be very tiring on long journeys for the rear passengers.

I thought that keeping ERTIGA in mind Honda would do a much better job. I was highly disappointed. 1. Amaze Engine. 2. Amaze Bonnet. 3. Amaze Dash board. 4. Amaze front seats. 5. The last row seats make noise as the clamping on the floor is very poor quality. 6. Very uncomfortable on long journey for sure. 7. The noise of the Amaze Diesal engine is still there. 8. Should do well keeping in mind the INDIAN mentality of more people, more milage and competitive price in the segment. Overll if you have 2 lakhs more you should blindly go in for the Innova.

Was this review helpful? Yes / No
41 of 47 users found this review helpful.

Pros ,nothing is like in Mobilio... Ertiga is very comfort and low maintenance car

Cons ,Nothing.. Ertiga best

I was waiting for Mobilio since last 3 month before buy Ertiga. But the price is disappointed me as compare to Ertiga. I think Honda should Change Philosophy " Man Maximum and Money Maximum". Its a very worst product as compare to Ertiga. Ertiga is best compare to Mobilio. Ertiga gives 70K discount so why people buying Mobilio and Compare Service Cost, Spair part cost then definitely Maruti is best.

Was this review helpful? Yes / No
64 of 75 users found this review helpful.

Good family car with good performance
Posted on 5 Sep 14 at 1:25 pm

Pros Great Looks,Good Performance,Great Interiors,

Cons ,Thin seats, noisy engine

After becoming one of the first customers to buy the Honda Mobilio, I and my family are very happy with the vehicle. We booked Honda Mobilio long time back because of our trust in Honda and the car did not spoil any of our hopes. The Mobilio is a beautiful car and fits perfectly to every Indian family. The car looks very stylish and I think, one of the bests in the segment with very modern features to make the car look very sporty. All other manufacturers present in the segment are not very good looking. The Mobilio is very low and gives a good road feedback for the drivers. It feels more like a sedan while driving more than any MUV. The handing is very good too. The car is closer to the road providing good stability while doing good speeds. The driver seat has adjustable seats and it is not difficult to find a good comfortable position with the adjustable steering wheel. There is ample space for bottles and glasses in the car and the car seems ready for a long-weekend or daily commutes. The only bad thing about the interior is the fixed head-rests, I wish Honda had sorted this issue by installing adjustable headrests. The car gives very good mileage. I have the diesel version and the car feels little noisy from outside but once it gets warm, everything becomes silent. I have taken the car to colder places and mountains and there are no issues with the start-ups and the car runs very well. I trust Honda and they do good service to the car. I hope the car sells well.

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39 of 44 users found this review helpful.

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By Jyoti Nagma Posted on Nov,28,2014 at 18:36 PM

I purchased V- I DTE from Hallmark Automotive, Sanpada, Mumbai on 19th Oct. 2014. On 20th Oct.2014 I started and made
one round of India along Golden Quadrilateral, National Highway, state Highway covering 6700 KM. I visited all the
historical places an

By Dr. S. S. Jain Posted on Sep,05,2014 at 13:22 PM

After becoming one of the first customers to buy the Honda Mobilio, I and my family are very happy with the vehicle. We
booked Honda Mobilio long time back because of our trust in Honda and the car did not spoil any of our hopes. The
Mobilio is a beautifu

By Rajesh Mondal Posted on Aug,30,2014 at 14:50 PM


By chandrakant Posted on Aug,20,2014 at 13:36 PM

I paid prebooking amount of 50000- with Solitair Honda, Andheri west, Mumbai on 14072014 for Mobilio. It was assured by
the dealer that if we don't like the car or the price at the time of launch which was on 23rd July then we will get 100%
refund in 7 da

By AJAY SAINI Posted on Jul,31,2014 at 12:23 PM


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