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Editorial Review of the New Ford Ikon
Name: Ford Ikon Versions: 1.3EXi NXT, 1.6SXi, 1.6ZXi Petrol, 1.4 TDCi Diesel In Production till: 2010Body type: Sedan Ford launched the Ikon in 1999 in India; it was Fords second car after the Escort and turned out to be Fords bestselling car in India. The ‘Josh’ machine Ikon was launche... read more

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Ford Ikon 1.3 Rocam
1297cc Petrol, 14.4 kmpl
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Ford Ikon 1.4 DuraTorq TDCi
1399cc Diesel, 20.6 kmpl
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Ford Ikon CNG
1299cc CNG, 0 km/kg
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monishraj | Posted on Aug,15,2013 at 19:58 PM
rajan | Posted on Mar,12,2013 at 09:07 AM
i am in need of ford ikon owners manual. please upload or give a copy of manual to me.. my car ford ikon 1.6l zxi
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Reviews 9 Reviews
Siddharth | Posted on Feb,06,2009 at 03:04 AM
The economy car
I bought my Ford Ikon Duratorq in December 2008. I have covered about 4000 km and the mileage has just amazed me. I am getting a staggering 23 km per litre of diesel. Colors are good I own a morello color Ikon. Its performance is very good unlike other diesel cars pick up is great with and without AC.1st servicing is to be done after 15000km so hope this car is easy on my pocket. Leg space is superb its like lying down when u sit in seat next to driver.However the new car still has most of it old looks, just the front grill has some changes which is good but more could have been dine. The sporty small steering wheel makes it a delight to drive. But braking could have been more affective this may be due to thin tyres compared to previous model. Over all as i stated in my headline it is a economy car thumbs up to it. read more
Naveen | Posted on May,03,2008 at 01:16 AM
Ford Ikon - peppy car
The car is quite peppy and is a good value for money for the reduced price. In fact, it is quite safe as well. The look is now stale as Ford has dragged this model far too long. read more
nilesh | Posted on Sep,05,2008 at 22:24 PM
I bought FORD Ikon some 3 years back, though that its a mean machine, but proven wrong, car is bad in handling, does not reach to 120km. When it was new it was good but after a year passed the performance falled down and still going down. Every 2nd month car needs a mechanic and he on an average gives me bill of Rs. 7-8000/-. It has a problem of getting heated up and has a poor resale. I am sick of FORD. Guys anyone planning to buy any ford think twice. Why dont theif's stole my car, trust me I would be the most happiest person alive on this mother earth it this happens. read more
Feroz | Posted on Oct,06,2008 at 02:03 AM
Very high maintance cost car
i bought ford ikon in 2001, drove more that 1,50,000 Km single handedly. My experience is,never try to go to road side mechinic in the last u will have to go to ford service centre. very high maintance cost.The car is only for those,who loves driving please supbeb ballance on the wheels. Looks wise this a best in this segment. Feroz Ghayas Manager (HR) ONGC Limited New Delhi. 09968282503 read more
Vaibhav | Posted on May,16,2008 at 23:45 PM
My Ikon - My Friend - My Foe ( well at times, its a love hate relationship )
Have had the pleasure of owing an ikon going as far back as to the last month of 99 a diesel 1.8 that is and more recentely a 1.6 SXI petrol..if i go back to my 1.8 back in the day i must say that the Ikon was the most modern thing i could have laid my hands was good looking..had all the frills a mid size would need..BUT..Ford was a BIG BIG let down in respect to the engine..god the number of breakdowns i had, besides that it was a thums up..lets "zip" across to the present Ikon's still pretty much the same as it was back then though its a much more recent model ( petrol )..still has some servicing issues...hey wait if i hae so many complaints why am i taking the time to actually jot this review down...well have had many many cars in between from luxury to small but when it came to down to picking a car one that my pocket could afford at this point, there was something about this baby..even though it was a close to 10 year old still grabbed my attention, it still had the frills that any other car born about now would have..and what do you know..Ford has a splendid dealer network as on date, and in my opinion a 24x7 on road service that "wait hold your breath" could, rather would, give Mercedes or even BMW a run for there money ( i wonder why they need such a flawless breakdown service :) ha ha )..well my verdict..if your looking for an affordable, still in vogue design, the usual in car frills, peace of mind on the road in respect to breakdown backup, above average mileage and a badge that is respected the world over then yes my friend the Ikon is the car for you..i got to run now..the open highway's calling.. read more
Maj | Posted on May,01,2009 at 05:25 AM
an original confession
i bought my flair in mar 2006. highway performance is good and gives an avg of 16 km/l. the fuel economy in city is poor about 10 km/l. the interiors as compared to modern cars is pathetic. pickup goes down drastically when the ac is swithed on. worst comes when it comes to spare parts.. damn costly. one glaring problem is of the AC. within 2 yrs the heat control valve of the AC goes defective. either the coolar or the heater can be used if one doesn't want to replace the valve. overall an expensive car to maintain. read more
vikram | Posted on Dec,30,2009 at 15:33 PM
Ford Ikon 1.4 Dura Torque Good looking sporty Sedan Car
Price wise its a valur to Money. Look wise its totally sporty sedan like racing car having small steering wheel makes you feel that you driving sports car. steering wheel - power doors - power windows controls suspension - good for 5 peoples. when you are using tubeless tyres then suspension is extremely good lights - front lights looks smarter but you need to switch on fog lights while driving on dark roads, highway. AC and Heater - extremely good in performance. seats are comfortable. rear boot is having a big space that can accommodate 2 big briefcases and other small bags too. Mileage is a very important factor that everybody rely on while purchasing car I am getting good response when you will talk about average mileage of FORD IKON 1.4 Dura Torque i.e. 21+ Km per Litres. read more
kanwardeep | Posted on Oct,05,2008 at 10:39 AM
exellent value for money and sold bild car
ford ikon flair is aexelent city and hihway car give milage of 14 kms/L with ac on in city ,also have avery good pickup even at ac on ,it has a fun to drive with exelent powr steering and brakes.overall good valu for money car read more
rishit | Posted on Jun,25,2010 at 19:37 PM
ikon thumbs down
i had went to r city and i sat in an ikon very uncomfortable to sit and it was looking like i am sitting on an stone read more

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