Fiat Punto

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Fiat Punto
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Fiat Punto Specifications

Dimension & Weights

Overall Length 3987 mm
Overall Width 1687 mm
Overall Height 1495 mm
Ground Clearance 195 mm


Torque 96Nm@ 2500rpm
Displacement 1172 cc
Power 67
No of Cylinders 4

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Fiat Punto Features

Fiat Punto Diesel 1.3 Active 1.3 Dynamic 1.3 Emotion 90HP Emotion
Power Steering
Power Windows Front Only
Audio System
Alloy Wheels

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Fiat Punto Colors

  • Bossa Nova White
  • Exotica red
  • Minimal Grey
  • Hip Hop Black
  • Medium Grey
  • Tuscan Wine
  • Fox trote Azure
  • Ocean BLue

Expert Test Review

Fiat Punto Front View

Fiat is no stranger to the Indian market. It has been in India for a long time yet it first tasted success with the Palio hatchback. It was unlike anything else on our roads at that time- solid build, great looks and a 1.6 litre engine. That car was an instant success but after sometime rivals were getting fresher and more competent and the Palio's age started to show. Fiat needed something new and exciting in the small car segment. In 2009 it did just that by launching the Grande Punto. It was a great looking car that had all the ingredients for a success. It was successful initially but later it waned slightly thanks to a influx of hugely capable small cars. When its competitors were racing ahead and notching up impressive sales figures month after month, the Grande Punto was left behind. Now however Fiat wants to change all that with the 2012 model line-up. This is a small update to make the Punto even more tempting and offer more value for money. That optimism has reaped rewards somewhat as in January 2012 Fiat sold 1600 Punto's. So is the 2012 Punto a great buy?'s Somnath Chatterjee drove both the diesel and petrol to find out.


Fiat Punto Console

Step inside and you will see a stylish cabin. The interior borrows heavily from the Linea but does not look as luxurious instead to differentiate it from its more expensive sibling, the Punto has more sporty looking interiors. There is a small change in build quality and we are happy to report that its a change for the better. However some parts of the interior were still not up to the mark. What has changed in the 2012 model is that Fiat have provided new grey interiors, fabric seats, carpeted flooring and door trims. A dual tone dashboard now adorns the entire range. When it comes to features the Punto scores high in this regard, the Punto has equipment like steering mounted audio controls, Blue&me and follow me home headlamps. The Blue&Me works well and it enables you to take calls, have SMSes read out to you! The follow me home headlamps are headlamps that will light your path even after you have turned off your car, you can preset the duration for the headlamps will remain on. Another feature worth bragging about to your friends is the \'MY CAR\'. This is an on-board computer with a digital interface which lets you customise your car\'s settings as you may like it, the \'MY CAR\' includes various functions like a digital odometer, radio display, service schedule etc. For the 2012 model the Punto has an integrated audio system and central locking along with front power windows in the base variant! When it comes to space, the Punto has adequate legroom but headroom is in short supply thanks to its coupe like design. There is enough space at the back though but again we wished for better headroom, thigh support was good and for long journeys it is fine for the back seat passengers and it does not get claustrophobic. Boot capacity at 280 litres is adequate.

What we like
Interiors are stylish and also well equipped
What we don't like
Interiors lack space
  • Fiat Punto Fascia
  • Fiat Punto Fascia

Interiors Details

Boot space

The boot space in Fiat Punto is 280-1030 litres. The luggage organizer can be bought as an accessory which also raises the floor of the boot so it becomes flat with the rear seats folded and also acts as a box to hide valuables.


The Fiat Punto has a speedometer which is clearly visible to the driver and is very nicely illuminated.

Gear lever

The gear lever in Fiat Punto is leather coated and placed in a comfortable position easy to the reach of the driver.

Cup holders

There are only front cupholders in Fiat Punto.


Fiat Punto consists of a glovebox in the dashboard which is spacious and can carry a fair amount of things inside.

Audio system

Fiat Punto is packed with the advanced integrated MP3 Audio System with FM and Steering Mounted Audio Controls. Its advanced music system with six speakers comes with in-built USB port that can be used to connect equipments like pen-drive, mobile phone or iPod which takes entertainment to the next level.

Air Conditioner

Grande Punto is equipped with an effective and powerful air conditioning system with climate control and heater that offers required atmosphere to the passengers.

Arm rests

There are no arm rests provided in Fiat Punto.

Air vents

The air vents of the Punto are fixed in the dashboard and circulates good amount of air inside the car.


Fiat Punto offers seat positions to 5 persons. Fiat Punto Has heavily bolstered sports seats providing plenty of support during cornering, and are comfortable on long journeys.

Leg room

Fiat Punto offers maximum rear leg space of 86cm with 131cm width of rear seat which is enough even for the six feet tall person.

Knee room

Fiat Punto has Knee room of 840625 mm.

Shoulder space

Fiat Punto has shoulder space of 1270mm.

Head room

Fiat Punto is an ultra spacious car from inside and it offers generous headroom of 87cm.

Steering wheel

Fiat Punto offers leather finished steering wheel along with feature like power assisted hydraulic rack and pinion. Also the steering is adjustable (TiltRake).

Power windows

Fiat Punto has power windows in both Front and Rear Doors.

Keyless entry

Punto does have an option of keyless entry in the car.

Driver information display

The red colored display with white dials makes its look funky and the layout of the dashboard of Grande Punto is neat. The ergonomically placed controls and knobs on the dashboard are easy to reach. The steering mounted audio controls make the drive more comfortable and safe. It also includes OVRMs, daynight RVM, dead pedal.



Fiat Punto Front View

What strikes you first about the Punto is obviously its stunning styling. It looks fantastic with the traditional italian flair. The Punto shows that small can also be beautiful and you do not need a supercar to have good looks. First launched in 2009, the Punto has basically looked the same and for once we think it should look the same! The Maserati like nose is the most appealing part of the design and the rear also looks good with muscular styling. I loved the grille which looked retro and the sleek head lamps are good as well. Look at the side-profile and it nearly looks like a coupe! Everything is finely detailed and there is not even one part of the design that I did not like. The big wheel arches and the 15 inch alloys do their part in sprucing up the looks as well. Frankly out of all the small cars on the road today, the Punto looks the best which is natural to expect from the Italians!
The 2012 model features a new Oceanic blue paint-job (pictured here) and we think it looks great. However take a closer look and you will see a small change, the 2012 Punto now has enhanced ground clearance (Punto 1.2- 195 mm and Punto 1.4 and 1.3 D - 185 mm). When it comes to build quality, the Punto feels extremely solid as its the heaviest in its segment at 1300 kilos and it feels it. Among the colours available other than the Oceanic Blue mentioned above, you get Fox Trot Azure, Tuscan wine, Minimal grey, Medium grey, hip hop black, exotica red and Bossa Nova white. In red you would get the closest you can to a Ferrari hatchback! The paint quality is good and overall the build quality feels much more improved.

What we like
Looks stylish and one of the best looking in its cla
What we don't like
Build quality needs improvement
  • Fiat Punto Front View
  • Fiat Punto Rear View
  • Fiat Punto Rear View
  • Fiat Punto Rear View

Exteriors Details

Front design

Fiat Punto that is Italian designed comes new dynamic, fluid and stylish exteriors that include its aggressive front grille and flawless design that gives it a bold and aggressive look in the front. Its low slung, compact body, with muscular frame and arches gives it an overall solid and masculine look.

Rear design

Fiat Punto looks sporty from the rear the tall tail lamps at the back of the car adds a more masculine look to the car.

Side profile

Punto looks sleek and simple from the side a narrow line runs down the lower bottom of the car till the rear wheel makes it look stylish.

Ground Clearance

Fiat Punto now comes with a ground clearance of 185mm.


Fiat Punto has body coloured bumpers.

Head lamps

The headlamps adds a new look to the Punto and also provides good illumination in the dark.

Tail lamps

The tail lamps are tall and look beautiful and are clearly visible from a long distance.

Fog lamps

Fiat Punto does not have fog lamps.


The Grande Punto comes with puncture resistant tubeless tyres that facilitate off-road driving too. The tyre sizes of Fiat Punto are 16580 R14 for Active, 17570 R14 for Emotion and 19560 R15 for Emotion Pack.

Alloy wheels

The wheels in Fiat Punto have an option of both steel wheel and alloy in them. Its lower variants Active, Dynamic and Emotion comes with steel wheel with full wheel cover while its top end variant Fiat Punto Emotion Pack comes with the sporty alloy wheels .

Outside mirrors

Fiat Punto has electrically controlled outside rear view mirrors.


The Punto active is available in the following colors like Exotica Red, Oceanic Blue (New), Hip Hop Black, Medium Grey, Tuscan Wine, Fox Trote Azure, Minimal Gray and Boss Nova White.

Rear wiper

Fiat Punto do have rear wiper.

Roof rails

Punto Does not have roof rails.

Sun roof

Sun roof is not provided in Fiat Punto.


There is no spoiler in the Punto.

Side Steps

Fiat Punto do not have Side Steps.

Spare wheel

There is a spare wheel at the boot of the car.



Fiat Punto Engine View

Time to turn the key and see how the 2012 Punto drives. We drove the 1.2 and 1.4 petrol and the 1.3 Multijet diesel. The 1.2 petrol has 68 PS and performance is adequate at best. It is not slow though and if you use the gearbox wisely by that I mean select the right gears at the right revs, you will quite enjoy this motor. In the city it is fine and it will cruise effortlessly but once you start going at higher speeds, the engine feels strained. The reason for that is partly due to its weight as due to it the performance is blunted somewhat and you soon wish for more power. That said for most it is enough.
The diesel is a lot better and we say its the pick of the range. The 76 PS multijet diesel motor provides good performance and there is enough torque (197 Nm @ 1750 rpm). Whether you are out in the city or on the highway peformance is strong and this is the engine that we would reccomend. It pulls strongly and the power is well spread out meaning you dont have to constantly use the gearbox to extract power. Speaking of the gearbox, the shift action was precise but it is slightly on the bulky side and needs some effort. The other engine in the range is the 90 PS petrol which is the most powerful engine that you can buy with a Punto and as expected it is a delight for any enthusiast. It\'s fast and complements the car perfectly. Though of all the engines, it is the diesel that we would recommend for obvious reasons as price of petrol is touching sky high and the diesel is also quite enjoyable.

What we like
90 hp diesel is fast and has good performance
What we don't like
Petrol 1.2 lacks punch

Engine & Performance Details


The base variant of Grande Punto is equipped with a 1.2L, 1172cc, FIRE petrol engine that offers great acceleration which enables it to cross the mark of 100kmph in just 14.5 seconds and achieve the top speed mark of 155 Kmph. The other three petrol variants of this model are equipped with a 1.4L, 1368cc, FIRE petrol engine that also offer excellent acceleration that enables it to cross the mark of 100kmph in just 10.9 seconds and achieve the top speed mark of 178kmph.1.3L, 1248cc, Multijet, VGT

Top speed

Fiat Punto provides a top speed of 182 Kmph.

In-gear acceleration

Fiat Punto petrol that can reach 40-60 Kmph in 5.19 seconds while overtaking in the 3rd gear it can reach between 80-100 in 8.43 seconds. The Punto Diesel should be able to reach 40-60 in 2.94 seconds and between 80 to 100 in 7.24 seconds. The 1.4 litre should be able to touch 40-60 in just 4.41 seconds and 80-100 in 5.8 seconds.


Punto uses a five speed manual gearbox for its engine.


The Fiat Punto 1.2 Fire Active gives power of 68 PS, the Punto 1.3 Emotion Pack gives power of 76 PS and Punto 1.4 Fire Emotion Pack gives power of 90 PS.


The Fiat Punto 1.2 Fire Active gives 96Nm of torque in 2500 rpm, the Punto 1.3 Emotion Pack gives 197Nm torque at 1750 rpm and the Punto 1.4 Fire Emotion Pack gives 115Nm torque at 4500 rpm.

NVH levels

The level of noise is pretty low inside the cabin and there is minimum vibration in the car during high speeds.



Diesel Mileage 20.3 kmpl

In India fuel-economy is one of the most criteria in buying a car even more so when it comes to a hatchback. In this regard the Punto delivers 15.2 km/l for the 1.2 P and 20.3 km/l (ARAI) for the diesel, the petrol 1.2 loses some of the fuel-efficiency as you have to down-shift a lot to extract the performance.

Mileage View full detail

Diesel Variants
Fiat Punto Diesel 1.3 Active 20.3 kmpl
Fiat Punto Diesel 1.3 Dynamic 20.3 kmpl
Fiat Punto Diesel 1.3 Emotion 20.3 kmpl
Fiat Punto Diesel 90HP Emotion 20.5 kmpl

Diesel Mileage

Fiat Punto gives an overall mileage of 18.92 kmpl, on the highway it is 28.0 kmpl and in city it is 15.9 kmpl.

Mileage Details

City fuel economy

When tested, Punto 1.2 Fire Active returned 9.5 kmpl in the city roads, Punto 1.3 Emotion Pack returned 15.9kmpl and Punto 1.4 Fire Emotion Pack returned 10.5kmpl.

Highway fuel economy

When tested, Punto 1.2 Fire Active returned 14.5 kmpl in the highway, Punto 1.3 Emotion Pack returned 28.0kmpl and Punto 1.4 Fire Emotion Pack returned 15kmpl.

ARAI rated economy

The ARAI figures indicate a fuel efficiency of 10.7 kmpl in the Punto 1.2 Fire Active, 18.92kmpl in Punto 1.3 Emotion Pack and 11.6 kmpl in Punto 1.4 Fire Emotion Pack.

Tank Range

The tank range in Punto 1.2 Fire Active is 481.5 km, in Punto 1.2 Fire Active it is 851.4 km and in Punto 1.4 Fire Emotion Pack it is 522km.


The handling is great though the enhanced ground clearance has made it a bit on the softer side, but still it is direct and it is quite enjoyable to push it. The stability of the Punto at high speeds is very good and it feels stable and confident plus the brakes are also up to the job. It has got dual airbags and ABS.

What we like
Handles very well for its size
What we don't like
Has become more soft around corner

Handling Braking & Safety Details


The larger diameter disc brake of Punto at its front wheel makes it easier to stop the car quickly.

Braking performance

The front wheels of Fiat Punto are packed with the 257mm disc brakes while its rear wheels are equipped with 203mm drum brakes. Emotion Pack, the top end variant of this car is equipped with ABS (Anti lock Brake System) and EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution) that enhances the safety in case of instant brakes applied slippery road.

Safety features

Fiat Punto comes fully loaded with ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution), Dual stage front driver & passenger airbags with unique system that deploys the air-bags depending on the severity of the impact. It also comes with fire prevention system which cuts off fuel in case of an impact to reduce chances of fire, Fiat Code System rolling code, Load limiters and pre-tensioners.


Fiat Punto is offered with ABS on 1.3 L Dynamic, Emotion and 90 HP emotion variant only.

Traction control

Fiat Punto does not have traction control.


Fiat Punto Suspension

One thing that hasn't changed is the wonderful ride and handling. The steering feedback is brilliant and exactly just what you would want from a steering- not very light nor very heavy. In the city it is light and along with a light clutch, driving in heavy traffic and parking is a breeze. The turning circle of the Punto is 5 M which means you will not have nay problems negotiating those tight U-turns! When it comes to ride, the Punto features an independent wheel suspension with McPherson Struts at the front and Torsion Beam, Helical springs at the rear. All that means that the way the Punto glides over potholes which shames even the more expensive cars! The ride of the Punto is easily the best in its segment and it completely bullies every pothole and you no longer fear going over bad roads- just amazing!

What we like
Has the best ride in its cla
What we don't like
Refinment could be better

Comfort & Suspension Details


The interior of the Fiat Punto is heavily bolstered sports seats provide plenty of support during cornering, and are comfortable on long journeys. The chunky leather steering wheel of Fiat Punto is a joy to hold, while the dashboard design is simple and well laid out. Fiat claim the interior represents the epitome of Italian style. It means being able to get in and out of the car easily and comfortably, and once you are sitting down, it means being surrounded by an airy environment, enjoying its

Front suspension

The front suspension includes independent McPherson Struts on the Fiat Punto

Rear suspension

The rear suspension of Fiat Punto includes the Teles Stabiliser Bar.

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Posted on 24 Jan 12 at 10:25 am

Pros good looks, excellent steering, good suspension,new technology, powerful engine

Cons indicator stick is on left side,rear window glass doesnt shuts down fully,dash board is uneven.

good looks, excellent steering, good suspension,new technology, powerful engine. but dash board is not good, cant keep stuffs on it bcos its uneven

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1 of 1 users found this review helpful.

FIAT PUNTO It is really Grande
Posted on 23 Jun 14 at 2:36 pm

Pros Great Looks,Good Performance,Fuel Efficiency,Comfort,

Cons Average Interiors,CongestedUncomfortable,

I really enjoy FIAT's vehicle the build quality and the safety they provide at all time too you and your family. The services issues they have they are working on it and I am quite impressed by the response team from Customer Services. I own a a sedan but prefer to drive even for long drives my PUNTO....

Was this review helpful? Yes / No
13 of 13 users found this review helpful.

Posted on 25 Sep 13 at 12:42 pm


Cons Average Interiors,

Finally I zeroed down to Punto after test driving Figo, I10, Ritz, Polo, I20, Swift Dzire, Beat & I10 Grand. It was a real tough decision to make but you gotta do what your heart tells you ! It has been 10 days and 650 kms of city and a small highway driving since. Punto is a great machine to have. It drives nicely with excellent ride quality & a great steering feedback. It feels safe & always in your command. Fuel efficiency is decent, around 14 kmpl is what I am getting in this very short period of ownership. Now the darker side. The bulb of ceiling light was blown, plastic used in cabin is not good, plastic cover of right side rear pillar inside the cabin is not properly fitted, tyres are too undersized (16580r-14).I had to upgrade to Michelin 18570 r-14. But since Punto gives a great driving experience, many small niggles can be overlooked.

Was this review helpful? Yes / No
4 of 4 users found this review helpful.

worst fiat punto petrol
Posted on 24 Aug 12 at 1:01 pm

Pros good aerodynamic shape

Cons poor service,parts not available,third class engine

After every 7000km engine goes down,in two years three times engine goes down in just 24000km and every time company takes two months to change the engine,even parts are not available in service centre.this is the worst car i have ever seen in my life,fiat staff is not very much technically qualified.

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1 of 3 users found this review helpful.

My great car
Posted on 21 Mar 13 at 10:11 am

Pros looks plus good milage & smooth engine on long drive

Cons hight adjustable seats would be very competable

I have puchased Punto Active diesel. I am very much satisfied with the performance on long drive. Great milage and comfort. Feels safe at the speed beyond 100kmph. I feel lucky to have Punto diesel. Go for it as it is value for money.

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User Comments of Fiat Punto

By dr achuthanunni k r Posted on Dec,06,2014 at 14:02 PM

I have bought a FIAT PUNTO MULTIJET from palakkad kerala on 10 june2011.regarding the performance of the vehicle iam
satisfied. I was provided only one remote control switch and now it is not iam forced to do thefunctions with
the key.when i

By Anonym.... Posted on Oct,27,2014 at 02:42 AM

It does not come with Air Bags, which is the biggest draw-back. Fuel consumption is way high but you would love driving
it thru the way of your life..Everything else is super awesome.. Who ever say PUNTO IS NOT A CHOICE do not know what
exactly a car is..

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