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 Its no secret that Fiat is looking for a hit in India and the new 500L fits the bill perfectly though Fiat will bring a seven seater version of this new MPV. But the basic looks will stay the same and it means the Italians know how to make even MPV's look cool. One look and you can see the styling cues taken from the 500 hatch. 



The Fiat 500L has a massive 1,500 configurations of interior space combined with the 22 compartments of different sizes. The design is pure Italian and we love it. The red look to the cabin will not be to all tastes but rest assured you will have other colour options.
The numerous adjustments of the seats are practical with different modes, starting from that of the driver that offers, as standard, a longitudinal configuration and reclining backrest. The front passenger seat, on the other hand, can be fitted with a folding table backrest. 
The rear seat has a 60/40 split folding backrest that can be adjusted in 12 positions which is neat.
When it comes to engines expect a turbodiesel engine, the 85 HP 1.3 MultiJet. Whether Fiat will offer an auto-box is uncertain though but certainly will increase its appeal. Worldwide the 500L comes in 11 exterior body colours, 3 different shades for the roof (black, white or selected body colour), 4 trim levels (Pop, Pop Star, Easy and Lounge), 3 rim colours (black, white, grey), 3 engine versions and 7 different interior configurations in addition to 140 accessories specially created for the model are available. Its clear Fiat is marketing it as a trendy vehicle.
The Indian version will be the seven seater but it certainly have the style and the uniqueness of the 500L sold elsewhere. Expect the 500L to be priced between 8-10 lakhs. Game on.



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manish kothari | Posted on Mar,23,2014 at 09:58 AM
nice car with very attractive interior. Reply to this post  
sunil | Posted on Mar,18,2014 at 15:01 PM
retro look, wht is price in pune,lounching date Reply to this post  
Manvir dhillon | Posted on Jan,17,2014 at 09:18 AM
Best car Reply to this post  
mohan | Posted on Jan,06,2014 at 20:20 PM
i need road price for bangalore city Reply to this post  
Mahendra | Posted on Nov,04,2013 at 08:46 AM
nice car Reply to this post  
pravin | Posted on Oct,19,2013 at 16:32 PM
the car looks fresh, like it... Reply to this post  
ganesh | Posted on Sep,23,2013 at 12:44 PM
competition for swift Reply to this post  
Sushant Dangwal | Posted on Oct,15,2013 at 13:37 PM
No Mr. Ganesh Fiat 500L Much Different Class according to Maruti
Monesh | Posted on Sep,10,2013 at 23:41 PM
I Love to buy The Fiat 500L, wainting for the launch date -- Reply to this post  
V.Soumyanarayanan | Posted on Sep,04,2013 at 12:30 PM
I too eagerly waiting to buy this car. What an amazing look! Reply to this post  
Sivakumar Ayyasamy | Posted on Jul,29,2013 at 20:19 PM
I like fiat cars. I am eagerly awaiting for its launching and also intimate me the launching date. Reply to this post  
richerd | Posted on Jul,15,2013 at 20:04 PM
i will waiting for this car Reply to this post  
manoj | Posted on Jul,07,2013 at 12:12 PM
good car Reply to this post  
ashish | Posted on May,09,2013 at 18:54 PM
launched it's a fab Reply to this post  
v.n.r.kasi raju | Posted on Apr,19,2013 at 15:13 PM
when will 500l(5seater)be launched in india Reply to this post  
Parishrut | Posted on Mar,20,2013 at 18:18 PM
When shall it be launch in india Reply to this post  
harshendu | Posted on Mar,20,2013 at 16:41 PM
looks very beautiful, something different Reply to this post  
trun patel | Posted on Feb,20,2013 at 17:37 PM
i like car Reply to this post  
Safwan AM | Posted on Jan,29,2013 at 15:41 PM
What a CAR it is ! Realy I appreciates Fiat if they brought this to India, with a Good Engine . . Reply to this post  
sunil | Posted on Jan,24,2013 at 15:47 PM
it is a vey beautiful muv in world Reply to this post  
sebin | Posted on Dec,31,2012 at 15:23 PM
its look like a mini cooper Reply to this post  
sunny | Posted on Dec,22,2012 at 10:01 AM
Thats a beautifull cars industry Reply to this post  
praveen | Posted on Dec,16,2012 at 12:15 PM
nice model.looking good Reply to this post  
Deepak Mehta | Posted on Dec,13,2012 at 21:45 PM
i am planning, let me know the mileage of this one Reply to this post  
sumit bansal | Posted on Dec,13,2012 at 19:32 PM
looks dashing kindly let me know about the launching date and mileage of the car.i would love to buy it. Reply to this post  
roland | Posted on Nov,19,2012 at 20:42 PM
love the looks, comfort and the price. Reply to this post  
Harish | Posted on Oct,20,2012 at 14:49 PM
Egarly waitng for the launch to buy Reply to this post  
sumitsharma | Posted on Sep,03,2012 at 22:05 PM
that is sooo cool Reply to this post  
Deepak | Posted on Aug,15,2012 at 21:51 PM
Like to purchase immidately Reply to this post  
Sonu Kumar | Posted on Aug,07,2012 at 18:14 PM
A lovely Car. looking great! Reply to this post  
Exp. Price : Rs 8.00 L - 10.00 L
Exp. Launch Month : October 2014

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