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While BMW and Mercedes have revealed new for India budget offerings respectively Audi meanwhile has the all important A3 sedan for us. We say important because just like the Mercedes CLA it will be the key to Audi’s growth in India and grabbing more market share. The A3 sedan will be the most affordable Audi offering in India promising huge sales. Unlike Mercedes it will not launch the A3 in hatchback form and only the sedan will come.
At first glance it is a good looking sedan for sure. Though there is no mistaking in the fact that this is a typical Audi it looks well proportioned from every angle. Its design is a cross between the classic three-box concept and the coupe philosophy. There are some cool design details like the “tornado line” design element forms an edge that runs over the entire side. The A3 Sedan has a 2.64 meter (8.66 ft) long wheelbase and an overall length of 4.46 meters. It is compact looking but muscular with loads of presence on offer especially with the flared wheel arches.
The A3 Sedan is eleven mm (0.43 in) wider than the A3 Sportback and has the trademark Audi design details like the singleframe grille, integrated spoiler at the rear and of course the full-LED headlights. In-fact we are tempted to say that design wise it looks like a scaled down A6. Step inside and a lot is obviously shared with the A3 hatch and quality, fit and finish is pretty much the best. The instrument panel with its curved front is stylish, and the center console is slightly turned towards the driver. Equipment list is long and has features like the MMI system plus a high-resolution 7-inch-screen. Thanks to the long wheelbase, it will be more comfy at the back than the A3 hatch but not as spacious as the A4 sedan.
There is a range of engines to choose from though for India the 2.0 TDI and the 1.8 TSI would be favourites. The 2.0 TDI makes 150 bhp and 320 Nm of torque. Performance is good as the A3 Sedan goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.7 seconds and has a top speed of 220 km/h. The 1.8 TFSI produces 180 bhp and 250 Nm of torque. Pricing is key and it will be slotted below the A4 and will be the cheapest Audi on sale in India.


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mallinath | Posted on Mar,05,2014 at 13:51 PM
want to buy in april the price should be 2100000 Reply to this post  
MOHIT GUPTA | Posted on Mar,03,2014 at 18:38 PM
ranges between 18.00L - 23.00L Reply to this post  
karan | Posted on Feb,21,2014 at 14:41 PM
want 2 buy dis one !!! Reply to this post  
Nipun | Posted on Feb,07,2014 at 19:13 PM
If its price is really upto 21lac then it wll be the car of year Reply to this post  
Manish Yadav | Posted on Feb,04,2014 at 21:57 PM
Tell me when u people will launch audi a3. is it possible before 20th april 2014. Reply to this post  
raja | Posted on Feb,04,2014 at 20:23 PM
petrodiesel Reply to this post  
dr madhu fomra | Posted on Feb,04,2014 at 16:02 PM
Nice Reply to this post  
b m totad | Posted on Feb,04,2014 at 10:14 AM
i want supposed to buy acar Reply to this post  
Uttam | Posted on Feb,04,2014 at 02:13 AM
why is audi launching left side (like the ones used in Us) steering car in India atleast the pic used by seems
to indicate so. Reply to this post  
Dr. prodeep mukherji | Posted on Feb,05,2014 at 21:16 PM
That's why they repent afterwards when they remain inattentive to customers demand, these car manufactures are delivering much compromised cars on safety grounds in Indian markets and they getting away by bringing in shoddy cars, as compared with their Eu
jeenu | Posted on Jan,29,2014 at 13:49 PM
I like it Reply to this post  
shivkumar | Posted on Jan,27,2014 at 10:52 AM
I WANT TO BUY THIS CAR Reply to this post  
yogendra kumar | Posted on Jan,10,2014 at 13:22 PM
i am interested Reply to this post  
Deepak Shelar | Posted on Jan,02,2014 at 13:20 PM
I WANT TO BUY THIS CAR Reply to this post  
Nitesh | Posted on Dec,24,2013 at 15:12 PM
Looks good, but depend on on road price. Reply to this post  
naveen | Posted on Dec,11,2013 at 06:28 AM
i like audi Reply to this post  
Yashwant Eknath Pachange | Posted on Aug,27,2013 at 19:07 PM
Very nice care i want this care plz send detailed to my email id Reply to this post  
kd | Posted on Aug,12,2013 at 00:04 AM
look is good but interior shows as above , that doesnt shows the quality of Audi brand Reply to this post  
Sreejith | Posted on Aug,05,2013 at 22:55 PM
Good one Reply to this post  
Surendra Nathan Pillai | Posted on Jul,29,2013 at 14:40 PM
It is wonderful,would like to when will it be on the road Reply to this post  
sarathy | Posted on Jun,27,2013 at 08:55 AM
Any ideas for the launch, we are waiting to buy Reply to this post  
shubhrajitjena | Posted on Jun,22,2013 at 23:08 PM
very very nice. this car is sell good i feel. Reply to this post  
Sethuram | Posted on Jun,12,2013 at 17:34 PM
Would like to know inroad price of the upcoming new audi A3sedan Reply to this post  
sachin | Posted on May,31,2013 at 19:10 PM
v nice car at this price ultimate look Reply to this post  
Suneel Mahamuni | Posted on May,15,2013 at 19:36 PM
It is value for money for 2 litre engine and the sophistication that it comes with! Reply to this post  
davis benny | Posted on May,02,2013 at 22:27 PM
this is summer jackpot of audi..... a3 for just 22-25L ..... it gonna make a bigbang in the luxury industry.. great
congrats to audi german Reply to this post  
Dipesh Patel | Posted on Apr,30,2013 at 09:33 AM
Nice car Reply to this post  
Suraj Komnak | Posted on Apr,09,2013 at 13:04 PM
Hi Excellent Audi A4 price should be high! i am waiting for launch this seden beauty..if price is really upto 22 L then
Audi hit India market with best boom!! Reply to this post  
dominic | Posted on Mar,06,2013 at 16:23 PM
its nice car please inform me when its lounch and also like know dealers in chennai Reply to this post  
deepak | Posted on Feb,27,2013 at 22:13 PM
when it will launch Reply to this post  
jayesh | Posted on Feb,27,2013 at 07:48 AM
nice car but the price should be a 17 to 20 then it would rock the indian roads coz it's a competitive world... Reply to this post  
Deshmukh Nikhil | Posted on Jan,28,2013 at 18:14 PM
i will wait for that sedan car Reply to this post  
VIPUL | Posted on Jan,15,2013 at 15:52 PM
i love car,as posibal lonche for india in ahmedabad Reply to this post  
yogesh salunkhe | Posted on Dec,07,2012 at 22:00 PM
i dont believe about car 22 Reply to this post  
Mavon Luis | Posted on Dec,06,2012 at 23:51 PM
Super car.Total value for money Reply to this post | Posted on Nov,17,2012 at 10:48 AM
it's a very nice car can you tell me if desal version avelable. Reply to this post  
sridhar | Posted on Nov,03,2012 at 17:09 PM
when is it coming Reply to this post  
sanyeat choudhary | Posted on Oct,30,2012 at 18:40 PM
it a very good looking car and its amazing and this sedan car fst in india Reply to this post  
sangmesh | Posted on Oct,22,2012 at 21:25 PM
i will surely buy This sedan car! Reply to this post  
sandeep nayyar | Posted on Oct,13,2012 at 16:20 PM
audi in this price range is good to buy Reply to this post  
rameshranka | Posted on Sep,16,2012 at 00:50 AM
iam dying 2 buy this car pls let me know launch date in india Reply to this post  
Narendra verma | Posted on Sep,14,2012 at 15:10 PM
Nice car, but not good.... Reply to this post  
dx rohit | Posted on Aug,28,2012 at 23:38 PM
well audi a4 price starts from 27 lakhs so may be audi a3 price i gusse 20-24 lakhs. Reply to this post  
vinod kumar | Posted on Aug,08,2012 at 16:08 PM
Certainly this car would become a hit in the Indian market as almost all car users will have a dream of owning a
luxury sedan car (mitshubishi etc). But i think the price may be little high as the on road price can come to around
26-27 lakhs. Audi ne Repl Reply to this post  
vinod kumar | Posted on Aug,08,2012 at 16:05 PM
i like audi car Reply to this post  
rahul | Posted on Jul,20,2012 at 14:03 PM
Good car ultimate look Reply to this post  
suresh patil | Posted on Jun,20,2012 at 16:57 PM
whn will be available on mumbai roads Reply to this post  
Mohit | Posted on May,21,2012 at 12:22 PM
i like this car very much Reply to this post  
shivu | Posted on Apr,10,2012 at 19:00 PM
I like so much Reply to this post  
Raghunandan Narasimhan | Posted on Mar,27,2012 at 17:38 PM
Certainly this car would become a hit in the Indian market as almost all car users will have a dream of owning a luxury
sedan car (audiBMWMercedez etc). But i think the price may be little high as the on road price can come to around 26-27
lakhs. Audi ne Reply to this post  
babu | Posted on Feb,26,2012 at 10:24 AM
it's so nice Reply to this post  
abc | Posted on Jul,07,2012 at 14:25 PM
i bought this car 5000
Exp. Price : Rs 20.00 L - 25.00 L
Exp. Launch Month : September 2014

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